contact manager: CRM – SAAS vs Desktop Installation - 06/11/15 12:23 AM
CRM - SAAS vs Desktop Installation
If you’ve never seen the acronym before, SAAS stands for Software As A System. More commonly people tend to call it Cloud BasCRM SAASed or Web Based. It essentially means that the software and the data are on the CRM’s server instead of your computer. The alternative is installing the software on your computer. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
SAAS  CRMs have their advantages as do desktop applications. The latter though, is fighting a losing battle. Regardless of which one is better, the death of the real estate specific desktop CRM applications is inescapable. They simply can … (2 comments)

contact manager: Congratulations to IXACT Contact! - 08/11/14 12:49 AM
IXACT Contact has been one of the top sellers for a couple years now and with good reason. It's a great overall and very popular CRM. Every CRM has its issues over the years though and in the past they had issues with speed. But that's what this is about. They are a company that listens to feedback and acts on it and are now at least as fast as anyone esle and it's clear to see.
Some months ago I did a time test between it and its primary competitors and they came out a little behind. Their findings kept pointing … (3 comments)

contact manager: Are you sure you can’t do that in your CRM? - 01/20/14 05:47 AM
Maybe this is a plea to CRM users everywhere to make sure you are correct, before you do a disservice to yourself and others.
If you think there is something you cannot do in your CRM, don’t just think you can’t – find out definitively that you can’t. No matter how well you think you know the software, call support. And remember you are not trying to confirm that you are right; you are trying to figure out how to do what you want to do. Ask them how to do something and if they say you can’t that's fine.  But … (0 comments)

contact manager: Do you use the property/transaction section in your CRM? - 12/11/13 06:16 AM
Do you use your CRM for just contact related things, or do you also use the Property/Transaction section? There are many benefits to it so if you don’t already, you should consider using it.
It always amazes me how few people do. And far less use transaction management plans.  Most people think of these types of plans as being comprised of tasks that their office transaction coordinator or attorney, or title company or you name it, does. But what I mean by these plans encompass all of those tasks that they do, but then all the rest of the things you … (2 comments)

contact manager: Is my CRM data safe? Part 2 - 11/13/13 07:43 PM
So because you have a Web based CRM everything is hunky dory and you have no worries with regards to the safety of your data right? For the most part that is absolutely true. As always though, nothing is quite black and white. Generally speaking, Web based CRMs are safer for your data than desktop software installations, primarily because most agents are pretty bad at backing up their software.
I would place the odds of you losing your web based CRM data extremely low. I have spent a minimum of three to five hours with the majority of Real Estate CRM … (0 comments)

contact manager: Before you buy a CRM, consider the following: Part 2 - 10/22/13 06:15 AM
What can a CRM do for you?
If you use a powerful enough CRM, it can become the core of your business allowing you to be far more efficient, effective, creative, and organized than anyone can possibly be without one. No matter how good your paper lists are, or how organized you are, it is literally impossible to be as efficient without a CRM as it is with one. That is a bold statement, but one which can easily be proven with very few examples. Following is only a broad summary of examples. It would be impossible to list everything here..

contact manager: Newsletter - Before you buy a CRM, consider the following: Part One - 10/16/13 01:09 AM
The decision to buy and use a CRM worth using is a little like getting married.
You don’t go into it thinking “I’ll give it a shot and see what happens”. If you’re not committed to it, break it off. You may not get your heart broken but at least you won't waste your time and money. Before you even start looking into buying a CRM, make sure your attitude is that you’re in it for the long haul. Understand that at first it will take longer to do things in your CRM than it did on post-its and notepads. It … (8 comments)

contact manager: Breaking news! WiseAgent adds new mobile interface! - 08/07/13 04:49 AM
Synching has always been the way to view your CRM data on your phone. Unfortunately there tend to be inherent problems with it. Sometimes the synch doesn't work well, especially with calendar items. It also doesn't offer any more than the address book and calendar and on occasion some to-do's. A mobile interface is not a synch.  It is looking at the live database on the CRM's servers so there are no synching issues. This is the way the industry is trending and it's a welcome change. 
Not only does WiseAgent's mobile interface give you more than just contact and calendar (calendar coming very … (1 comments)

contact manager: IXACTContact now officially offers team capability! - 08/03/13 06:25 AM
A great product just keeps getting better. You were always able to use one logon for several people, but you had to share everything including the calendar. That's fine for some small teams but not for others. Now you have a choice. Below are features that have been added.
For a specially negotiated 60 day free trial - click here.
IXACT Contact® – Teams Feature List
Calendar and task list for each team member Visibility to other team member’s calendar and task list (if authorized by team owner) Private appointments and tasks hidden from other team members Ability to create … (0 comments)

contact manager: Best Practices - Adding Contacts to Your CRM - Part Two - 03/24/13 01:21 AM
Just because your CRM’s contact screen has dozens of fields doesn’t mean you need to fill them all. That said, there are certain fields that you should always strive to complete in order to build a core database with actionable information. Rarely will you be able to get all the information at once, but you need to keep working at it until you do. Following are the fields that should be completed as soon as possible, and what you should put in them.
Without going into great detail, not having a name in every field can cause problems when doing searches, … (0 comments)

contact manager: Top Producer - Meet DropBox & Google Drive - 03/07/13 06:38 AM
One by one Top Producer is filling any holes they had left. One glaring such hole has been the lack of the ability to store documents in the CRM. So what they did was teamed up with DropBox and Google Drive to accomplish that. Now there is a box on the contact screen that looks like this:

