thurston county: Fun Things to do in Olympia WA this weekend, Sept 6-8, 2019 - 09/05/19 06:01 PM

Labor Day is over and the kids are back in school but is there ANYTHING to do in and around Olympia WA this weekend? Yes, there is!! Check out some of the fun events happening this weekend, September 6-8, 2019.

Friday, September 6, 2019
Mama Mia! Broadway musical – The Triad Arts Theater, Yelm – runs through the end of September
Demetri Martin and Pete Holmes Comedy – Lucky Eagle Casino, Rochester
Blackbird – State Theater – Olympia WA, 8 PM
Saturday, September 7, 2019
Mama Mia! Broadway musical – The Triad Arts Theater, Yelm – runs through the end of September
Brats, Brew and Bands – Gateway … (3 comments)

thurston county: Is it too late for me to list my Olympia WA home? - 09/04/19 01:12 PM

Many homeowners who are considering selling their Olympia WA home are looking at the calendar, seeing the school buses back on the roads, sipping their pumpkin spiced lattes and are wondering if they missed the summer real estate market. 
Put shortly, the answer is no. 
And here’s why the 2019 fall and winter real estate market in the Olympia WA will continue to be a great time to list your home for sale.
Less competition. 
Your competition may wait to list their home until next year or may take their home off the market, not realizing September through the rest of the year will … (4 comments)

thurston county: Housing in 2019 is more affordable than last year in Olympia WA - 08/27/19 01:53 PM
Buyers in Thurston County, WA (which include Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and Yelm) are seeing higher home prices but are enjoying near-historic low interest rates, making homes more affordable now than last year at this time.
The average home price in Thurston County, WA is $371,323, up 4 percent from last year. But because interest rates have plummeted 1 percent from last year, buyers are seeing their dollars go further. 
The average-priced home of $371,323 with the national average 30-year mortgage rate of 3.55% realizes a monthly principal and interest payment of $1,678 (taxes and insurance would increase this number).  Comparing the average home … (2 comments)

thurston county: Open Houses this weekend in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater WA - August 24-25, 2019 - 08/23/19 10:49 AM
Get your slip-on shoes on and head out this weekend to visit open houses in the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater areas in Thurston County, WA!  Click here for the open houses this weekend, August 24-25, 2019.
There are some great choices this weekend from cute little bungalows to homes on acreage to waterfront properties. And be sure to be kind to your open house hosts! Say hi and introduce yourself. I promise you, the real estate agent hosting the open house won't bite!
Have fun and if you see a house you'd like more information on, please contact me this weekend.

thurston county: Thurston County WA where you can find affordable housing - 03/14/19 03:38 PM

The University of Washington Center for Real Estate Research in Seattle, WA publishes reports about the economy and the real estate sector in Washington State. One of their reports is the housing affordability index.

The Index tracks affordability in all Washington counties. We are tracking King (where Seattle is located), Pierce (Tacoma) and Thurston (Olympia) counties and how Thurston County compares to its northern neighbors.
The Index looks at median income and median-priced homes if the buyer was buying a home with a 20% down payment on a 30-year fixed-rate loan.
An index higher than 100 means the market is affordable; below 100 is … (4 comments)

thurston county: 2019 Real Estate Forecast for Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey, WA in Thurston County - 01/16/19 12:38 PM
This year in real estate in the Thurston County, WA area, including the cities of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, are bound to be a very successful year both for sellers and buyers.  Here is the 2018 recap with the 2019 projections.
Record Number of Sellers
A record number of resale homes came to the market throughout 2018.  That gave buyers more choices and it moved the standing inventory of homes (those available at any moment in time) from record low levels.  The increase in both helped nudge our market out of a deep seller’s market and begin a trend back toward balance.
2019 Projection: … (1 comments)

thurston county: The Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater, WA Housing Market Update for December 2018 - 01/13/19 10:36 AM

The Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater, WA Housing Market Update for December 2018
Olympia, WA is the capital city of Washington State and is located in Thurston County with the other major cities of Lacey and Tumwater, WA.
The December 2018 Highlights:
Overall the market in 2018 was very good for Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater WA home buyers and sellers.  Some sellers did see multiple offers on their homes while buyers were very savvy in their negotiations to successfully become homeowners.
Increased inventory means more choices for buyers. Year-to-Date sales are down however December 2018 was still the 3rd highest December ever for closed sales. … (8 comments)

thurston county: Thurston County Realtors Association celebrating volunteering - 12/07/18 12:12 PM
Yesterday was the general meeting for Thurston County REALTORS® in Olympia, WA.  This last meeting of the year is always a fun one.  Not only are the new directors inducted (I'm a new director this year for REALTORS®) and we have a new president, but we also celebrated the volunteering our group does individually and as a whole. 
We were happy to present the Thurston County Food Bank with a check for $6,000.  These funds were raised from our fall golf course event. 
We also had a wreath auction this year where the winning bids went to the charities of the winner's choice.  … (5 comments)

thurston county: Olympia WA real estate market October 2018 - 11/08/18 11:31 AM
The real estate market trend for the Olympia, WA area is starting to level out as we head into the winter months.  
The recently released data shows a modest decline in closed sales (down 3.6%) and pending sales (down 4%) from a year ago, however, both figures made this the second-best October on record.
Combined with fewer closed sales, active inventory inched up a bit to 723 homes for sale in all of Thurston County, WA.  That rise is just 6.5% up from last month yet that rise did not push the market into a balanced market. 
The Thurston County … (1 comments)

thurston county: A better way to donate to local charities in the Olympia, WA area - 10/29/18 11:13 AM
Give where you live this season! 
The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound ( is an organization in Olympia, WA that manages charitable gifts from donors by administering and professionally managing donated funds to make the most of the gifted funds.
Between October 31 to November 20, 2018, the Foundation is running the GIVE LOCAL campaign.  This three-week online giving campaign will support non-profits in Thurston, Mason and Lewis counties in Washington State.  There are over 75 organizations that have been reviewed by the Community Foundation.  And 100% of the funds raised from GIVE LOCAL are passed along to the … (4 comments)

thurston county: Fall 2018 Olympia WA Real Estate Market Update – is the market finally softening? - 10/28/18 01:48 PM
Fall 2018 Olympia WA Real Estate Market Update – is the market finally softening? 
Have you read the headlines that the market is correcting and we are heading towards a downturn?  That might be a little premature but anytime there are fewer closed sales or an increase in inventory, the media is quick to sound the “market correction” alarms.  But in looking at the broader context, the market is still firmly set in a seller’s market despite the media reports.
Here are the facts for the Olympia WA area real estate market.
Closed sales were down 14.9% from September last year. … (3 comments)

thurston county: Tumwater Hill, WA – an overlooked neighborhood for commuters - 10/03/18 08:38 PM
Many residents in Thurston County are outbound commuters and are typically going north to Tacoma, Joint-Base Lewis McChord or even Seattle. Many homebuyers want to be as far north as they can in Thurston County for their commutes but in doing so are missing out on a great neighborhood that may only add 5-10 minutes to their commute: Tumwater Hill.
Tumwater Hill is, of course, located in the city of Tumwater, WA. The hill has many different housing options from new construction to mid-century ramblers. But one of the biggest draws is the location to I-5. From Tumwater Hill, you can be … (1 comments)

thurston county: When you can’t find the right house - 09/13/18 10:45 AM
Looking for a new home can start out to be a fun process but can quickly turn very frustrating in a market where new listings are few and far between.  Here are some tips if you are looking to buy a home but just can’t seem to find the right one.
Revisit why you are moving. 
Usually, a change in job, marital status, family status and/or financial position are the main reasons why people move. From here, buyers develop their list of wants and needs for their next home.  This list may have some things you can compromise on. Then there is … (1 comments)

