frisco texas: Real Estate Is All About Doing The Right Thing - A Net Sheet - 09/18/14 03:27 AM
In Frisco Texas we simply do not have enough homes on the market. This has led to the strongest seller's market in history. New agents, veteran agents, full service brokers, limited service brokers are all looking for more listings in this area. This can lead to behavior that is not focused on doing the right thing for your client.
We have to realize that we, as professional real estate agents, have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. In this case I was working with a mature widow who has a reverse mortgage on her home. It was becoming too expensive for … (7 comments)

frisco texas: Filters - Not Just For your HVAC - 09/18/14 02:28 AM
Whether you are buying, selling or living in a home filters are important. Obviously when you are living in your home, changing your filters is very important. It helps the air quality, saves on bills and allows your systems to work better with less of a drain. The same can be said for personal filters.
I am not talking about those that stand in the corner of a room and try to keep your air clean. I am talking about what people say and what they think they hear. You see most everybody has internal filters. Before you say something, most people … (0 comments)

frisco texas: Client Service in Frisco Texas: It's About You - Not The Agent - 08/13/14 07:30 AM
Buying or selling a home can be stressful. The experience around it is all about client service. It is not about real estate agent service, title service, lender service, inspection service, or any other service. Clients should always come first. In real estate there is a difference between a client and a customer. That is why I call it client service. 
Client Service Client service is about setting and exceeding expectations. It is providing an experience that not only succeeds in its financial results but also makes the process fun and enjoyable. While people may be happy with the financial aspect, … (3 comments)

frisco texas: You Want To Upsize But You Are Upside Down - 07/21/14 11:48 PM
There are many people, including those in Frisco Texas and the surrounding suburbs, who want to take advantage of the hot market and upsize their home. They bought back in 2007 and 2008 and find themselves either owing more than the house will sell for or after the costs of selling either they have to bring money to the table or walk away with a paltry amount of cash. There is still at least one way to make this work—leasing.
There is no need to sell your home. You can lease your home. While this will not always work, there are … (4 comments)

frisco texas: Frisco Texas - Not Just Sports - 06/06/14 12:31 AM
In Frisco Texas you can visit almost any public park or facility and find something beautiful and interesting. Many cities enact ordinances and Frisco is certainly one of them. However, this ordinance is one for the arts, literally. The ordinance I am referring to is the "Percent for Art."
This ordinance allows for a percentage of all city capital project funds to be allocated for commissioned public artworks. One public building that is a great representation of this Frisco ordinance is the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center. The building itself is beautiful as the outside walls are formed of granite and … (1 comments)

frisco texas: How Do You Create A Strong Offer? - 05/08/14 01:34 AM
Price Is Not King No matter where you live, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind when an offer is received is the price. Price is one of the most important items in an offer. There is just no way around that. However, there are many other things that can make your offer stand out and move you up the ladder of preferred offers.
Closing and Funding In every transaction the name of the game is to close and fund. If you cannot close and fund, the offer means nothing. If it cannot close and fund with the seller's requirements … (10 comments)

frisco texas: I Want To Buy A Home, Why Must I See A Lender First - 05/07/14 06:11 AM
Frisco Texas Real Estate, as well as most anywhere else is an interesting conundrum. When people want to buy a home, most people think you should first talk to a Realtor®, which I think is a good idea. However, most professional agents are going to ask you if you have been pre-approved. We are going to push you to speak to a lender and we will recommend one or more.
Get a Recommendation From Your Realtor You may want to use your own or work with a lender recommended by the agent.  You may want to consider this recommendation as the … (35 comments)

frisco texas: Frisco's Real Estate Tornado - 04/24/14 06:26 AM
Frisco Texas is experiencing a tornado of a real estate season. This happens when any market gets too hot. Whether a market is too cold or too hot it can cause problems for buyers and sellers. In this case there is just not enough homes on the market. Sellers may think this is a great situation but it does not necessarily work out well for either buyers or sellers.
Buying Feels Like a Lottery In our current market, buyers are starting to stop shopping. Some of my clients have stopped trying to buy in the current market. After losing out on … (18 comments)

frisco texas: Interest Rates: How They Impact a Buyer's Purchasing Power - 03/20/14 06:40 AM
Yes the interest rates ticked up today, so what? Well it is more than "so what" to buyers. For most people interest rates rising tend to be a good thing. Today rising interest rates often means that the economy is recovering, people on fixed retirement incomes are getting a little more from their savings our retirement funds are increasing. These are all good things.
Reduction In Purchasing Power In real estate rising interest rates are not necessarily good things. When interest rates tick up, a buyer's purchasing power ticks down. When interest rates tick up, the number of people who could … (7 comments)

frisco texas: People Love To Buy But Hate To Move - 03/14/14 08:12 AM
Back in my corporate days the saying went people love to buy but hate to be sold. This seemed to apply to every industry I worked. Humans in general love to buy things but hate being sold. Therefore if people love to buy, it is our job to get out of their way. In real estate what often causes people not to want to buy is the move.
All Transacations Require Moving People still love to buy but hate to move. This means in order to attract buyers and sellers, the pain of doing nothing must exceed the pain of the … (26 comments)

