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  Advanced Listing in a High Tech World When looking for a property, 3 out of 4 Canadians and Americans use the internet. That's why today's internet savvy realtor is a tough competitor. How can you keep up with them? The answer is simple: learn to impress your prospects with your own compelling,...
Geographically Specific Home Locations I have always maintained that real estate professionals should focus on niche area of real estate so they can become highly expert in what they do and beat out all the generalists who try to be jack of all trades and master of none.  One of the best ways of ...
Carefully Consider Your Ad Wording You are allowed 25 characters with your ad headline and 135 characters for the ad’s body, so make your ads count.  This is one of the biggest factor’s in attracting qualified prospects to your ad and landing page.  In both headline and body focus on the benefits...
Twitter is a great social networking tool that a lot of real estate agents that have invested the time and energy to find out how to work it are gaining from it. There are also several tools to use to leverage your twitter presence. Our director of social media Atim Ukoh explains what to do on tw...
The biggest reason real estate professionals fail is their lack of trying.  Lack of trying to educate themselves, both professionally and personally.  Lacking of trying ways of investing money in their business.  Lack of trying to create or find a good prospecting system.  Lack of trying to follo...
Happy Friday to all my Active Rain Members. I just wanted to take some time out to help those that are struggling with getting fans to their page. Please stop by and show some support and like their pages. Majority of them are new to Facebook and some just set up fan pages. Hope you all have a g...
With the new changes Facebook has made and is planning to make, It makes me wonder how this would affect the Real Estate Industry. Would potential clients put Real Estate Agents on a different smart list that is not their favorite smart list therefore do not see the updates from these agents on ...
Unsubscribe Compliance - a visible and operable unsubscribe mechanism must be present in all emails - opt-out requests must be honored within 10 days. Content Compliance - The email address you send from must be accurate and not a fake one (spammers often fake the email they’re sending from to a...
Transactions are lost, in most cases, not because of buyers and sellers but because of incompetent and untrained real estate salespeople. Poor presentation skills are the number-one reason for failed transactions. Developing the presentation skills you use when negotiating is paramount to increas...
I found this blog extremely useful. Sometimes these tools are right in front of us and we do not leverage it. Tom highlights some useful sites to get listed to improve your business's visibility online.“I Searched For Your Business Online And I Didn’t Find You!”     It is estimated that over 80% ...

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