real estate content: What information do your real estate prospects want? - 02/24/12 05:29 AM
The information you send your prospect database needs to be laser focused on their particular interests and needs. If you send run-of-the-mill real estate information, you’ll be doing little or nothing to build relationships with these people. But if you send timely, relevant information, you’ll go a long way to building relationships and turning prospects into clients. So here are some compelling things you can send your prospects:
1. Sold And Available Listings In Prospects Areas It’s a valuable service to your listing propsects if you consolidate the many sold and available listings in their area into one spot on your … (18 comments)

real estate content: How to write Real Estate Content for your Website - 02/23/12 11:37 PM
  Use Enticement
When you write sales or marketing material, entice prospects to keep reading to the end by breaking off your writing abruptly.  For instance, on your website’s home page, for any articles linked there have a brief introduction to the article on the home page, or put the article’s first one or two sentences on the home page and break off the writing mid sentence.  This makes prospects more likely to keep reading.  I use enticement on my blog.  On the blog’s home page I include two to three sentences for each article, introducing the topic and why they … (4 comments)

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