real estate business: Is Google Top-Ranking really important? - 10/26/12 03:48 AM
Most real estate professionals don’t really understand what it means to have the top #1 ranking in the normal search results of Google for your farm areas. That’s only because their real estate website has never been on the first page of Google (IE the top 10 search results) or even page 2 or 3 or 10 or 100, and they’ve never known anyone else who has had high Google ranking.
Some have an inkling of what top ranking means because they have managed to get somewhere on pages 1-2 of search results. Having your website as the first search result … (0 comments)

real estate business: How are you staying motivated in Real Estate? - 10/16/12 03:38 AM
Let’s consider a new real estate professional.  If you’ve worked only a few weeks or a few months at your business, you may occasionally question if the business is right for you. As a newcomer, you’ll have ongoing doubts and uncertainties about yourself, your company, your manager/broker, and your future in general. Even if you’ve closed a couple of deals, you still may lack basic motivation to make it all happen for the long run. You may even be looking at working for other brokerages or considering leaving the business altogether.  Only 30% of real estate professionals make it through their … (0 comments)

real estate business: "I am not saying that you need to completely refuse all businesses if they come" - 01/25/12 04:18 AM
This morning I posted on my Facebook fan page about focusing on a niche market. Some of the contributors to this post agreed while some disagreed. This was my last comment on this issue.
I am not saying that you need to completely block off all types of businesses if they come. If you service a farm area and that's your niche and you help a client there and this client wishes to move to another area, it doesn't mean you would not help this client out. When you come into real estate, you are either working buyers or working … (0 comments)

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