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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.
I’ve taken three calls in the last three days from Agent Officer users.In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a desktop real estate CRM. The last upgrade was in 2006. They had been using it for many years but operating system upgrades will eventually make it unusable if not already. Frankly, it’s ...
There are many concepts and rules that you should consider when entering data into and using a CRM.The features agents use and the way they use them vary widely, but these four things are suggestions that apply to everyone. These four basic CRM rules are really not optional if you want to make go...
Do you want to keep out of trouble with the spam cops?Here’s a simple definition of Spam. “Unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email.” Pretty darn clear right? Unsolicited. In other words, if you didn’t get permission to send them an email, you can’t send them one. It doesn’t matter if you convi...
The first real estate contact manager was created in 1982 by Howard Sanderson.It was called Howard and Friends and agents loved it. It was the first of dozens of software tools to help real estate agents do a better job of organizing their business. Unfortunately there were a relative few people ...
Just a reminder in case you didn’t get the memo.Drip campaigns alone are not enough! Before email, it cost a small fortune to stay in touch with a large sphere or geographic farm. I used to spend hundreds every month and I know people who spent thousands. Then came email!!! Hallelujah! FREE commu...
This is one of the most common questions I hear.Many CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) solutions have fairly good training materials. Some have great materials. Some have none. But what none of them really excel at, is a tutorial to take you through the basics, in a “Where do I start” forma...
Years ago I affiliated with Real Estate Machine but they have re-invented themselves and have a great new look!Whatever else you’re doing to drip on your peeps, new content is always worth a look. Whether you’re a brand new real estate agent who doesn’t really know where to start or a seasoned ve...
Making the time to learn it!Note the use of the word making as opposed to getting the time. It is so very important to understand that this one point can make all the difference in the world. You can be someone who implements the CRM and reaps the benefits, or someone who eventually simply regret...
 IXACT Contact is excited to announce the first release of the Broker Portal which will allow authorized users at the broker level to do the following: See a searchable list of all accounts created under the brokers partner code See key data points om each account including: Account Status Accoun...
What’s the difference between workflows and activity plans in CRMs? The answer to that question can play a very big part in which CRM you choose. Generally speaking, workflows are much more powerful than Activity Plansand CRMs that have workflows are far and few between. Activity Plans will absol...

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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.