reo: 4 Reasons to Invest In a Down Real Estate Market - 01/01/10 07:13 AM
For those of you that have some cash available this real estate market is tailored made for you. On any given day one can find properties that are selling at 30-70 % less than what they sold for just a few years ago. So why would you not want to get in the “game” or add to your portfolio.
So many people out there who are hesitant are missing a once in a lifetime opportunity to get on some great deals .I am not sure what they are waiting for.
In over 35 years that I have been investing I cannot … (0 comments)

reo: How are your current Rentals measuring up? Is it time to sell the one(s) not performing? - 01/01/10 12:37 AM
When you purchased your rental property 1-3-5-20 years ago you in all likelihood made a terrific investment right? Maybe yes, maybe no.
When was the last time that you took the time to determine if your property is meeting your needs or not. Is your property located in an area that is desirable?, is it in a family friendly neighborhood?, are you attracting the kind of tenants that you want? Does it need repairs that you are avoiding? Could you sell your property easily in an emergency? Could you do something else with your money? How do you know if your … (1 comments)

reo: Are you diversified enough? Does the Stock market have you worried? What about Investing in Real Estate as an option. - 01/01/09 01:49 AM

By Fred Tichauer, Associate Broker with Keller Williams Real Estate, Omaha, Omaha
The stock market has seen an unbelievable tumble in the past few months and now most of us are deeply concerned and wondering what to do now .
I am sure your  net worth is probably far less than it was before and now you are asking yourself how long it will take before your net worth gets to the previous level or if it ever will right?.
So what can you do now? As difficult as it may be to get excited about investing your hard earned money in anything right now … (2 comments)

reo: Do You Have The Investment Specialist On Your “A” Team? - 11/29/08 10:36 PM
By Fred Tichauer, Associate Broker Keller Williams Greater Omaha
If you are an investor or thinking of becoming one, would it be beneficial for you to work with a Realtor that is a specialist, is also an investor and understands the investment language?
Perhaps, you decided not to even interview a Realtor in the past because you read lots of books and listen to lots of tapes etc., on the subject of Real Estate Investing and you convinced yourself that you could do this on your own.
Now is the right time to change your thinking and stop going at it … (0 comments)


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