I've been pushing them to add the capability to store documents in the CRM for years, but the response was always that they had too many users and that it would take too much server space. Since that is no longer an issue, - … (2 comments)

contact manager: WiseAgent hooks up with Contactually - 03/06/13 02:11 AM
Wise Agent is excited to announce our new integration with Contactually – helping you “gain more customers by building a relationship network.” Merge all your connections with friends, followers, and more, then have those contacts automatically sync to your Wise Agent account. The integration will also help you manage the history you have built with your contacts, whether from Facebook or Twitter messages, or emails, everything will be accessible from your Wise Agent “client summary” page.

contact manager: IXACT Contact extends support hours - 03/04/13 10:24 PM
Just a quick note. IXACT Contact has announced that they have extended their support hours. They are now available from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST. This should make the west cost people happy!

contact manager: What do you think of Market Leader? - 01/03/13 04:16 AM
I'm doing some research and I would very much appreciate any feedback positive or negative you have about Market Leader. What do you like most about it? What do like least about it? What would you like to see that it does not have? How do you like the CRM aspect of it? Thanks for your time!

contact manager: Top Producer is Having a Sale for December! - 11/29/12 04:28 AM
Top Producer has been getting better and better and they are one of my top recommendations at this point!
The following are often available only to certain franchises, but this month they are all available to everyone. They are only available if you call me directly as they are not shown on the their site or my store pages. Call me at 215.813.2495 to order or for more information.
Below are the continued specials that will be available company-wide for the month of December 2012:
1.       Complete QR Bundle – (Market Snapshot + TP CRM + Website) - … (1 comments)

contact manager: Choosing Your First CRM, or Considering Moving to a New One? - 11/15/12 03:06 AM
Choosing one –
First and foremost, if you are not committed to making (as opposed to getting) the time to learn, implement, and consistently use it, don’t waste your time and money.
Right now is typically one of the best times to do it in most markets. Some resort markets get busier this time of the year, but most start slowing down next month, so it’s a good time for most.
Do not pick your first CRM based on price, planning to move to a “better” one when you can afford it. Moving from one CRM to another creates two issues:
The learning curve … (0 comments)

contact manager: Adding contacts to your CRM – Some suggestions when adding contacts - 08/09/12 01:00 AM
If you have everything on paper, start entering them according to the ideas suggested below. If you already have them in an electronic format, you have to import them. A common question is if you should clean them up in the old database first, or clean them up in the new one. By cleaning up, we mean getting rid of contacts when we do not know who they are, or filling in a last name on contacts that have none, etc. One difference that may affect that decision is that if you do it in the new one, you are … (7 comments)

contact manager: All Clients adds Gmail Integration - 10/06/11 03:33 AM
You can now bring up a client record and not only see the emails you sent to them from AllClients, but also the emails you sent and received from your outside Gmail account for this client.     It will work with a standard Gmail account as well as a Google Apps Gmail account.   Check it out here:   Also, in case you didn't hear, They have also added powerful Team functionality that will allow you and others to share a database, or have separate databases, assign each other tasks, work deals together and all the info rolls up nicely … (7 comments)

contact manager: The most important thing you need to know about choosing & implementing a CRM - 08/11/11 04:41 AM
It can all be summed up in one word – PATIENCE.
NOTE: When I write, I am opinionated, like to shoot straight and I don’t like mincing words. As a result I tend to be a little blunt. Some people like that and some people don’t. If you don’t, please take my style with a grain of salt. I am much less intense on the phone J
We live in a society that demands instant gratification, no matter what the cost. In this case the cost is making an informed decision.
Everyone seems to think that because they are a … (0 comments)

contact manager: CRM Best Practices - Sources of business - 06/18/10 04:20 AM
A good CRM allows you to record essentially two sets of ways someone who did business with you, found you. One set is that they were a personal referral, made by an individual, such as another agent, or by a non-agent such as someone in your sphere of influence. If they came from one of these two sources, you should record that persons name in the contact's record. A good CRM will give you a specific place to store that information so you can look at someones contact record and clearly see how many people they referred to you, and if that person should be treated especially well if they have bee … (0 comments)

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