frisco texas: You Never Know When A Client Might Be Interviewing You - 02/27/14 07:20 AM
For a while now my best clients are still coming from my open houses. While I am building my on-line presence which is a long term project, my business is coming from other business development events such as open houses, working the phones, farming, etc... I have started to get a real focus on my open houses and proactively secure them in advance. This tale is about doing four open houses in a three week period all here in Frisco Texas.
Pay Attention Part of doing a good job on an open house is paying attention to your guests. I noticed … (54 comments)

frisco texas: Frisco Bombers - Who Wants To Rassle - 02/24/14 11:58 PM
Frisco Texas sports has another feather in its cap. The Frisco Bombers Wrestling Club was founded in 2003. In the past decade  the club has produced 10 state champions and several runners-up. They are fortunate to have Coach Rick Dellagatta leading the efforts.
Coach Dellagatta who is originally from New Jersey and helped coach Seton Hall's wrestling team, is on of several highly respected and talented individuals who work with kids, both male and female,  from 2nd grade through 8th grade. Rick is a 2 Time Olympian- Freestyle Wrestling Team Member 1980 and 1984, a 3 Time USA Wrestling National … (6 comments)

frisco texas: I Love Clients Who Speed Date - 02/18/14 11:22 AM
When working with buyers or even people looking to lease, I love those that speed date. These are the clients that know what they like and what they don't like and they know both things very fast. It's just like Meg from The Big Chill said, "I've been out there dating for twenty years. I've gotten where I can tell in the first fifteen seconds if there's a chance in the world." Now she is the buyer for me.
The Quick And The Dead When you are a buyer in the current Frisco TX market you need to act quickly. In … (6 comments)

frisco texas: Helping Your Buyer Prioritize Their Criteria - 02/10/14 10:52 AM
Many first time buyers as well as any buyer who has not purchased in a long time have the tough job of defining their priorities about the home they want to purchase. I am working with a couple new to the Frisco Texas area and they are really trying to prioritize their list of wants and needs. There are a lot of ways to do this.Here are just two.
Prioritize Like An Eye Doctor Some people start by making out their list and doing the "eye doctor" test. They take the first two on the list. They say is the first … (39 comments)

frisco texas: Drought: When The Water Runs Out You Can't Buy More Natural Resources - 01/26/14 04:18 AM
Whether you are in California, Nevada, Colorado or Frisco Texas, there are many areas in the US that are suffering from a bad drought. It is up to the residents of these cities and their representatives to come up with plans to reduce their requirements and demands for water. Many of us simply just do not know the best ways to conserve water. Frisco Texas is focused on reducing our water requirements regardless of our growth rate. 
Conservation Versus Efficiency The  North Carolina DNR Water Efficiency Manual defines water efficiency and water conservation as follows::
"Water efficiency" means using  improved technologies … (29 comments)

frisco texas: What is WOGA Frisco - World Olympic Gymnastic Academy - 01/19/14 02:01 AM
In Frisco Texas, as well as in Dallas and Plano, WOGA is where fun meets fitness. WOGA trains children from toddlers to teens. This year, in Frisco, WOGA will hold the 2014 WOGA Classic. This is a great weekend of competition, fun and festivities that will be held on February 8th and 9th.
WOGA Classic This competition attracts some of the top teams which in turn means a fantastic field of competitors and an outstanding opportunity watch and see the competition between future Olympic stars. WOGA is not just for a once a year event. There are several events throughout the year but … (4 comments)

frisco texas: Don't Lower The Price, Raise It and Sell Faster - 01/14/14 01:05 AM
We are experiencing a very hot sellers market in Frisco Texas. We have a low inventory of homes and the demand to live here continues to remain the same or increase. That is why when I see a house on the market for what I perceive as too many days I get ready to check on the expiration of the listing.
Pricing Many real estate agents and their clients will resort to lowering the price in order to generate a faster sale. However there are many factors that could be the issue outside of price that is stopping the sale. If … (50 comments)

frisco texas: Remember to Go the Extra Mile - 01/12/14 11:33 PM
While working an open house this weekend I realized I probably should have taken the weekend off. My knee has been giving me all sorts of problems and I probably could have used the rest. However I made a commitment and I am certainly going to keep it. In addition, I am going to make sure I do it as best I can. I grab my signs, I have all my information ready to display, I am properly prepped and ready to meet some people. 
Open House Traffic The open house goes well with lots of traffic. There are some interested … (6 comments)

frisco texas: What is the Frisco Texas EDC? - 01/09/14 08:04 AM
In 1989 the Texas State Legislature pass the Economic Development Corporation Act. Two years later the Frisco EDC (Economic Development Corporation) was established as a non-profit corporation. The mission of the Frisco EDX is to improve the economic opportunities and quality of life for all residents. They certainly have done that.
Frisco Economic Development Corporation The FEDC has four goals:
Attract jobs from the outside area Retain and expand local businesses improve product readiness and competitiveness Enhance Frisco;s innovation culture through entrepreneurship As you can see based on the last 5 years they have been very successful at accomplishing their goals. 

frisco texas: Free Buyer's Representation? No Way - Call Any Agent to Find Out - 01/06/14 12:02 AM
When you are searching for a home without a real estate agent representing you, it  is like turning down free medical care from a proven expert. Yes having a real estate agent represent you as a buyer typically comes at no cost to you. Yes that means it is free to you as the buyer. This is true for more than 99% of all residential real estate transactions whether you are working with a builder purchasing new construction or with a seller's agent representing a pre-owned home. Our agent fees will almost always come from the seller's side of the transaction. That's … (7 comments)

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