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There may be some long over due help for members of the military who are faced with the prospect of short selling their homes. But before we get to the really cool stuff… here is some information you should be aware of. On February 9th 2012, the Department of Justice reached an agreement as part ...
So... today, 3 March 2011, the Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity Subcommittee heard from Spencer Bachus, U.S. Congressman, AL-06 (Twitter Feed @BachusAL06), Judy Biggert, Congresswoman Illinois's 13th district and Subcommittee Chairman (Twitter Feed @JudyBiggert), Mercedes Marquez, ass...
Hi again folks, As you know, Lori & I have taken the NAR SFR Course as well as numerous other Short Sale classes that host non-NAR designations. While we do not post or advertise our other non-NAR designations, many of the training venues provide an abundance of useful and cutting edge informatio...
The latest foreclosure debacle by BofA, GMAC, JPMorgan and PNC will, IMHO, most undoubtedly be joined by Wells Fargo, Citi and even Fannie & Freddie. To that point it is our belief that a meaningful and useful solution to the negative equity in residential real estate is one major component that ...
It curls my hair, and I don't have any hair to curl, when the press spins economic news. Yes, it is true that the GDP reported a growth of 1.7% for the 2nd quarter of 2010 which is in fact on the positive side of "centerline"; however THIS GRAPH, obtain from the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau...
Dear Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators,  For nearly ¼ of a century, my wife and I have been REALTORS®.  We have been with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Phoenix, Arizona well over a decade. We have processed over 130 successful short sale approvals.  A growing part of our short sa...
Ok... so I'm on a rant and boy this one has simply really got my goat! My wife and I have been in this great industry for over two decades. We, like many of those of us who are seasoned professionals, pride ourselves in how we manage our business and how we respond to one another in our professio...
$15,000 Tax Credit For Home Buyers - How Will This Help Correct Depreciation Of Real Estate Values? - AllAboutRealEstate.pro - Things you should know about new amendment to the economic stimulus package. Property values are down across the US. According to recent figures released February 4th 200...
President Obama and Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States Congress, you have the ability to help stop the tsunami of foreclosures if you'll simply urge lien holders to work more aggressively to complete short sale transactions. Short Sales are one of the best and quickest way to turn the tide...
Real Estate Agency Relationship Disclosure is one of the most misunderstood and under-disclosed events between REALTORS and buyers/sellers. This video helps buyers and sellers, understand, WHY they have unique rights in a transaction. If you would like more info about Agency Disclosure Requiremen...

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