lenders: You Sell Like a "GIRL"! - 05/18/09 09:01 AM
Yup, it's Girl Scout Cookie time in our part of the world. [And, yes, my English teacher DID tell me never to start a sentence with the word "Yup."] For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sights, tastes, and overall experience of helping your daughters sell Thin Mints, Samoas, and Do-Si-Do's, you're missing a fundamental and wide-ranging education about the dynamics of sales, selling, and salespeople.
Here are some points I've garnered while helping my daughter, Nicole, age 12, and Troop 429, make their sales numbers. These pointers are hard-earned, field-tested, and as applicable to you and your business … (8 comments)

lenders: Yes . . . Dave Can Read! - 02/15/09 02:12 AM
One of the greatest memories of my childhood is spending time among books and paper.  I've enjoyed books since I can remember.  The best place to spend quality private, family or business time is in the library.
Don't shush me!
Over the last 10 years, however, the Internet has irrevocably changed both access to and obtainment of information.  We have the capacity to take a trip to our nearest wireless device rather than a trip to our local library to get the same information and possibly more. 
We have the equivalent of the volumes of books in a library at … (2 comments)

lenders: A Novel Idea - 01/31/09 04:50 AM
As she rushed through the office, Kacy Dillon, the broker-in-charge stopped briefly by Ian Brechin's desk, gave him the "thumbs-up" sign and said "Great job, Brechin, you did well!"
She then sped off in the direction of her next meeting leaving Ian a little bemused.
He was struggling with this new desk computer and had just crashed it for the third time this morning. Was she being sarcastic or was she referring to the major deal he had just closed with what was to be the company's largest client.
Hopefully the latter!
From time to time you can see examples where … (1 comments)

lenders: Men's Underwear? - 01/27/09 08:04 AM
It's the year 1982 when Calvin Klein underwear burst into the intimate apparel market with a sheer force. It's a big gap of twenty-five years, still the company holding the top slot in the market of intimate apparel.
The design for Calvin Klein underwear is high in demand these days. It's the design of the product that has certainly raised the popularity for Calvin Klein underwear. Men prefer to buy Calvin Klein underwear from the market due to its comfort and good-looking design.
Now how does this tie to the Real Estate Business.
•1.      Innovative design.  Credit the people behind (haha) … (13 comments)

lenders: Swinging a Hammer! - 01/27/09 07:36 AM
Are you a builder or a chaser?
A builder envisions what they want their business to become. The vision eventually becomes a plan based on analysis of personal and competition strengths and weakness, the marketplace, and strategies of ways and means to materialize the vision.
A Opportunity chaser will go to any invitation.  They  under achieve because time is spent looking for and trying out the best deal on the hottest trend instead of building business with strategy focused with personal values, business growth, and the customer base that drives it.
While all these characteristics may be present in any opportunity, … (2 comments)

lenders: P.M.S. Yikes! - 01/22/09 10:27 AM
We appreciate. We criticize. We laugh. We mourn. We are moved by postcards.
Since its introduction up to the present time, postcard is still one of the best medium of communication. We can recall that postcards were used as means for brief communication. It was the best choice then because they are light and inexpensive.
Nowadays, postcards are not only used to express our  hi's and hello's, it is now popularly used as a marketing tool. Whenever there is an upcoming event, a product launching or a new service to be made available postcards can be your reliable ally.
Postcard is … (8 comments)

lenders: Soul Man! - 01/22/09 10:11 AM
Advocate Respectfully
This is one of a series of articles on holding difficult conversations. In earlier posts in Business in the Crawlspace, I suggested ways to open communications that create mutual respect; we talked about the importance of knowing your purpose for the conversation; and we added Inquiry and Curiosity to our conversational toolbox.
Here the topic is Advocacy.
Advocacy is the flip side of Inquiry - the opportunity that you open for yourself to tell your story.  What can you see from your perspective that they've missed?   Can you clarify your position without minimizing theirs?   
For example: "From what … (2 comments)

lenders: 32 Is All You Need to Succeed! - 01/22/09 09:45 AM
We all have ways of testing opportunities that enter our lives.  Some of us just dive right in based on feeling, others walk straight into what they know is right by a gut feeling or intuition.  And if it's not gut feelings or emotions that are the tests of opportunities, it is the logical mind persuading us to ignore those feelings and emotions and test it with our reality of reason.
Most of us do not have a predetermined strategy for testing opportunities, or even more generally to test the actions we take and the choices we make in our lives.

lenders: "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" - 01/22/09 09:33 AM
I've unearthed some surprising bits of wisdom for new Realtors by listening to Johnny Cash lately. I thought I would share some of these tidbits from the Rockabilly legend.
1) Understand Your Man ...er, target market!
That's right. Do you understand your target market? Yes, Realtors should have a target market or segment of the population (niche).   Are you aware of the markets needs, desires and driving ambitions?  Does your website, copy, premiums, marketing, and lingo speak to your target audience? If not, perhaps you should make some changes or you customer will be "as gone as a wild goose in winter" … (2 comments)

lenders: "7" is Craps! - 01/18/09 07:44 AM
Marketing a business can be fun, exciting and creative.   It can also be very frustrating and expensive if one doesn't know what outcome they are looking for or how to evaluate cost effective methods of marketing.
Over the years people have come to know me for my unique ability to develop low cost and no cost strategies to market and promote a business, product or service.
Strategies that have realized incredible returns.
People have also come to know me as someone who is a stickler when it comes to putting systems in place. My marketing successes are a direct result … (7 comments)

