fort lauderdale real estate: Can Realtors and Banks Really Work Together - 04/13/14 01:03 PM
At one time I felt the best way to process a successful short sale was to work hard on your working relationship with the asset manager at the bank, Make sure they knew you understood how hard their job was, make sure they knew you were an expert Realtor in your market and most of all make sure they knew that your goal was to work out a deal that was a win for the buyer, seller and the bank.
As of late, proven over and over again I am fearful that compassion exhaustion has taken place on all sides of the deals … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: How many calls should in take to show a home ? - 05/23/12 10:50 PM
Its been a while since I posted on active rain and to those who I used write back and fourth with I do apologize.
However, please take it as a good sign, as when I am not here reading and writing there is a fairly good chance I am out listing and selling real estate. For those who have not heard as of yet the market in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate is changing quickly with shrinking inventory causing buyers to become frustrated with nothing to buy and sellers ready to stand firm knowing that the next change is here. With the shift … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: The Real Estate Market is Awful - 07/16/11 02:54 AM
Just awful.., I for one am simply tired of hearing it. As a professional Fort Lauderdale Realtor I have become more accustomed to dealing in facts. Facts such as days on market, months of inventory, trends in sales price. These are the numbers I have learned neighborhood by neighborhood to help me understand the goings on in the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market.
"The Real Estate Market is Just Awful", is the type of report we all hear daily in the news media, and rarely do we stand up and say, Not Where I Sit ! Lets force the world back to … (6 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Appraisals - 04/03/11 11:59 AM
This week I watched as another Fort Lauderdale Home for Sale closed far below prices that I know had been offered by numerous buyers because of appraisal issues, and I am sincerely looking for someone to give me some insight. How does this come to an end?
How does the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate decline come to an end, as long as appraisers are only willing to appraise property lower than the last sale, as they check the box which says "declining market"?
Please don't get me wrong I do not blame appraisers for what is going on today in Fort … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: I saw it on TV and I'm coming for my piece of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate - 01/22/11 01:05 AM
The names have been changed to protect the innocent; the story is told to educate those who will read it about the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate market. If one reader anywhere better understands how hard Realtors work, or gets a laugh out of reading it, then it was worth writing.
 If one realtor reminds themselves that prequalifying a buyer is one of the most important parts of the process that it was well worth writing.
And last but not least, if one person out there searching for a home thinks the deal they found, in the back of their mind maybe, … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Ft. Lauderdale Real Estate Will See a Turnaround before other South Florida Cities - 12/21/10 01:39 AM
Ten Reasons why we at Eric Miller and Associates, your Fort Lauderdale Realtors, feel that the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market and Broward in general will recover faster then Miami and Dade County. In real estate, markets vary from one neighborhood to the next, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are about 30 miles apart, and being a much smaller city it will easier and faster for the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market to turn.
1) We admit it, as Broward County, Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Agents we remain optimistic about the place we call home. Now that we have put it out their, … (2 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Lauderdale Real Estate - Vacation Rentals - 11/04/10 02:09 AM
Fort Lauderdale Realtors often get the call from prospective Fort Lauderdale Real Estate buyers seeking a property that they can use occasionallyand rent out to defer the cost. The Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market is a perfect market to own rental property because being it is the"city by the sea" you have demand for annual rentals, seasonal rentals, both furnished and unfurnished. The expectationis that a Fort Lauderdale Realtor rents out the property a few weekends a year you can just about pay for itself.
Unfortunatelythis is far from that simple. The first issue to be aware of is that most Fort Lauderdale … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Laudedale Waterfront Homes - Featuring Wilton Manors Real Estate - 09/06/10 03:01 AM
Fort Lauderale Waterfront Real Estate is most often about the size of the boat that you can bring in and park in your back yard. However, for some it it only about the Fort Lauderdale Waterfront view, and the tranquility of living on the water. Just North of the Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes is the City of Wilton Manors, called the "Island City". When it comes to Wilton Manors Real Estate living on the waterfront is about smaller boating, its about waking up to canoes and kayaks going down the river, its more about a Boston Whaler than a Maritimo. But, its certainly a … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes - Featured Neighborhood Coral Ridge - 09/04/10 02:55 AM
Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes from intracoastal front, to river front to canal front can be found in the area of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate known as Coral Ridge .The neighborhoods of Coral Ridge, and Coral Ridge Country Club, make up the area of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate commonly referred to as Coral Ridge. On the South end the neighborhood is bordered by Sunrise Boulevard as the main street of Coral Ridge, Bayview Drive heads South directly to the Galleria Mall. On the west side the area is bordered by the intracoastal waterway, and on the east side the middle river is … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes - Featured Neighborhood - Sunrise Intracoastal - 09/01/10 04:21 AM
Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes are sometimes hidden from the busiest of streets, in a great neighborhood often hidden from tourists but loved by locals. Sunrise Intracoastal is just that kind of neighborhood. Often the amazing homes you view from the waterfront are hard to find on land. Most people who visit Fort Lauderdale at some point find themselves on Sunrise Boulevard. Sunrise Boulevard is the only direct street from US 1 that actually ends right at the sand of Fort Lauderdale Beach.
Fort Lauderdale Real Estate shoppers often see the Galleria Mall as a great landmark. The water-taxi stop in nearby. There is … (1 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Lauderdale Real Estate the "Good" Old Days - 08/28/10 07:40 AM
I just had to share this photo that was sent to me. Does anyone remember looking through the real estate books for a listing and the black and white photograph ? If you were at RainCamp in Orlando you may feel like you just went through a time warp, and it was a great experience.


fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes - Harbor Beach - 08/27/10 01:54 AM
Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes are found throughout the Ft. Lauderdale Real Estate market at every price point. At the higher end of the market is a premiere Fort Lauderdale waterfront neighborhood, Harbor Beach. Homes for Sale in Harbor Beach range from the $600,000 price point (which are dry lot homes exterior to the main gate ), to the spectacular 1 Isle Bahia which at over 12000 sq. feet  of living space and 300 feet of prime Fort Lauderdale Waterfront is on the market for $23,000,000. 
Harbor Beach is located just over the 17th Street causeway on the east side of the … (2 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes - The Value of the Land - 08/26/10 02:26 AM
Ft Lauderale Waterfront Homes often have over 30% of their appraised value in the land. Many Fort Lauderale Waterfront homes buyers are surprised by the value of the land compared to the overall value of the home. In the Fort Lauderale Real Estatemarket there are all different types of waterfront properties, each with there own set of attributes that contribute to their value. 
For most boaters when they start looking at Fort Lauderdale Waterfront homes for sale, the most important criteria is "no fixed bridges - ocean access". From that point numerous things come into play that effect the value of the lot such as width of the canal, depth … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Selling a Home - Bring more Buyers and a Higher Selling Price in Ft. Lauderdale - 08/24/10 03:34 PM
Want to receive the highest and best offer for your home; the easiest way to make this happen is to have more than one buyer interested in your property. And all of a sudden instead of looking like a motivated seller and you may be a position to deal with motivated buyers.
With so many properties on the market, in the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market, where I concentrate, how can you make sure that more buyers are brought to your home than any other house for sale in your area. The method is proven and works, but before I share it with you … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Owner Financing - A whole new World for a Selller and Realtors - 07/26/10 01:56 AM
Over the last few weeks I have had a conversation numerous times with people in the process of selling their homes, and looking to buy into the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market. One is involved in a short sale of their property and the other a simple regular, good old fashion equity sale. Both are going to have problems getting a mortgage, and today for realtors who prequalify as we should, neither one is a client that we would consider "ready willing and able". 
Both contacts have been looking diligently on my website, and are have been realistic about what they can afford. … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Appraisers and the Chicken Little Syndrome - 04/04/10 03:43 AM
Chicken Little is really a story about many of today's appraisers, please notice I did not say all. I recently put a home on the market in Fort Lauderdale. The house had three offers the first three weeks and now is under contract for the second time, all offers were within $10,000 of the $189,000 asking price. This means as a Realtor I priced it correctly, the people who have a vote, the agents who show it, and the buyers who make offers all gave me a thumbs up. The area of Fort Lauderdale that the home is in, is a solid neighborhood where … (5 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: The Tides at Bridgside Square - 03/06/10 01:14 AM
Over the last few years the real estate market can be viewed as the perfect storm. Bad loans started to surface, too many sellers became landlords and investors assuming the market could only go up, and the economy tanked, these and numerous other occurrences, not to forget 9/11 simply changed the world as we knew it and along with it our real estate markets. No real estate was excluded from this price correction. Sorry even you had the most special kitchen cabinets in the world chances are your home went down in value as well. However, as we enter a new … (1 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Lauderdale Condominiums - 03/04/10 11:07 PM
Over the last month condominium sales in the Fort Lauderdalearea have skyrocketed. Along with the rising sales we have seen some signs of our old market that I find very alarming and it is really the job of  every Realtors to prevent the old style of purchasing in Fort Lauderdale from happening again. Buyers are approaching the condominium market the same way they do the single family market completely ignoring the fact that they are buying into a community that deserves as much due diligence as does the unit they are buying. I always present Fort Lauderdale Condos with the same introduction "when you purchase a Fort … (0 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: Fort Lauderdale's Market Update - and prediction for fence sitters - 02/28/10 12:14 AM
Sales of existing homes and condos in South Floridarose in January, though prices sank further. Ok, that makes sense with over 60% of the sales being distressed properties (please remember 40% are good old fashioned sales), these 60% are driving average sale prices down. But also please remember distressed refers to many aspects of the property. The condition, the location, the street, and possibly that people simply don't like the home, all can make it distressed. So the price reflects true value, and homes with lesser true value are driving the market, so average prices are lower, as long as properties … (2 comments)

fort lauderdale real estate: I want to Buy a Steal - - 02/27/10 01:12 AM
This is a line that many realtors will tell you they hear almost everyday in this new real estate market. Personally I feel solace in the fact that we are all hearing it everyday. I am not sure I fully understand the definition of a "steal", but I find comfort in knowing there are so many potential buyers out there are interested in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate, and are all looking for one.I have asked many clients to help me define a steal. Sometimes it leads to the word foreclosure. So just maybe a "steal" is a property that has been on … (5 comments)

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