sellers: Filters - Not Just For your HVAC - 09/18/14 02:28 AM
Whether you are buying, selling or living in a home filters are important. Obviously when you are living in your home, changing your filters is very important. It helps the air quality, saves on bills and allows your systems to work better with less of a drain. The same can be said for personal filters.
I am not talking about those that stand in the corner of a room and try to keep your air clean. I am talking about what people say and what they think they hear. You see most everybody has internal filters. Before you say something, most people … (0 comments)

sellers: Appraisers Are My Best Friends - 02/17/14 09:19 AM
Most appraisers today get a bad deal. If they write up an appraisal that does not fully reflect the value, they are probably safe from internal ridicule but the real estate agents are certainly not going to be happy. If they over value the home, the lender may not be very happy when something goes wrong. They are literally caught between a rock and a hard place.
Why Appraise? Unless you are paying all cash and do not care what an appraiser thinks of the home, then you are going to deal with a real estate appraisal one way or … (4 comments)

sellers: It's a Seller's Market, Why Should I Use a Real Estate Agent? - 12/29/13 02:37 AM
Many people do not understand what a good Realtor® does for you when selling a home whether that be in Frisco Texas, San Jose California or Tampa Florida. When you think about it what is so hard about selling a home in a seller's market? I mean really all a Realtor does it get you into the MLS and then it pretty much sells itself. And for this you want a 6% fee and sometimes even more? I think I should go into Real Estate. These words are not uncommon to hear from consumers, although you will not hear them from my clients. 

sellers: Frisco Texas Means Sports: A Decade of Growth - 12/17/13 06:08 AM
We started building our house in Frisco in 2001. Back then it was a much different city. We had less than 35,000 people and barely a starbucks. Fast forward to today and our population is more than 139,000 people with multiple Starbucks (after all isn't that one of the crucial landmarks) and an unbelievable commerical base that helps maintain our very reasonable taxes especially when you consider our exemplary school district.
However, another aspect that is quickly setting us apart from other cities is our sports. It is hard to imagine that this sleepy little town is now hosting some of the … (2 comments)

sellers: You Can't Sell To Someone Who Can't Buy....But Oh How We Try - 12/16/13 11:18 PM
If you have never sold before or are still new to sales, sometimes you get so excited that someone is interested that we forget to do a key step early on in the process: Qualify your client. This goes for both buyers and sellers.
For buyers it is usually handled right away with the the buyer going to see a lender to find out what they are qualified to purchase with regards to budget. We may also ask for proof of funds if this is an all cash buyer or at least a letter stating the funds are available. 
We do this because … (18 comments)

sellers: "You Need" to Stop Saying "You Need" - 12/16/13 10:11 AM
Think about your first thought after reading the title. How many of you thought, "Don't tell me what I need to do." You're right. I have no right to tell you or anyone else what you need to do. In fact one of my favorite exercises we use to do when I was teaching sales people from around the world was the "you need" exercise. You can all have a go at it and come back and let us know on this blog how well it worked. 
I want you to go to the person who loves you the most either in … (52 comments)

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