hartford county ct: Manchester Sam's Club is Collecting Food! - 03/19/12 10:54 PM
Stop by and drop off your donation to feed the hungry!  Sam's Club in Manchester is located in the Buckland Hills Mall Area.  The huge box for donations of food is located near the Customer Service Desk.  While you are dropping off your donation, you can check out all of the buys that Sam's Club offers.  Remember, if you are in need of prescription drugs or eyewear, you don't have to be a member to use those services. 
Friendly faces will greet you as you enter the store.  Be sure to let them know, if you are not a member, that … (2 comments)

hartford county ct: It's the Market! - 08/13/10 07:41 AM
Dealing with buyers and sellers in this current market takes courage.  Real courage and conviction.  Know your market and your skills.  With the several changes in the banking regulations, and the time period to close a home, you need to take this into account when you are sitting with your buyers or sellers.
Their expectations, may still be, that they will find a home quickly or that if they are the seller, that it will sell quickly.  Once in awhile, this could still happen.  But, it is not the average transaction.  The average transaction will take more than 60 days for … (4 comments)

hartford county ct: Signs or No Signs, and Town Regs! - 05/29/10 07:28 AM
In this economy, businesses need to do all that they can to bring in the customer.  Displays, signs, sales, balloons, etc.
It seems that the town regulations, do not allow you to do so.  This isn't just in one town.  These businesses are located on major roads, that are state highways.  I truly don't understand, that in this economy, they actually, ask you to remove these advertising tactics from public view.  What??
Taxes must be paid.  Bad economy or good economy, right?  Wouldn't you think that the towns would be more open to helping businesses grow and prosper right now? 
I … (9 comments)

hartford county ct: Connecticut Real Estate's Conveyance Sunset Tax - 06/14/09 04:04 AM

hartford county ct: Spring Market is Around the Corner! - 03/15/09 03:16 AM
Business is picking up, here in Connecticut.  We are booking more showings, as listing agencies and signing up more buyers as buyer agencies.  The momentum of this spring selling season can help us through this economy.  You must be ready to serve your clients.  Make yourself available to them as much as possible.  Make sure that you are in contact with the banker, home inpsector and attorney's office during the term of the transaction.  Knowledge is key.  Know your product.  Keep tabs on the mls and your local market.
While I was out showing properties yesterday, I was aware of my client's … (3 comments)

hartford county ct: How Many Days Til Spring? Find the Gift - 01/27/09 05:59 AM
Actually, from today, it is 29 days until spring.  Will it be 29 days until our spring real estate market?  Have you seen signs of this season coming at you, already?  I definitely see more activity than I have seen for months.  More decisions are being made and they are not taking as long to decide.  They have a pretty clear idea of what the are looking for.  Sounds like spring to me!  No bidding wars, yet.  We may not see them at all this year.  Sellers are having pricing wars, though.  The prices are falling, and the consideration is leaning towards a … (12 comments)

hartford county ct: Nice Rental in Bolton! - 01/17/09 08:27 AM
Here's your chance to live on Birch Mountain in Bolton.  This home offers three bedrooms, one bath and is ready to go!  No pets, sorry.  You will need two months security deposit, one month's rent, a one year lease, a credit check, two letters of reference (one from a past landlord, if applicable) and an appointment to see the home.
Call today, we'll be happy to serve you!  Fran Rokicki Realty, LLC  860-646-3455
This home is located within fifteen minutes of Hartford, twenty minutes to UCONN and Eastern University.  Shopping is close by, too!  $1200.00 a month!


hartford county ct: Join SAM's Club This Weekend & Save Big! - 01/16/09 11:22 AM
As most of you know, I am a huge fan of SAM's Club.  Especially, in this economy.  Office supplies, books, prescriptions, eye wear and more and offered at huge savings to you.
Here's the good news!  For this weekend, January 17th, if you join them as a member, for one year, they are giving you a $25.00 gift card to their store.  I think you can also, use it at Walmart Stores, but, ask them to be sure. 
Let your fellow Realtors know, let your clients know, call your neighbors!  This is a good offer in the middle of winter!  It … (6 comments)

hartford county ct: New Year's Diet? - 01/13/09 10:52 AM
With all of the talk about your new year's resolutions, have you thought about what you are eating?  Is it healthy?  Will it sustain you for the entire day? 
When the weather is warm, we advise eachother to drink plenty of water.  Now, it seems that it is a good idea to do that in all types of weather.  I wish that my parents were alive and could see people buying all of the bottles of water.  They, honestly, wouldn't believe their eyes:)
Soda pop is a real no no.  I only allowed my children to drink soda if they were … (3 comments)

