real estate agents: Our Clients Have Lives Just Like Us, Uncover The Compelling Event - 03/06/14 04:07 AM
It is important to recognize that our clients have lives just like real estate agents. Today, many couples are both working and when they have a family you can only imagine all the things that need to be coordinated. Within that busy life, many things change. That is why it is critical for us to stay in touch and recognize these items that change. This will help us maintain our passion and focus on doing what is right for our clients, and allow us to be in the right place at the right time.
Uncover The Compelling Event Something had to … (25 comments)

real estate agents: Appraisers Are My Best Friends - 02/17/14 09:19 AM
Most appraisers today get a bad deal. If they write up an appraisal that does not fully reflect the value, they are probably safe from internal ridicule but the real estate agents are certainly not going to be happy. If they over value the home, the lender may not be very happy when something goes wrong. They are literally caught between a rock and a hard place.
Why Appraise? Unless you are paying all cash and do not care what an appraiser thinks of the home, then you are going to deal with a real estate appraisal one way or … (4 comments)

real estate agents: Character Is Tested When You Are Up Against It - 02/07/14 08:09 AM
NAR Code of Ethics I had fun earlier writing up some movie quotes. The title of this post is an actual quote from the movie Invincible. This was said to Coach Dick Vermeil  by his wife. She was actually quoting something he had always said. (don't you hate when your wife calls you out with your own words.) I believe your ethics is a big part of your character. This week while I was working and attending a class, the code of ethics came up. A professional Realtor® is supposed to abide by our code of ethics.   
Texas is a Non-disclosure State The reason I … (3 comments)

real estate agents: People Buy Emotionally and Rationalize Their Decision With Logic - 01/07/14 02:42 AM
You are looking to buy a home and you are driving through the beautiful sub-divisions of Frisco. Of course you are doing this after you were pre-qualified because you really want to be looking at houses you can afford to purchase. The reason that is so important is because during your search you, your significant other or someone else involved in the purchasing decision is going to fall in love with something they see. The last thing you want to do in the home search process is get emotionally attached to something you cannot afford. Let's look at some examples with … (22 comments)

real estate agents: Free Buyer's Representation? No Way - Call Any Agent to Find Out - 01/06/14 12:02 AM
When you are searching for a home without a real estate agent representing you, it  is like turning down free medical care from a proven expert. Yes having a real estate agent represent you as a buyer typically comes at no cost to you. Yes that means it is free to you as the buyer. This is true for more than 99% of all residential real estate transactions whether you are working with a builder purchasing new construction or with a seller's agent representing a pre-owned home. Our agent fees will almost always come from the seller's side of the transaction. That's … (7 comments)

real estate agents: It's a Seller's Market, Why Should I Use a Real Estate Agent? - 12/29/13 02:37 AM
Many people do not understand what a good Realtor® does for you when selling a home whether that be in Frisco Texas, San Jose California or Tampa Florida. When you think about it what is so hard about selling a home in a seller's market? I mean really all a Realtor does it get you into the MLS and then it pretty much sells itself. And for this you want a 6% fee and sometimes even more? I think I should go into Real Estate. These words are not uncommon to hear from consumers, although you will not hear them from my clients. 

real estate agents: "You Need" to Stop Saying "You Need" - 12/16/13 10:11 AM
Think about your first thought after reading the title. How many of you thought, "Don't tell me what I need to do." You're right. I have no right to tell you or anyone else what you need to do. In fact one of my favorite exercises we use to do when I was teaching sales people from around the world was the "you need" exercise. You can all have a go at it and come back and let us know on this blog how well it worked. 
I want you to go to the person who loves you the most either in … (52 comments)

real estate agents: The 80-20 Rule of Real Estate Agents - 12/08/13 12:54 AM
I was reading a blog by a fellow real estate agent who I follow Richie Alan Naggar (Shocking and I hope this happens to you too) and it got me to thinking that real estate is very much like many other industries. Whether you are a real estate professional or a consumer looking for one, it is important to understand the 80-20 rules of real estate agents. 
Many of us are aware of the 80-20 rule (Pareto’s Principle) where 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In this case we are going to apply it to real estate … (80 comments)

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