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Real estate information for the mid-peninsula of San Francisco: the Silicon Valley. - Mountain View & surrounding Cities French fluent.
Following up on a few of my last blogs on the surrounding Cities, what happened in Sunnyvale in the past 3 or 4 years?A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is the graph of average prices since 2006, both for houses, and for the group "townhouses and condominiums". Click to see larger In Sunny...
The real price of buying is the cost of buying.Will prices continue to fall? Should I buy now? While price is always one of the major concerns when buying a property, cost and affordability should be at the forefront of your considerations as a buyer. That means you have to take into account what...
Market trends -  Mountain View:Following some of my last blogs on average prices in Mountain View and Los Altos, someone asked me to show the evolution of $ price per square foot. So, how is "Google's" City doing in that respect?    As always with figures and statistics one has to ta...
Los Altos prices: condos vs houses. In the category: condominiums vs houses, I was curious to see how Los Altos fared, in plain simple terms.Does it vary a lot from one City to another?  Not much: it turns out that it is fairly similar between Los Altos and Mountain View.The following graph shows...
Home prices are pretty high in the Silicon Valley.  Here, where sometimes wages are comfortable and disposable income or savings pretty low, it is good to remember that it is still possible to purchase a home with as little as 3.5% downpayment.  How is it possible? with an FHA loan, which is an (...
To piggy back on my last blog, it is definitely interesting to research and compare how different areas within Mountain View (or any City for that matter) may have fared in the past 4 years, whether in the condominium market or the house market.  But how did houses fare vs condominiums?  It turns...
How do you search for a home in Mountain View ?...There are plenty of search engines that will help you search for a home online, (i.e. see at the end of this post), but the first step is often to know where in town you would like to be ideally. Most areas in Mountain View are associated with a n...
For Single family residences: California median home price: February 2011: $271,320 (Source: C.A.R.)  California highest median home price by region/county February 2011: Marin $632,580 (Source: C.A.R.)  California lowest median home price by region/county February 2011: Merced $117,270 (Source: ...
The inventory of available homes in the area is a sure sign of where prices are going.  Lack of inventory = trends up in prices for the most part. For the County of Santa Clara, available homes and condominiums combined are as follows, as of March 21, 2011: 2008 = 6899 homes. 2009 = 5979.   2010...
In the Silicon Valley where there is a limited amount of land to build on, a condominium or a townhouse is often a good alternative to a house. In general, for the same amount of money, one gets a larger and newer property in a PUD or CID (Planned unit development - Common interest development) t...

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Real estate information for the mid-peninsula of San Francisco: the Silicon Valley. - Mountain View & surrounding Cities. French fluent.