professionalism: Its Not My Body You Want - 11/12/10 05:40 PM
When you hire a builder you are not hiring him or her for their body.  Although that would be very flattering if you were, the reality is that builders are sought out for their mind.

You are not paying your builder to make phone calls, you are not paying him to unlock your house so workers can work, you are not paying him to order materials and you sure aren't paying him to hammer boards together. 
Any handy man or executive assistant could do all those tasks.
Now please don't get me wrong, those are all tasks related to a builder's … (2 comments)

professionalism: Cheap Gas? - 06/06/10 02:13 AM
Summer is here and Americans are hitting the highways for family road trips.  This brings to mind a story of an imaginary family on an imaginary road trip and two imaginary gas stations. 
Dad was driving along I-35 towards the beautiful Texas Hill Country (all of Texas is beautiful, however for this story we will focus on just one area).  He noticed his tank was getting low in gas so he pulled off into a town we will call Texasville.  He drove into a brand new Lexon gas station.
The Lexon was new, clean and bustling with activity.  Before filling up, … (0 comments)

professionalism: Don't Play Without Your Quarterback - 05/09/10 09:01 AM
A football team would never go on the field without their quarterback.  Successful game plans and winning teams are led by proven quarterbacks.  A quarterback does not become proven by luck or happenstance.  It takes years of hard work and extra effort to become a leader in the NFL.  This also relates to how important it is to have a proven builder in place early in your building process can expedite your home building experience.
The Best
The best quarterbacks are those who spend hours studying films, reviewing game plans, practicing and tweaking plays so the entire team is ready for … (3 comments)

professionalism: Return The Favor - 02/15/10 02:53 PM
Hidden Efforts
One of the lesser known aspects of this profession is how much time and energy a builder will invest behind the scenes to give a family answers to what are seemingly simple questions.
When you ask a builder a question he can make one of two choices;
1 - Throw out a number. 
Although this may satisfy your desire to know, the odds are it is not a very accurate cost as there are tens of thousands of variables in pricing out a home.  If a builder throws out a low number he risks angering you or wasting your … (1 comments)

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