homeinspection: The Loaded Question: Is That Up to Code? - 10/25/23 09:31 AM
Exploring the Complexities of Home Inspections and Code Compliance
By Brian Persons CMI
Home inspections play a crucial role in assessing the condition of a property before a sale. One common question often raised during these inspections is, "Is that up to code?" On the surface, it appears to be a straightforward query with a simple "yes" or "no" answer. However, from a home inspector's perspective, this seemingly simple question can be far more complex than it first appears.
The Multifaceted Nature of Compliance
To answer the question of whether a particular element of a home is up to code, one must consider several variables. … (3 comments)

homeinspection: The Modern Dilemma: High-Tech Homes and Low-Tech Owners - 10/11/23 03:59 PM
As a home inspector with years of experience under my belt, I've come across my fair share of unique situations and unexpected surprises during warranty inspections. However, a recent visit to a new build home for its 11-month warranty inspection left me contemplating a modern dilemma - the challenge posed by high-tech features in homes and the inability of some homeowners to harness their full potential.
The homeowner, Maria and her family, were about to celebrate their first year in their newly constructed dream home. Eager to ensure everything was in working order before their warranty expired, they scheduled a comprehensive inspection, … (0 comments)

homeinspection: Buyers asking realtors for great reviews for the inspector - 03/01/21 06:36 AM
  I have an out-of-state client I did an inspection for last week. They seem to be pretty happy with the inspection I provided for them and sent me a copy of this email they had sent the Realtor.  Dear Realtor, "I just completed a review for Brian in Google and will try to do the same on Zillow.   I mentioned to Brian over the phone on Friday that he performed the most comprehensive and thorough review Robin and I have ever seen in the homes we have purchased over the years.  Furthermore, we have had friends who have had many complaints about home … (4 comments)

homeinspection: Why don't home buyer hire experienced inspectors - 07/17/20 06:11 AM
Interesting scenario yesterday...Price shopper asked for a quote and I give the estimated fee for the inspection and sewer scope on a 2k sq ft home built in the 1970's. An hour later he texts to ask if I am certified, so I give him a piece of my resume explaining my Certified Master Inspector certification and 17 years experience and a link to the long list of my certifications and experience qualifications. 5 hours later he texts me that he found someone $50 cheaper. I did not want to waste any more time haggling and justifying my already fair price … (1 comments)

homeinspection: Popularity of having sewer scope inspections done - 01/04/20 01:16 PM
I have been inspecting homes in Northern Colorado for over 17 years and it seems that in recent years sewer scope inspections have become more and more popular as an ancillary service for home inspectors and has become a very common service for me to add to my inspections.
I can see why. A lot of sewer systems have defects, and they are not just old systems (clay, cast iron, and Orangeburg). I find defects and poor installation even in new construction where yards and driveways have to be dug back up for repairs. I had been recommending doing sewer scopes for years, … (3 comments)

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