crm: Have you checked out Realvolve Real Estate CRM Yet? - 05/24/17 11:17 AM
Hey everybody! Just wanted to put it out again that I have joined as the VP of Customer Success and invite you to check it out if you have not already. I consider it to be the Real Estate CRM that is the most up and coming, and will eventually be one of the top two or three out there if it isn't already. It is already far and away the best for organizing your business using Workflows. Check us out at http:/ Thanks!

crm: WiseAgent - LES is More - 11/04/15 03:55 AM
OK I made up the acronym but it wasn't too difficult. LES - Lead Enhancement System. How often does a lead come in with the only information being an email address? Or maybe you get a name too. But that bare minimum amount of information lead can be a pain. If you're smart, you'll do a search and see if you can find out anything about the person to make it easier to connect.
Not too long ago WiseAgent added the ability to find any social media related data and automatically add it to their contact record. Now they've set it up … (0 comments)

crm: CRM Reviews on YouTube - 11/02/15 05:00 AM
It’s very overdue, but I’m finally getting around to doing CRM reviews on YouTube. I currently have a three part review of Top Producer, and in the next week or so I’ll be reviewing IXACTContact, WiseAgent,Realvolve, Contactually, and Referral Maker.
This particular series of reviews is going to follow along the lines of what I have done on my reviews on my site. To do a thorough review of a CRM and include all of it’s features would make the videos too long. So I’m going to focus on each CRMs Unique or Notable Features. Unique is just that. No one else has that feature. Notable is something that … (2 comments)

crm: 2015 CRM Solutions: Is Simpler Better? - 08/25/15 05:30 AM
I’m honored to have been interviewed in a recent article for RealtorMag Online by Michael Antoniak entitled 2015 CRM Solutions: Is Simpler Better?  Hope you enjoy it.

crm: My Other Blog - 07/23/15 08:49 AM
 By the way - My blog is the first place I post anything and everything. I may not always get to putting it all here. So if you don't want to miss anything, subscribe to my blog by clicking here. Just sayin' :) … (0 comments)

crm: Real Estate Grad School to Host CRM Webinar - 07/23/15 07:52 AM
Rich Levin of Real Estate Grad School will be hosting a webinar where I will be answering questions such as:
Are there different CRM's you recommend for different levels of agents? There is no best CRM. There is only the one that is best you, based on your aptitude, current needs and future goals. What steps can I take to increase my chances of getting a CRM and sticking with it?​ ​Why not get a cheaper CRM with less features in the beginning and move to a better one when I can afford it?​ ​There are a lot of really good CRMs that … (2 comments)

crm: CRM – SAAS vs Desktop Installation - 06/11/15 12:23 AM
CRM - SAAS vs Desktop Installation
If you’ve never seen the acronym before, SAAS stands for Software As A System. More commonly people tend to call it Cloud BasCRM SAASed or Web Based. It essentially means that the software and the data are on the CRM’s server instead of your computer. The alternative is installing the software on your computer. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
SAAS  CRMs have their advantages as do desktop applications. The latter though, is fighting a losing battle. Regardless of which one is better, the death of the real estate specific desktop CRM applications is inescapable. They simply can … (2 comments)

crm: Congratulations to IXACT Contact! - 08/11/14 12:49 AM
IXACT Contact has been one of the top sellers for a couple years now and with good reason. It's a great overall and very popular CRM. Every CRM has its issues over the years though and in the past they had issues with speed. But that's what this is about. They are a company that listens to feedback and acts on it and are now at least as fast as anyone esle and it's clear to see.
Some months ago I did a time test between it and its primary competitors and they came out a little behind. Their findings kept pointing … (3 comments)

crm: IDX versus Auto-population of Leads - 05/14/14 02:29 AM
I decided to write this because I get many calls from agents requiring the CRM they choose to have IDX integration. Another way it is often asked for is they want "web site integration". The vast majority of the time, that’s not what the agent really wants. What they usually want is for the CRM to add new leads automatically, saving them the time of having to key in the information.
IDX (Internet Data Exchange) is the ability for a web site visitor to do an MLS search. There are a variety of features that come after that but that's the … (1 comments)

crm: IXACT Contact adds two huge features! - 04/14/14 04:59 AM
With our new Lead Capture via Email, Realtors can now capture all the leads they receive via email automatically into IXACT Contact. Lead Capture via Email is a simple and versatile method for capturing leads from a wide variety of sources, including existing forms built into one's website and third party lead vendors. In addition, Realtors can set-up their lead capture process to automatically assign new leads to a specific group and auto-responder drip email campaign. They can even have all new leads automatically added to the distribution list for their monthly e-Newsletter. 
This new feature saves agents time and helps them become more … (0 comments)

crm: ABR - REBAC Webinar - Contacts to Contracts in Your CRM - 03/16/14 02:56 AM
ABR - REBAC Webinar - "Contacts to Contracts - Managing Leads in Your CRM"  
REBAC Will host Gary for a webinar about the various features used to add and follow up on leads, along with a comparison of five different CRMs and which features they have. 
If you are an ABR you can register on their site. The event is March 27th, 12:00-1:00 EDT 2014.

