real estate social media: Why Should You Use Social Media in Real Estate? - 11/21/11 07:29 AM
Drive Traffic to Your Website
The number of social media websites available; have soared in the last few years and majority of them are free to join. They allow users post text, images, videos and links freely and depending on your following, you could get tons of traffic to your website from just your social media accounts. The popular social network Facebook for example, has over 700 Million Users. Imagine if a quarter of these 700 million people visited your website and lived in your farm area and were interested in buying real estate. This would be great for your business … (5 comments)

real estate social media: Is Social Media a Strategic move or a Trendy one for Real Estate?” - 09/09/11 03:42 AM
This is an article written by Atim Ukoh. She is our Director of Social Media at WebTech Dezine. She discusses some key factors to consider in Social Media. 

“Is Social Media a Strategic move or a Trendy one?”
Reasons why Real Estate Professionals need Social Media Part 1
Social media is not just a tool; it is the way business is done in the 21st century. Years ago, there was no term like e-commerce (electronic commerce) or even m-commerce (mobile commerce). The future of the internet is social and to be successful in the business world, social media … (2 comments)

real estate social media: The Realtor Gospel according to Social Media - 09/02/11 06:50 AM
Social Media has changed the way we interact with the business world and our clients. However, there are some things people take for granted and do anyway and it's hurting your social media campaign
Facebook Do Nots Do not  cut  off  wall  interactions  on  your  fan  page  or  profile   page.  
 Do not  like  your  own  post.
 Do not share  details  about  cows  you  have  milked  on   Farmville.
 Do not use  business  accounts  as  your  personal  account.
 Do not add  everybody  that  sends  you  a  friend  request.   They  may  be  spammers.  
 Do not  share  details  of  who … (2 comments)

real estate social media: Google Plus for Real Estate Agents - 07/18/11 09:35 AM
Google Plus for Real Estate Agents View more presentations from WebTech Dezine … (0 comments)

real estate social media: Real Estate Professionals : Still Skeptical about Google Plus? - 07/13/11 04:07 AM
The buzz of Google plus has been all over the Internet this past few weeks. Many real estate professionals are skeptical about it. This skepticism however does not change the fact that potential customers are joining this social network and this would be a new way to engage them. The Real Estate agents that got a head start with social networks a few years ago are reaping the benefits of their hard work because they have a strong social media presence. This is the chance for Real Estate professionals to get in early and start working hard on their Google plus … (1 comments)

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