keller williams: Welcome Ann Tew to Keller Williams Realty Northwest Louisiana - 03/06/08 07:09 AM
Ann Tew, a long time resident of Shreveport Louisiana has recently joined the office of Keller Williams Realty Northwest Louisiana in Shreveport Louisiana.  Ann, who is no stranger to real estate or business recently decided to use her years of experience in business and her love of real estate to become a real estate agent.  Ann Tew can be reached on her cell phone at 318-208-0651 or at the Keller Williams Realty office at 318-213-1555.
Ann is going to specialize in helping builders get spec and custom homes sold.  For the past few years she has lived very close to Cross Lake, … (1 comments)

keller williams: Market showing signs of strength - 03/01/08 03:23 AM
Today is March 1st and the housing market in Shreveport and Bossier City seems to be as strong as ever.  My wife, Kerry Friestad and I are both very active real estate agents in the area and she has had at least 5 offers in the past 3 weeks not get accepted because the sellers had multiple offers to look at.  Just yesterday, a bank owned property that has been on the market for over 100 days, multiple offers in the $150,000 were presented!  Kerry's client really wants the house so offering full price and asking for no closing costs should … (0 comments)

keller williams: Recruiting agents from CB to KW - 10/08/07 02:01 PM
I recently landed a great recruit from CB to KW and the day she was going to move her broker somehow talked her out of leaving.  I am at a loss for words on this one.  KW would have saved her $60,000 a year, we fit her culture much more, we were everything she was dreaming of!  What do I do?  It is best for her family, her career, everything.  Any advice?  I am sure that un-truths were being slung all over her office today and she began believeing the lie.  I would love to hear what Active-Rainers feel about this.  … (6 comments)

keller williams: Keller Williams is good for every Agent - 09/16/07 02:42 PM
In the past six months I have had the great pleasure of introducing the greatest real estate model to Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana.  The closest Keller Williams Realty is about 3 hours away.  Here are some things I have learned from being on a team that introduced this new concept in a traditional market.
1.  Every agent wins:  If they stay at the traditional broker they will get a better deal just because Keller Williams showed up. 
2.  Agent Training improves everywhere:  Brokers that were not learning based all of a sudden become learning based and begin to offer training like … (15 comments)


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