hartford county ct: Making a List! Here's Great News for You & Your Clients! - 01/10/09 06:43 AM
We are having a snowstorm today in Connecticut.  I ran out really early today.  They said it would probably start snowing around noon.  I live on a mountain top, so, getting back before it starts is always wise.  Even with my four wheel drive.  The folks who don't have snow tires or four wheel drive, block the road for everyone else.  Didn't want to chance it.
I had a list.  These days, I do not shop without one.  It keeps me on the budget, to the penny.  Grocery store was mobbed.  Did all of these people just run out of food?  … (3 comments)

hartford county ct: Do We Have Any Accountants or Tax Advisors Here on the Rain? - 12/29/08 07:35 AM
How cool would that be?  We would be able to have first hand advice on our tax reporting and exempt benefits.  Do you know of a good accountant?  Tax Advisor?
How about contacting your clients and making sure that they have a professional to assist them with their taxes for 2008?  Prior to the new year may be too late, but, why not offer a name to them? Contact them in the next few days or the very first week of the new year.  The first time home buyers will really need professional help or at least, advice.  How about those folks … (13 comments)

hartford county ct: Buy it Now, If you Wait, The Good Buy May Be Gone! - 12/27/08 05:49 AM
How many times have we said this to buyers?  Not just in this market, either.  They need to feel confident that the price that they may be paying today, will be satisfactory for?  Here is my take on it.  If you are comfortable with the payment, the appraisal/condition report on the property and with the terms of your loan, why would you want to wait?  So many times I have seen that the one house that my buyers really fell in love with, was gone, by the time that they decided to take the leap of homeownership.
Get ready!  As a Stager … (5 comments)

hartford county ct: What Are You Paying For Gas? For Oil Heat? - 12/27/08 03:20 AM
Isn't is amazing that the price of gas that we are paying for today, is lower than it has been in the past five years?  I want the economy to come back, just as much as you do.  However, you just have to love the savings that we are able to take because of the falling price of oil and gas!  Yesterday, I paid $1.85 a gallon for heating oil.  Amazing!  Here is my oil company.  Backlund Enterprises, LLC.  He takes only cash, but, will deliver to your home up to nine o'clock at night.

How about you?  What are … (2 comments)

hartford county ct: Finished My Thanksgiving Popbys Today, Whew! - 11/24/08 10:03 AM
As good as I am about getting my daily routine completed, I have popbys that never see my clients.  To counter act this situation that I have gotten myself into, I now theme my popbys.  Theme them so that, I must deliver them before a certain date.  For instance, back to school.  Had to get them delivered before the little ones returned to school.  Halloween, well, self explanatory.  Now, my latest, Thanksgiving.  To fool myself, I purchase a few more each month.  Sunday and today, I gave out forty basters with raffia, ribbon and my tagline card attached.  I was on … (18 comments)

hartford county ct: Book Meme'd, By George! - 11/24/08 03:21 AM
Okay, this can be easy.  I actually sit at my computer chair which is next to my bookcase that holds my favorite books!  In my last book meme from Greg, I forgot to tag five more people, so, this is a good chance for me to pass on this blog to five or so, friends of mine on the rain!
Here it is!  See You at the Top!  By Zig Ziglar
Page 56, 5 sentences down,
"When commenting on another child, the wise parent will say, "My, what nice manners," or, "He is such an honest boy," or "Isn't she … (3 comments)

hartford county ct: When Does Christmas Season Begin?!? - 11/20/08 03:14 AM
Pretty funny, but, I did see Christmas decorations offered in BJ's Warehouse, last September.  The ornaments and yard decorations played recorded Christmas music. Getting a jump on the season, I guess.  Remember when we were children?  It officially was kicked off on the day after Thanksgiving.  They used to call it Black Friday.  Some stores still do run extra good specials on the day after Thanksgiving.  They open up in the very early hours of the morning.  The earlier you arrive, the better sales you will see.  Often, they feature a few very popular toys or electronic items to get you … (4 comments)

hartford county ct: Greg Tagged ME, Here is My Closest Book! - 11/19/08 04:17 AM
Per Greg's instructions,
Page 56, pass the first 5 or so sentences.  This is amazing how this worked out!
My Closest Book to my computer is The Kaizen Way, One Small Step Can Change Your Life, By Robert Maurer, Ph.D.  It's a book that Brian Buffini gave us at the MasterMind Summit Event in 2007.

Here is the passage, according to the Meme guidelines sent to me by Greg:)of Bright Ideas Group!
"Kaizen Tip
If you tend to berate yourself with negative questions (Why am I so Fat?), try asking:  What is one thing I like about myself today?  Ask this … (6 comments)

hartford county ct: Make the Offer! - 08/09/08 02:11 AM
It is a buyer's market.  If you are a buyer or thinking of becoming one, here's a free tip.  When you see a home that you like and just not sure of what to do, make the offer.  It costs you nothing to ask the seller, in writing, to offer a price for the property that you are considering to be your next home.  Once you have your pre-approval in hand, the world is yours in the real estate market.  You become empowered with that one piece of paper.  The stronger the letter is, the better your chances for success are. 

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