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On some other blog posts I have read, people actually are reccomending using google image search or web sites like as a source for images on their blogs. this is BAD advice and can get yourself into REAL TROUBLE! Most of these photos are protected by copyright laws and you can get into...
Search engines are not mystical beings that are moved by the correct sequence of cerimonial rituals. Search engines are simply trying to bring the best results to their users for their searches. If you just use some basic logic as to how a search engine might determine the best results you can ru...
If you're like me, you spend more time on the computer than sleeping. This can be very unhealthy if you don't train yourself to use good ergonomics, here are some tips to help you make sure you'll be blogging until you reach a ripe old age!Sit up straight. If you have one of those office chairs t...
Believe it or not, there is a philosophy and a method behind which fonts should be used depending on the situation.Fonts are divided into two basic categories, Serif and Sanserif.Serifs are the little tails that extend from the ends and various parts of some fonts.  The most commonly used serif f...
This will require all the knowledge covered in my former blog post, How To Update Your Web Site.Creating a fancy HTML email is very similar to creating a web page, but there are a few details that are different to make it work as an email.Step 1Make your email as a web page using your HTML Editin...
I am implementing a new feature into my blogs, The Techy Skill Meter(TM), patent pending,  so don't rip it off.It's purpose is for your amusement, and to help you quickly gage whether you should attempt this tech tip on your own or seek the aid of you high school age child. Bottom line, it save y...
If you have a web site, and you wish to make minor updates to it without subcontracting the work out, here is an easy guide to help you accomplish that.What you need:Your web site's FTP login info. You can get this from your web host, or anyone who works on your web site. An FTP program. There ar...
In all of marketing wether it be the internet, signage or print publications, you need to create a brand and keep it consistent. Make a logo, pick a color, use it everywhere you advertise. This creates brand recognition.What is brand recognition?When someone sees your logo and knows exactly what ...
In my past blog post "What is a Good Link?" we discussed that the best link to your web sites when it comes to SEO is a Natural Link (See cited post for more info on natural links). One individual asked how you can get a natural link, among other methods I mentioned "Link Bait". Link Bait is part...
You may have noticed an increase in your page rank if you don't spend large quantities of money on web advertising, but you do have a fairly decent amount of natural links to your site. This is due to the latest google update which removes the value from paid advertisements when calculating where...


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