oakland: Bridge, Construction, and Private Money Loans in Oakland 2013 - 05/10/13 05:07 AM

Many investors and home buyers today are in need of creative financing. Investors making all cash offers may be looking to acquire more property but their money is tied up in other properties.  Cash buyers may need short term construction loans that are largely unavailable. Buyers looking to acquire a great bank owned REO foreclosure at a great price due to deferred maintenance can’t get conventional financing, even with 30% down!
We have helped investors, business owners, and buyers do amazing things in 2013 with short term Construction, and Bridge Private Money loans to help investors and home buyers … (0 comments)

oakland: Writing an offer with 203k financing in Oakland Alameda, San Francisco - 05/14/12 05:15 AM

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Oakland Ca., It’s no secret we’ve discussed this before, there are some properties on the market with deferred maintenance right? Well it can be tricky for first time buyers to get into these well priced properties due to financing restrictions. That’s why more and more we are seeing 203K offers when necessary, a loan that actually allows you to finance the construction of the property after the close of escrow. Now the big questions is “How do you write an offer on a 203K property?”
Step 1
Put 203K in the Purchase Contract – Now this … (0 comments)

oakland: Sewer Lateral Repairs and 203k Financing in Oakland and the East Bay Area - 05/04/12 03:32 AM

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Oakland, Ca. As you may know, in many cities, a sewer lateral inspection/repair is a requirement in every real estate purchase transaction. Specifically in Oakland after January 16, 2012 all homes purchased are now required to obtain a certificate of compliance from EBMUD. So what does this mean exactly?
The EPA among other agencies is requiring six East Bay cities and one sewer district to fix old, cracked sewer pipes to ensure they don't allow the infiltration of rainwater which can overwhelm water treatment facilities and pose a threat to public health.
When are property owners required … (0 comments)

oakland: Home Owner Bill Of Rights on Foreclosed Properties in California San Francisco Oakland Alameda - 04/24/12 04:37 AM
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 San Francisco; Ca; A Homeowner Bill of Rights has been introduced to the California State Assembly in the form of seven bills entered Focused on the impacts of foreclosure.
California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris’s office said that the proposed legislation seeks to protect homeowners from unfair banking practices related to foreclosures and provide remedies for communities threatened by blight from foreclosed properties.
Two of the bills would provide local communities with the ability to bring increased penalties against the owners of blighted properties deterioration, faulty planning, inadequate or improper facilities, deleterious land use or the existence … (1 comments)

oakland: Guidelines for Purchasing a 3-4 Unit Property with FHA Financing in Oakland, CA - 01/19/12 07:12 AM

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Are you a first time homebuyer interested in purchasing a 3-4 unit property in Oakland? Good news, with FHA financing you can do just that with a 3.5% down payment! Following are some of the guidelines for qualifying for this financing:
For starters, the property has to be your primary residence- meaning that you must live in one of the units.
Three to four unit self-sufficiency test:
The maximum mortgage for three and four unit properties is limited, so that the ratio of the monthly mortgage payment, divided by the monthly net rental income does not exceed 100 … (0 comments)

oakland: How 203K Financing Can End the Foreclosure/REO Epidemic in Piedmont - 10/18/11 08:54 AM

In San Francisco, Oakland, and Alameda, we are getting more and more requests for 203K Financing which is very exciting. This is the best product in the real estate finance industry hands down! It may not make you the most money, purchase prices can be on the low end. It definitely isn’t the easiest loan out there but there is no such thing as an easy loan anymore . And yes, there is more paperwork in a 203K.
That being said the 203K is the only loan that appreciates months after funding. There are a lot of things put … (0 comments)

oakland: Caught in the Fire - The Short Sale Epidemic - 10/16/09 05:25 AM