brian buffini: What's Your "Busy Day" Like? - 04/25/13 10:28 AM
Business has increased as the spring market approaches.  While you are chasing your vendors, clients, listings and friends, are you staying on track with your daily "must do's?"  Having systems in place will allow you to use your time, more wisely.   Getting up an hour earlier or maybe, you are a night person, so, staying awake an hour later, to make your daily routine tasks completed.
My most precious step is in the morning.  I journal.  I love to write my daily feelings, experiences and even look back at what I was doing at this same time period, last year.  It's amazing how … (8 comments)

brian buffini: Buffini Turning Point in Orlando, Florida! - 03/29/13 08:27 AM

Members were exchanging our business cards, market statistics, spring's arrival and getting the motivation and systems information, that only Brian Buffini can deliver!  Traveling to Florida, was such a good idea!  Learning more about the CRM, Brian's new system that works from your laptop and/or your smart phone!  Recognize any Realtors?  These are the early birds, who grab those front row seats!
I'll be hitting the Boston Turning Point in May.  Hope to see some of you, there!

 A few more members who use the Buffini Systems!  Know anyone in this photo? 

brian buffini: Christmas Popbys! - 12/12/12 12:44 AM
Every year, since I have been in the real estate business, I have provided my clients with poinsettia plants, during the month of December, for Christmas.  When I joined Buffini and Company, twelve years ago, Brian Buffini taught me how to enhance my deliveries. 
Luckily, this year has been a warmer winter, than usual.  Leaving live plants on a porch for a short amount of time is okay, but, they do need to be indoors.  With the Buffini enhancement, I don't just leave the plants.  I try to arrive at each client's home and talk with them.  If they are not home, … (9 comments)

brian buffini: Photo Taking, 101 and Smile! - 08/11/11 07:28 AM
This post is to just make you laugh.  We laughed so much, when we looked at these photos, that I just had to share them with all of you.  Laughing is such a good physical exercise that we all need to do it more.  At least, SMILE!  We watched this amazing video at Buffini's MasterMind Summit, 2011, please take a few minutes and view it:)
Hope that you have happy moments and can laugh, today.  At least, smile!  Life is too short, this I am sure that most of you know.  Being able to laugh and smile … (6 comments)

brian buffini: Buffini's MasterMind Summit ~ 2011, Just Awesome! - 08/11/11 07:02 AM
The event was held from August 7th through August 9th, at the San Diego Convention Center, Downtown San Diego.
Three very emotional, power packed, motivating, invigorating days!  Yes, it was all of that.  Brian Buffini always delivers good product, good advice and good goal exercises.  The event was themed, Back to the Future.  Buff arrived at the stage in Doc's Car, smoke, lights, stick shift and all!  His delivery of the new content onstage, amazed everyone in the room.  We were at full attention, knowing that every word had value to us and our family members.
The opening session was with a … (0 comments)

brian buffini: Attention Agents & Bankers! Looking for Systems that Work? - 04/01/11 09:44 AM
Connecticut Agents & Bankers! This is the road to take to attend the Buffini Turning Point in Providence on May 9th! Get yourself & your business on the right road! Looking forward to meeting you in Providence!
To regeister for this event, go to the website ~
This event will be held at the Providence Convention Center.  It will be held for two days.  You can register and book your hotel room, on the Buffini website.

brian buffini: Date & Location Change! Success Seminar is Coming to Hartford, Ct, RI, Massachusetts & British Columbia! - 03/25/11 01:32 AM
The Buffini Success Seminar is a half day event, that you may attend, FREE!  You will have to go to the Buffini and Company website and register.  The room fills up, quickly!  Take advantage of this opportunity.  This one morning session, will motivate you and boost you business for the coming selling season.  There is no high sale pressure at this event.  Just people seeking systems and ideas that work, even in this market!  Many of the attendees, are already Buffini members!
Come to the Hartford Success Seminar! Be inspired, motivated and learn from the best!  I will be attending this … (2 comments)

brian buffini: Dallas Turning Point, Coming Your Way! - 02/22/11 12:20 PM
For those of you who have never heard or seen, Brian Buffini in person, this is your opportunity if you are located near Dallas, Texas.  He will be there for two days, along with Joe Niego, the BlitzMaster.
If you would still like to attend, just go to the website and register, or give them a call.  It will change the way you do business, for the better.  Brian and Joe, will offer you tools and ideas, that work in this market!
Here's the details and the schedule for more Turning Points.  Hope to meet you at an event, this year!
Dallas, … (4 comments)

brian buffini: Buffini Boston Turning Point, ROCKED! - 09/23/10 09:07 AM
Brain Buffini, on stage and On Fire!  Oh, by the way, he's holding a note card in his hand.  Can you hear him asking you, if you are writing your notes every day?
Here's the photos!  It was a beautiful day, outside and in.  Seeing old friends and making new ones, the event was packed full of good people.  Brian Buffini and Joe Niego shared information with us, to help our business, now! 