thurston county: How to find out if a residential oil tank has been decommissioned in Olympia, WA - 09/05/18 05:23 PM
Tips for finding records on decommissioned oil tanks in Olympia, WASome older homes in the Olympia WA area relied on buried and sometimes above-ground oil tanks to fuel their furnaces to heat their homes.  Many of these homes have since been converted to natural gas or electric and the oil tank is now not in use. Oil tanks can last for about 30 years before they start to corrode and potentially start to leak oil into the soil and groundwater. 
Decommissioning a tank involves either digging out the tank and removing it or leaving the tank in place and filling it with material … (0 comments)

thurston county: Olympia WA Real Estate Market Update Summer 2018 - 08/03/18 10:01 AM
What’s Driving this Hot Market?
The South Sound continues to set records in the housing market.  I’m often asked, “what’s next in store?”  (How long will this last?  What is the longer-term impact on our market?)
Forecasting is a tricky business, but we focus on many trends to anticipate things to come. 
One of those is regional home prices. Coming out of the recession, our market’s gains primarily came from a huge rush of pent-up demand from local buyers.  This pool of buyers is still robust.  However, going forward a big impact is coming from in-bound migration of buyers in search … (0 comments)

thurston county: Olympia WA Real Estate Market Update December 2017 - 12/14/17 01:46 PM
Here is the Olympia WA real estate market update for mid-December 2017.
It's been quite a record-breaking year in Olympia and the surrounding areas in Thurston County WA. 
In 2017...
We had more closed sales:
All of 2016 - 4,912 sales
YTD 2017 - 5,212 sales so far with two more weeks left in the year  
The number of new listings is up slightly from last year:
All of 2016 - 5,930 new listings
YTD 2017 - 5,932 new listings so far. The last time we had these many listings added to the market was in 2005 to 2008 BUT the STANDING INVENTORY was higher in those years … (2 comments)

thurston county: Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater WA Real Estate Market Update for Summer 2017 - 09/06/17 03:14 PM
The end of summer is upon us, and the real estate market has been just as hot as the summer weather.
Here is the summer 2017 real estate market update for the Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater areas of Washington.
Click here to watch the 1-minute update:
Supply is LOW, Demand is HIGH, which is driving up SALES PRICES
Supply is VERY LOW with just 1.7 months of supply.  As you can see by this chart, the last time our market was anywhere near this low of supply within the last 17 years was in 2004. This market has been in a Seller's Market for … (0 comments)

thurston county: Olympia WA real estate market update for August 2017 - 08/03/17 03:03 PM
Like our August weather, the Olympia WA real estate market is continuing to be smokin' hot!  
This update is short and sweet, but please contact me for customized information about how your home fits into the market.
Check out my video update here about the real estate market in Olympia WA.
As an Olympia WA seller, here is what to love about this year's real estate market:
Buyers competing for your home - driving up the price
You may have heard that inventory levels are down.  They are but we are also adding new listings at a record pace.  Even with all the new listings … (0 comments)

thurston county: Why all the negativity in such a great real estate market? - 07/10/17 03:28 PM
Why all the negativity in such a great real estate market?
The real estate market for 2017 has been a good year.
After years of short-sales, bank-owned properties, an unstable economy and low buyer confidence, 2017 is a breath of fresh air.  But sometimes, you just can’t make people happy, especially the media.
Last week, The Olympian, our local newspaper headlined an article, “Buying a home in Thurston County continues to be an exercise in frustration.” The first two paragraphs read:
“If you’re a prospective home-buyer looking for a little relief in a market that favors sellers, you didn’t find it in June, according … (5 comments)

thurston county: How these sellers made $60,000 on their Lacey, WA house in just 15 months - 11/08/16 08:08 AM
"How these sellers made $60,000 on their Lacey, WA house in just 15 months" seems like a pretty sensational headline and I usually don't start out my blog posts this way, but this is absolutely true.  Here's how these sellers did it.
My clients purchased this newly-constructed home in July 2014 for $409,950 in Lacey, WA.  Fifteen months later in October 2016, they sold the home in just 7 days for $470,000.
How did these sellers get the most amount of money for the home in the least amount of time, and came out ahead after just buying the home 15 months ago?
Market … (1 comments)

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