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Building a team is a challenging and dynamic effortIt may be possible to keep everyone long term, but it’s not likely. When you add your first team member it’s not exactly rocket surgery. The question of who is wearing what hats (who is responsible for which role) is pretty straight forward. You ...
Social Media Lead Generation Made EasyIXACT Contact integrates with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That’s great, but it’s just the start. You can post curated, tagged, current, relevant news and magazine content straight into them automatically, on a schedule, all of which is editable. This add-...
Easy answer! Your CRM's Calendar! You use your CRM's calendar exclusively to originate activities and calendar items. Why? Because it’s the only way to build a consistent, cohesive history of your interactions with your contacts and properties. You can view them anywhere you like, but you need to...
My first CRM in 1988 was Real Estate Specialist. It was DOS!It had something called Activity Plans, which are a set of automated reminders to do things such as send an email, make a call, send a letter, etc., You can sell a house and start this plan, and the reminders come up on the day that they...
Where is your business’s information stored? If it takes time to find it, time is money!Before I got a CRM I had a Daytimers, Post-its (lotsa Post-its), envelopes, a desktop calendar blotter, napkins,  a notebook, an address book, etc. That was in the early 90’s! Now it’s even worse! Now you also...
It seems that by and large, nothing significant is accomplished without the pain of stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s no different with CRMs. You currently havemethods and procedures in place and they work for you. You’ve reached a level of efficiency, you know what you’re doing and things...
One of the biggest misconceptions when people consider a CRM is that they think they will be tied to their computer.This may have been the case some years ago but at this point, most real estate CRMs have a mobile version.The mobile versions don't do everything the desktop versions do, but they s...

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