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There's a conversation going on over at Real Town on the home page in RealTown's Real Estate Community titled RE: reciprocal links with other agents .... banned i It re- opens the debate about whether or not Real Estate Agents should be linking to each other. Some folks there have advocated it's ...
The distribution of your advertorial content, which is valuable to so many, no longer relies upon traditional media. Disintermediation means that, rather than depend on Newspapers, TV Programming, Magazines & Web- based Media to distribute your advertorial message, you can depend on your blog to ...
Dou Schwartz is living proof that someone can leap into a marketplace fast and affordably by blogging. In fact, he's using preemptive blogging tactics to generate relevant indexing on neighborhoods, streets & developments in order to impress at competitive listing presentations. Please read on he...
We'd never suggest that PPC isn't a great strategy [it is] and we readily admit we're biased about blogging as a search engine marketing strategy, but here are some ideas / some food for thought on the subject. Please read on here.ChrisReal Estate Blogsites/ Kinetic Knowledge
A Blogs' PR value, where knowledge is shared and where positive conversations can erupt, has been well documented. We write often on a Blogs' value as a Search Engine Marketing tool, where cost- effective Search Engine visibility & discover-ability is attainable, but are you leveraging the direct...
Hey, If you're at NAR in Las Vegas we're supporting our friends over at the Pro Real Estate Cities booth # 2951 so please come by and say hello. ChrisReal Estate Blogsites/ Kinetic Knowledge
In order to understand the value [or the return on investment] in one's web presence they should probably be monitoring traffic nos. We have a lot of people tell us about their 'hits' and we thought we should try and help folks understand why that might be the wrong no. to evaluate. Please read o...
 "What is 'The Long Tail' of Real Estate Search, what does it mean to my business and how do I take advantage of it?" is something we hear from folks in the Real Estate Business all the time. Yes we're biased, but in our view the answer to more cost- effective home buyer discovery [without killin...
Most Real Estate Blogs are opened up to the masses via interactive commenting, but there are dangers a business person should consider. Consider comment moderation!ChrisKinetic Knowledge / Real Estate Blogsites
My partner Kristen is a fountain of knowledge, so full of good information on virtually all things blogging, I thought I'd share some of the invaluable posts she's written lately including her take on:* podcasting * using your blog in conjunction with an email marketing effort* what bloggers can ...

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