crm: Are you sure you can’t do that in your CRM? - 01/20/14 05:47 AM
Maybe this is a plea to CRM users everywhere to make sure you are correct, before you do a disservice to yourself and others.
If you think there is something you cannot do in your CRM, don’t just think you can’t – find out definitively that you can’t. No matter how well you think you know the software, call support. And remember you are not trying to confirm that you are right; you are trying to figure out how to do what you want to do. Ask them how to do something and if they say you can’t that's fine.  But … (0 comments)

crm: What are the sources of your business? - 11/24/13 11:16 PM
Do you know exactly where all of your business comes from, in detail, such that you can use it to identify your strengths and weaknesses and evaluate your advertising spending?  
For the purposes of this article we are talking about non-referral business such as ad calls, sign calls, open house visitors, FSBO’s , Expireds, online leads, affinity groups, etc.
Many agents when asked say they don’t need to track the source because most of their business is from referrals. That’s all well and good except that very few actually have numbers to back that up. Most do not take the … (0 comments)

crm: Is my CRM data safe? Part 2 - 11/13/13 07:43 PM
So because you have a Web based CRM everything is hunky dory and you have no worries with regards to the safety of your data right? For the most part that is absolutely true. As always though, nothing is quite black and white. Generally speaking, Web based CRMs are safer for your data than desktop software installations, primarily because most agents are pretty bad at backing up their software.
I would place the odds of you losing your web based CRM data extremely low. I have spent a minimum of three to five hours with the majority of Real Estate CRM … (0 comments)

crm: Is your CRM data Safe? Part 1 of 2 - 11/06/13 07:14 AM
Part 1 will deal with Desktop CRMs. Part 2 will deal with Web based CRMs.
Let’s be clear on what we’re talking about. Using the words database, backup and export is a little abstract. In more meaningful terms, we are talking about your livelihood. We are talking about your inventory. You’ve spent anywhere from a couple years to several decades creating an inventory of people who have given, or may give you business. Without them, you have to start all over again. You can re-create some of it with many hours of aggravating effort, but you will never replace all of … (0 comments)

crm: Before you buy a CRM, consider the following: Part 2 - 10/22/13 06:15 AM
What can a CRM do for you?
If you use a powerful enough CRM, it can become the core of your business allowing you to be far more efficient, effective, creative, and organized than anyone can possibly be without one. No matter how good your paper lists are, or how organized you are, it is literally impossible to be as efficient without a CRM as it is with one. That is a bold statement, but one which can easily be proven with very few examples. Following is only a broad summary of examples. It would be impossible to list everything here..

crm: Newsletter - Before you buy a CRM, consider the following: Part One - 10/16/13 01:09 AM
The decision to buy and use a CRM worth using is a little like getting married.
You don’t go into it thinking “I’ll give it a shot and see what happens”. If you’re not committed to it, break it off. You may not get your heart broken but at least you won't waste your time and money. Before you even start looking into buying a CRM, make sure your attitude is that you’re in it for the long haul. Understand that at first it will take longer to do things in your CRM than it did on post-its and notepads. It … (8 comments)

crm: CRM and selling your business - 10/08/13 01:35 AM
There are many reasons an agent should have a good CRM, but what is rarely talked about is the role one plays in the sale of your business.
Have you thought about selling your business? Is it in your long term plans? If so, do you have a CRM?
If you don’t, what are you going to sell? A spreadsheet with your  SOI’s basic contact information? Is that good enough for someone contemplating buying your business? It may well be for some, but how much is that worth compared to the alternative?
The whole concept of selling your business takes a … (1 comments)

crm: Top Producer adds "Follow-up Coach" - 08/08/13 08:17 AM
There's a a great trend developing in the CRM industry. They are recognizing that one of our biggest pains is not being good at follow-up. We need someone or something in our face to make sure we get it done, and get it done in an organized and intelligent way.
Contactually may have been the first one to do it by having you separate your contacts in Buckets, which is just another way to say Categories. You would then tell the system how often you wanted to follow up with the people in each Bucket. Contactually is a good CRM if you want something pretty … (5 comments)

crm: Where did all the negative PR come from on Top Producer? - 08/08/13 07:11 AM
First let me say that I am not trying to sell everyone on Top Producer. My whole business model exists to help people find the CRM that is best for their individual needs. I work with buyers. You work with buyers. You don't care which house a buyer picks as long as it is not a terrible mistake for them. I don't care which of the 40+ CRMs I have that you buy from me as long as it is not a terrible mistake.  TP is not for everyone. Also, on some points I am speaking to agents who are full time, … (4 comments)

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