lenders: Maverick Mindset - 01/18/09 06:16 AM
Sometimes we can all use a friendly reminder to keep us from backsliding into old ways of thinking about selling that lead us down the wrong path with potential clients.
New Thinking = New Results
Maybe it's time to take a different approach.   Maybe we need to seriously analyze our sales thinking so we can identify why we're not making more sales. Take a look at the table below and think about your current selling mindset. How would your selling behaviors change if you changed your sales thinking?
Traditional Sales Mindset Vs Maverick's Mindset
1.       Always deliver a strong sales pitch. … (0 comments)

lenders: Negotiation Ninja - 01/16/09 12:42 PM
Real Estate negotiating is a skill that like warfare tactics must be honed.  
(Honed is a funny word but right for the context.)
It is important to be mentally prepared to win.  Do the ground work well before your reach the negotiating table and decide on the "path" you are going to take.  
You need to set aside any doubts you may have and stride forward prepared to win at all costs.
The four cornerstones of successful negotiation skills are placing emphasis on common points.
•1.      Presenting clear arguments (price, options, financing, condition, etc)
•2.      Being innovative and open … (5 comments)

lenders: Filthy Stinking Rich! - 01/15/09 08:47 AM
What do the rich and powerful people in business have in common?   They live life with a strategy and exhibit characteristics that not all that different from other not-so-successful businesspeople.  
What's their secret?
They train themselves to keep these characteristics in mind.
One thousand Four Hundred (1400)  people across the world turn into millionaires every day.  Want to become one of them?  Of course you do.   Everyone wants the freedom to do business in the way they choose.   There is so much power in running your own business - and having a business that runs itself, which for many people … (21 comments)

lenders: Put Me In Coach! - 01/14/09 12:52 PM
When you hear the word "coach", what comes first into your mind? Do you picture a basketball team with a man/woman shouting out directions? Or perhaps a football team with a man/woman pacing to and fro and calling out the names of the players?
Coaching is no longer reserved to sports teams; it is now one of the key concepts in leadership and management. Why is coaching popular?  Why are Real Estate teams growing in success?  Why does it work?
The Team Leader (Coach) levels the playing field. 
It is a behavior or role that leaders enforce in the context … (4 comments)

lenders: A Maverick "Nudge" - 01/14/09 12:21 PM
It's a talent that everyone has, yet they think they don't.
This has nothing to do with American Idol!
It's the power of innovation and if you've ever marveled at somebody's creative prowess, guess what, you can create and innovate too.   It just takes time.   Everyone is born creative.   The boxes of crayons in kindergarten were not limited to those who possessed potential.
The truth is, everybody has potential.
You know how long it took to learn to ride a bike or drive or to never commit the same mistake again?  It's the same with innovation.   It takes a bit of practice … (2 comments)

lenders: The RunAround - 01/14/09 11:41 AM
Viral marketing is an integral part of a campaign strategy that is used to achieve objectives.   It is not the objective itself.   If the main objective of an e-mail campaign is branding, in order to achieve greater branding success exposure you craft your message or offer in a way that it encourages pass-along.
Producing a message with a quality offer or an incentive for pass-along is what viral marketing is all about.
Just suggesting that e-mail recipients forward your message to their friends and relatives is not viral marketing.   A message at the bottom of your e-mail that reads "Feel free … (4 comments)

lenders: In Maverick We Trust! - 01/14/09 06:08 AM
Sometimes we focus too much on learning all the great tips, strategies, and techniques for mastering a skill ... while we ignore the "mechanism" that's responsible for putting them into action.
Trust is a combination of the value that others perceive in you, and their willingness to harmonize with and accept your advice to help them succeed.
Trust is people seeking and taking your advice both as a counselor and a confidant.
Someone who trusts you to a point where they call at some critical stage, because they know you are the one who can help them in a way that … (0 comments)

lenders: Re-Read . . . . Twice! - 01/11/09 04:16 AM
The best business management has the foresight to recognize that the business development process (that is, becoming successful in all areas of your business so that you can grow sales) has less to do with online magazines, blogging, Websites, brochure designs, SEO, or any other tools you use when engaged in marketing and advertising. In fact, most of your successes will be derived from avoiding time-wasting mistake early on -- and that's why I write here on Active Rain.
Now back up because we will discuss the use of marketing platorms, sales generation techniques, blogging, websites, etc., to "turn up the … (4 comments)

lenders: Knock Knock - 01/11/09 03:41 AM
Opportunity Knocking
The greatest of all SUCCESS rules is this: Do unto others as you would if you were the othersThe Golden Rule is more than a principle of ethical behavior; it is a dynamic force that can work good in the lives of untold numbers of people.
When you make it a practice to treat others as though you were the others, you spread goodwill among people who, in turn, may be moved to do the same.
By their actions, they influence still more people, who generate goodwill among even more people. This force for goodwill increases exponentially and will … (0 comments)

lenders: Do You Want To Know A Secret? - 01/11/09 03:23 AM
Listen . . . . 
Do you want to know a Secret? . . . . .
Do you promise not to tell . . . . . .
Closer . . . . .
Can I sell you a CD that will tell you the secret? 
Can I sell you the DVD that will open the gate?
Will you subscribe to my Blog or Website to study the secret?
Once I give you the secret will you try and reverse engineer the secret?  Will you look at other sites to see it they have a better secret?  Will you ask … (8 comments)

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