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Lots of our politicos talk about jobs, but more, simply, should talk less and do more about it! (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 28, 2011 / Richard Bolen) Amid all of this political debt falderol, here comes a better U.S. jobs report, the best one we've seen here in South Lake Tahoe since las...
Putting Fact into South Lake Tahoe, CA listing agent cliche. (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 24, 2011 / Richard Bolen) How many times has a real estate agent ever said this to a home seller: "if you list  your house to high it will cost you time and money?" The answer is, of course, unknown, ...
Thus starts the process that ends with owning a South Lake Tahoe, CA home (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 22, 2011 / Richard Bolen) A retired teacher got in touch w us two days ago. The school teacher. being the most noble of all professions in our opinion — they are in charge of our childre...
Information is King in The Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 19, 2011 / Richard Bolen) We like it when our local newspaper, The Tahoe Daily Tribune, uses us as a source for their real estate reporting. This is not to say necessarily that we like, or crave, the atten...
The wonder of South Lake Tahoe Weather attracts near and far! (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 14, 2011 / Richard Bolen) We launched this on December 10 last year, and since then, "Heaven on Earth: The Lake Tahoe Weather" has attracted more than 1,000 viewers. We kinda like that. Our goal in p...
Any Consideration for South Lake Tahoe, CA Homeowners is a terrific thing! (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 12, 2011 / Richard Bolen) One of the most fun things for us as a result of writing this blog is the often cool feedback we get from some of our many readers. This came from a reader who...
South Lake Tahoe, CA Housing: Down in demand only slightly, down in value almost 10%. (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 6, 2011 / Richard Bolen) Well, it continues to be good news for South Lake Tahoe, CA home buyers. Home values are a $29,000 better deal in general for home buyers than they we...
(Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 5th, 2011/ Richard Bolen) "Lights on the Lake" is big-time cacophonous South Lake Tahoe Summer Fun! This video is the 4th of July fireworks finale in South Lake Tahoe, CA. An important date, celebrating our Independence, but also commemorating the date of passi...
The $250,000 – $300,000 South Lake Tahoe, CA house is different today than it was. (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 5, 2011 / Richard Bolen) The South Lake Tahoe median sold price is $270,400, which falls in the price range from $250,000 to $300,000. The key characteristics of this price range...
Thoughts about the writing of our Declaration of Independence. (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 4, 2011 / Richard Bolen) (We did this a year before the piece below on John Adams. Where are these great men when we need them again?) He wrote it in 17 days. No electricity, no internet for resear...

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