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Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. I hope you find them as informative to watch as I did to make! All in All we interview a Real Estate Attorney, a Transaction Processor, @ Agents, 2 Tax Preparers, and a Mortgage Broker. You can access more of my videos at Have a Prospero...
Happy Holidays Rain Makers!!! Jonas Kruckeberg, a co worker of mine put this together. I love it and am glad to be a part of it.
I have been with First Priority Financial since February of 2007, when I experienced the credit crisis.  It hit me a little earlier when overnight my primary lender shut down and I had gone from have 5 in the pipe to zero overnight.  My brokerage I was with was never going to make it and I knew ...
High LTV loans have pretty much gone by the wayside unless we are speaking of government lending programs since the big SubPrime/Alt A crash of August 2007. Declining markets and a lack of funding sources have definitely helped slow down the lending markets.   As of October 30thFirst Priority Fin...
As of December 12th 2009 Fannie Mae drops its back end qualifying ratio to 45%.  What does this mean?  Well, a "back end ratio" is the total of all credit card, home and auto loan, student loan, and perhaps any collections divided by your gross income.  Currently I have funded a file in 2009 with...
After attending a recent marketing event discussing 2.0 and blogging I definitely came away with a lot of insight and even better, confidence with my marketing plan over the past two years. You see, I am an independent mortgage consultant in a small town that has basically two other independents....