New format was well received and people loved getting the hugs from Brian and Joe in the reception area.
We are making a real estate, comeback!  Whoo … (2 comments)

brian buffini: Success Seminars, Free! Coming to Hartford, Ct - 08/19/10 11:02 AM
Date:September 1, 2010 Location:Hartford Marriott Downtown Address:200 Columbus BlvdHartford, CT 06103 Important Information:Parking: $11/day, Marriott Ballroom ABCRegistration begins at 8am. Event begins at 9:00am and ends at 12:00pm. Presenter: Joe Niego of Buffini and Company Click the Register button below or go to, or call 1-800-945-3485 x2382 … (2 comments)

brian buffini: Brian Buffini is on Facebook! - 02/10/10 03:09 AM
Check it out!  Many of our members are already on!  Become a fan and learn all the good stuff that he teaches us to do, to become better at what we do, every day!
Whether you are a member or not, be sure to stop by.  You will experience the synergy that our community offers eachother.  The tips, events are posted, discussions are occuring, every day!
I'm a Fan!  Join us!

brian buffini: The Blitz, Week Four - 02/08/10 09:46 AM
Let's hear how you are doing!  This week will be a lot of face to face with your family, clients, vendors and friends. 
In between the assignment, are you still calling your database, sending your notes and mailing your CAP items.  Keep up with it, it will make a difference in your production.  It will, also, make your relationships much deeper with everyone around you.
I catch myself, boldy handing out my cards and popbys to perfect strangers!  I told my Coach that the confidence that you build, from the Blitz, is very empowering.
Stay as much as you can, on target.  … (3 comments)

brian buffini: Success Seminars, Free! - 02/03/10 10:50 AM
In case you haven't heard, Brian Buffini is heading to the east coast!  He is hosting two FREE Success Seminars this month.  The first will be in Falls Church, Virginia on the 16th and the second will be on the next day, the 17th in Hyattsville, Maryland. 
You will need to sign up, but, that's easy enough!  They will need to know that you are coming, so that, they can make sure that you will fit in the room!  Last year, at the Chicago Turning Point, it was so full that people were in the hallways!  Hit the website for more … (8 comments)

brian buffini: Week Three of the Blitz! - 02/01/10 07:12 AM
Here we go! 
The hustle and bustle in the real estate market is caused by the Buffini Members who are earnestly working away at their business, because of the Buffini Blitz.  The systems only work, for those who participate fully in them.  True, you can miss a day, here and there.  I have known members who have actually missed weeks, yet still, caught up and performed.  They are all successful and having a good year, already!  Catching up, counts!  It's twice as much Work!
The effects of this first 90 days, will change your business, for the rest of this year.  Don't … (4 comments)

brian buffini: Is Memorial Day the Official Kickoff of Summer? - 05/24/09 12:44 AM
We used to believe this when I was a child.  We went from the local parade to a neighborhood/family barbecue.  The pools were opened and most years, it was very warm outdoors.  Summer activities began.  The daylight savings time is most welcomed.
Some folks wait for the 4th of July, for their summer kickoff.  School is out and plans are made for summer vacations.  Whether it be at a local beach, nearby lake or in your backyard pool, we look for a way to enjoy the warm weather that this season brings.  My Dad worked at Pratt & Whitney in East … (2 comments)

brian buffini: Need Help Training Your Agents, Originators? - 03/15/09 06:23 AM
Whether you need this course for your new agents, or maybe, others who need a good boost, this one system can turn your business around.  It has a proven track record.  Brian Buffini is determined to help as many Realtors and Mortgage Originators that he can, through this tough market.
Check it out, you'll hear for yourself about the powerful results that this one system does produce.  I have taken this course and I continue to guide my agents through it.  Production is up and we are busy!  Whoo Hoo!
 Call Client Care, today!  Let them show you how easy, … (4 comments)

brian buffini: It's Close to Tax Time! Are You Ready? - 03/15/09 04:22 AM
Being prepared for your accountant is important.  Keep receipts for everything that you purchase for your business.  Track your mileage in a little book that you can keep in the console or glovebox.  Getting your taxes completed by April 15th is wise.  Try not to file extensions.  Put a period at the end of last year on April 15th.  Don't drag it out.  Just get it done.
Move on to this new year, 2009!  Whoo Hoo!  Yes, the quarter is done.  Have you tracked your business expenses?  If not, plan time this week to sit yourself down and input your numbers.  … (3 comments)

brian buffini: Spring Market is Around the Corner! - 03/15/09 03:16 AM
Business is picking up, here in Connecticut.  We are booking more showings, as listing agencies and signing up more buyers as buyer agencies.  The momentum of this spring selling season can help us through this economy.  You must be ready to serve your clients.  Make yourself available to them as much as possible.  Make sure that you are in contact with the banker, home inpsector and attorney's office during the term of the transaction.  Knowledge is key.  Know your product.  Keep tabs on the mls and your local market.
While I was out showing properties yesterday, I was aware of my client's … (3 comments)

brian buffini: Active Rainer's, Are you Blitzing? - 03/02/09 06:16 AM
For those of you who are participating in the Buffini Blitz, I know that your numbers are growing everyday.  The activity that this new system has caused is amazing.  Brian and Joe are all over your statistics and looking for your comments and emails.
I cannot believe we are already into March!  Yet, because it snowed in New England today, yes, I guess it is still the winter season here.  March or not.  Since you are not able to go out and about easily today, if you live in this part of our country, well, do the activities to ready yourself … (5 comments)

brian buffini: A Strong Community Will Get You Through! - 02/06/09 04:25 AM
Whether you belong to a small or large office, the strength of your community within that space will help you to meet the challenges of our market. Be mindful of those around you that may have to fall off and choose another career. Let them know that you wish them well. If someone is struggling to stay or if they are brand new, offer them your assistance. Take them with you on some of your appointments. They may learn more from coming along with you, than they will ever read in a magazine, book, or if they are reading on the … (12 comments)

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