One of my mortgage brokers just sent this to me. It's re-posted from an article by Diane Wedner Oct 21st 2010 Top five reasons to purchase a home now. Buyers still waiting for home prices to scrape rock bottom (hint: they will never return to1953 levels) or interest rates to hit zero (I know, it ...
If pictures tell a story, then videos must tell a noveletta. Introducing Charlottesville, Virginia Neighborhood Videos I surf the web, I know how great it is to watch those YouTube videos of far-away places and exotic lands. But, you're looking to Relocate 2 Charlottesville, Virginia, not Burma, ...
"Don't give me the facts, give me the truth.  The facts are always changing." Well, facts show that the market in the Charlottesvile area is still depressed with prices still falling and market times increasing. But when people ask me, and it seems THE number 1 question they ask me, "How Is The R...
I have up-loaded quite a few videos of drive-throughs done with my little Nikon camera.  I know they're not glamorous and glitzy, no sub-titles or beautiful elevator music accompaning them. In fact, probably best if you keep your sound off while watching them due to the sound of my truck and whis...
I mean, the reason we're doing this is to generate business, right? I've been told that I must publish or perish. So...I've committed myself to write 3 times a week, every week, for 3 months. I know you're thinking "Yeah, so what? Woop-dee-do", but you've gotta' understand the enormous personal p...

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