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FHA is getting tougher! What's The BUZZZ? In an effort to shore up its flailing balance sheet and dwindling capital reserves , the Federal Housing Authority is rolling out sweeping financial changes. FHA borrowers have to look better on paper and be better credit risks. Mortgage insurance premium...
Thanks to Kate McCaffrey and StopWaste’s Grant Chen, Erin McNichol and Misty McKinney.   While on this site you can apply for a home loan, get rate quotes, or find your dream home!  Take a look around and let me know if you need my assistance! Theme Song Courtesy of Matisyahu. 
Interestingly enough, in a recent survey, Thomas Reuters and the University of Michigan indicates that it is sellers who are holding the market at low levels. In the survey results, approximately 75 percent of homeowners who participated in the survey viewed current home buying conditions as favo...
The Feds statement didn't surprise anyone. Since markets don't like surprises, and there were none, things improved. The Feds stated "Economic activity has continued to strengthen and the labor market is stabilizing...Household spending is expanding at a moderate rate but remains constrained by h...