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Author of the Best Selling Book Diamond Farming, Gary D - Re/Max Hall Of Fame - explains the ins and outs of Probate Real Estate, sharing the information from his probate real estate system.



Wow, you learn everyday and what I found out last year (2009) when I completed my first Probate Short Sale was this is another avenue of business in my Probate Real Estate system.  For 23 years years I have had 5 levels of earning opportunity with probate homes... (1)Wholesale purchase then flip ...
My Probate Real Estate business has been very good to me over my 23 years of buying and selling Probates.  As a Probate Agent the niche helped me still earn Six Figures over the last 3+ years when the market tanked.  My Team is Top 50 Rated in Alameda County and Probate Homes is the reason. I'm m...
In my Probate Real Estate System I have been matching estate sellers (heirs) with buyers and mostly under the radar of other agents and investors.  I have been doing this for 23 years and it has been a golden goose for my real estate business.  My GaryDTeam is a top producer, I earn Six figures (...
In my Probate Real Estate Business I make offers for investors (including myself) and end user buyers who are moving in.  I match estates who wish to sell (during the probate process or after) with buyers who are looking to flip, or hold as rentals or move in for their family home.  This has been...
In my Probate Real Estate business of 23 years the life blood has been the weekly probate leads I track form the courthouse.  I average 100 probate estates with real estate in the two counties I search each month.  Think about this, 100 homes, most free and clear that are not listed and at least ...
In my Probate Real Estate business (23 yrs) I have been flipping probates for 23 years and earning great profits. I also have been helping estates obtain high retail when they sell the estate property by avoiding the wholesale buyers (like me) with a specific approach.  This has proved a very luc...
In my Probate Real Estate system, I teach my investors students who are not directly working with me on how to connect with local real estate agents and develop a network which can bring great dividends.  You as a Probate Investor need real estate agents so you can gain the tools they use to help...
I hope you are doing well with your RE biz and I have been blogging weekly on my Probate Real Estate Business and what it has done for me over the last 20+ years.   If you are not adding Probate Agent to your business plan let me give you some food for thought. Less than 3% of Americans earn $100...
Subject: GARY DIGRAZIA SR--SIX FIGURE INCOME PROBATE REAL ESTATE AGENT- NO COST REPORT & SEMINAR (15 MAX) Not REO's, Short Sales or Pre-Foreclosures! Add ($) Six Figure Yearly Earnings to Your Real Estate Business with only 5hrs per week Free Info, Free Seminar but You Must Act!! Become a Probate...
My local market is a little weird right now but Flipping is going on strong.  FHA and VA financing is allowing investors to turn their REO and TS flips fast and the market is fairly strong if priced right.  Many cash investors are out there trying to buy right.  Some to flip but many are holding ...

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