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Hello Everyone,   We have a couple spots open tomorrow from 11:30- 12:30 tomorrow for what we are calling “Twitter Thursday”…. This is our first informal meeting going over setting up a twitter account and managing that account for our Real Estate business. This is no cost but please come with yo...
Hello Everyone,   Will I get Swine Flu if I eat bacon?   Hope your week is off to a great start…. The weather over the weekend must have added to the positive media flurry that it’s a great time to BUY REAL ESTATE ~ I noticed a flurry of transactions over the weekend or at least for those priced ...
Hello, Rates are creeping up….. But the real news for the day and to end the week is that I hope you are ready for another MAJOR dump of property the next couple m onths!!! You all recall my last blog (5 lashings if you didn’t read it!) Where I spoke about the foreclosure moratorium being lifted…...
Hello Everyone, Hope your tax day is going well….So I heard last night on TV that a stripper claimed a “boob job” (Can I say that on my daily report?) on her taxes and when audited she was able to keep the deduction! (or was it an increase?)     Work related expenses I guess … Who would have know...
Hello,     I hope you good Friday is off to a wonderful start. Things have been a little chaotic this week as business is booming but we have seen constant changes with lenders guidelines and I just wanted to share items that we as lenders are required to deal with on a daily basis. As rates imp...
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Hello,   Business is booming- I swear all we need here in the NW is a little sunshine and it makes people want to buy property! I have worked on We have maintained a diversification with our lending options for investors, first time home buyers and Jumbo loans and have seen a mix of all the last ...
Great weekend with all the activity about the listings that Sundin Realty has for the Fannie Mae foreclosed homes. With 6% seller concessions, no appraisal, No MI what's not to love! This will slowly make the difference in some neighborhoods. I just rescued another deal where this incredible hous...
Fannie Mae Oversees A Third Of U.S. Home Loans- and getting creative on selling 65,000 of the ones they now own!   Fannie Mae owns or guarantees about a third of the nation's home loans —18.3 million loans valued at $2.7 trillion — according to recent data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency....

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