bestisyettobe: Real Property Vs Personal Property - 07/21/17 02:38 PM
While selling or purchasing a house, a number of minor issues may arise due to miscommunication between the parties. One of these issues is determining whether property is fixed or personal when it comes to selling a property. Knowing the difference between fixed (real) property which includes land and anything attached to the land versus personal property which is property that is movable, will help to minimize any confusion during the transfer of ownership. To reduce chances of facing such a problem while making a purchase, one must know the difference between fixed and personal property.
For more infomration on this topic, you … (2 comments)

bestisyettobe: Making An Offer! Things to know in any real estate transaction! - 07/11/17 09:40 AM

Making an offer on a 55 plus community home is an incredibly exciting time! So many thoughts went into finding the community, looking at locations and considering options. Once you have found your perfect future home, it is time to go ahead and actually make an offer to buy.
There are many things to consider before you make your final move. Making a realistic offer that suits your budget and also keeps in view the market conditions is very important if you want it to be accepted. Your real estate agent will be of great assistance in preparing the right offer according … (2 comments)

bestisyettobe: Home Inspections and Reports - 07/07/17 10:54 AM

Home inspections and reports are a great line of defense against buyers remorse! A home may be beautiful, in a great 55 plus community, and with amazing amenities, but in order to ensure you are making a wise choice, always get your home inspected!
If a house seemingly fits your needs and requirements and has compelled you to go ahead and purchase it, a complete home inspection should be done before finalizing the deal. Although the house might seem in perfect condition apparently, only a full inspection report can guarantee if it is as good as it seems. Some aspects of a … (0 comments)

bestisyettobe: Do I even need a Realtor? - 07/07/17 10:32 AM

While looking at 55 plus communities, in this technological age, its easy to think that professionals in many occupations are being phased out. Unfortunately, you leave yourself in a worrisome position when you choose to enter a contract without Realtor representation. You can miss pertaintant information, pay too much and get a deal with many more headaches. 
With the vast amount of information readily available on your fingertips on any topic related to the buying and selling of properties, it is not far-fetched to convince yourself that you can do the entire job yourself. Many a sellers and buyers develop this train … (0 comments)

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