alameda home loan: The Double Dip Recession of Real Estate Proven in Case-Shiller Report Alameda - 06/01/11 06:38 AM
Clearly this article is much longer than usual but the content is important...
Today I am floored.  All the gains of the real estate market we saw from the Bush administration are officially gone. Lately, in The Werdmuller Group's local market, Alameda, with somewhat of an emphasis on Harbor Bay Isle/ Bay Farm Island, I have seen huge losses in equity on properties I thought would appraise with no problem. Also, clients of mine who purchased in 2008, after the whole credit crisis thing had resided...mostly...have lost about 180K on a property they purchased for just under 600K.
I have been … (0 comments)

alameda home loan: What’s the Difference Between a Full 203K and Streamline Mortgage in Alameda, CA? - 05/20/11 07:30 AM
Alameda, CA is a town with many beautiful Victorian and Craftsman style homes. Often an older home will come onto the market that has great potential but could use a little TLC. How can a homebuyer purchase one of these Alameda homes and afford the repairs? A 203K rehabilitation mortgage is just the thing!
Many clients and Realtors we know have questions about this type of loan, for example what is the difference between a 203K Streamline and Full 203k? Well in a nutshell, here are a few key points:
Key points of 203K Mortgages:
•·Not just for repairs
•·Dated homes

alameda home loan: How to Purchase a Home with a VA Loan in Alameda, CA - 04/13/11 07:32 AM
Alameda, Ca., We have seen a lot of military residents in Alameda and a lot of VA financing. How long?  Well here is a brief history of  "NAS Alameda"...
Congress approved $10 Million to develop a Naval Air Station here in 1938. The station commissioned on November 1, 1940, with a minimum of facilities.  It was April 25th 1997 the base saw the closing of NAS Alameda and on September 30th 1996 the Naval Aviation Depot closed.  Naval Air Station (NAS) Alameda had 60 Military tenant commands for a combined military/civilian work force of 18,000 personnel. In 1997 the base closed, … (1 comments)

alameda home loan: How to Purchase a Home One Day After a Short Sale in Alameda, CA - 04/08/11 04:33 AM

alameda home loan: Caught in the Fire Parts 1 and 2 - A look at the Short Sale Epidemic - 12/21/09 06:41 AM
Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. I hope you find them as informative to watch as I did to make! All in All we interview a Real Estate Attorney, a Transaction Processor, @ Agents, 2 Tax Preparers, and a Mortgage Broker. You can access more of my videos at Have a Prosperous Day!!! Part ! Part 2 </object … (0 comments)

alameda home loan: First Priority Financial, Inc., Agrees to Acquire Assets - We are Gaining Ground in the Alameda Home Loan Arena - 12/16/09 08:35 AM

I have been with First Priority Financial since February of 2007, when I experienced the credit crisis.  It hit me a little earlier when overnight my primary lender shut down and I had gone from have 5 in the pipe to zero overnight.  My brokerage I was with was never going to make it and I knew it, so I took a chance and opened my own branch office.  It has been the best move I have ever made.  The company is like me, ethical, cutting edge, and always finding the best solutions for their people in an ever changing … (0 comments)

alameda home loan: LittleFish gains Market Share in the Alameda Home Loan Arena - 12/06/09 02:09 PM
After attending a recent marketing event discussing 2.0 and blogging I definitely came away with a lot of insight and even better, confidence with my marketing plan over the past two years. You see, I am an independent mortgage consultant in a small town that has basically two other independents.  Both have been around for twenty plus years.  I got in the biz in 2001 at the ripe old age of 28. Outside of this we have the big bank officers and in-house lenders with their massive corporate advertising budgets.  I am definitely the little fish and tease with my wife … (0 comments)

alameda home loan: New Home Sales Fall For First Time in Six Months - 10/29/09 06:46 AM
The Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development today released New Home Sales survey data for September 2009.
The survey is primarily based on a sample of houses selected from building permits. Since a "sale" is defined as a deposit taken or sales agreement signed, this can occur prior to a permit being issued. Changes in sales price data reflect changes in the distribution of houses by region, size, etc., as well as changes in the prices of houses with identical characteristics.
The size of the housing market combined with the broad influences it has over the economy make the … (1 comments)