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Author of the Best Selling Book Diamond Farming, Gary D - Re/Max Hall Of Fame - explains the ins and outs of Probate Real Estate, sharing the information from his probate real estate system.



In my Probate Real Estate Business over the last 25 years there has been a transition from sales going to court for sale confirmation to probate sales avoiding the court overbid process by using the I.A.E.A.   In the 80's and 90's about  70-80% of the probates went to court and I had to fight to ...
Ok, I have mentioned this Plan B retirement program I have been involved with for the last 15 months and how each time when I close a Sale my team signs up all the services our buyer will need in their new home, saves them money from what they where paying and also pays me a residual income each ...
Wow, I had so many emails about my last blog on Probate Short Sales I decided to clear up a few questions many had.  So hopefully this helps any of you who read the Blog Post and are interested in Probate Short Sales the DF System way..... 1. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO FINANCIALS ARE NEEDED BY THE LEND...
During my 25 years of working Probate Real Estate as both an Investor (Flipping) and Probate Agent (representing buyers and sellers) most of the estate homes had been paid off (without mortgage).   All through the 90's when I dealt with heirs there was usually a good chunk of equity sitting in th...
Since my probate real estate book came out in 1992 I have been approached many times over the last 20 years on partnering up with others who want to sell my course, or be an affiliate, or sell their products to my students, wanted to purchase my mailing list, pitch a new business to me or you nam...
Greetings, as I have always done in the past, from time to time I will GIVEAWAY some or my Probate Real Estate information to those Agents and Investors who want to start in this fantastic niche.   I have been doing this off and on for the 25 years that I have offered my probate course so take ad...
If you are planning to start working Probate Real Estate as an Agent or Investor it is important you understand the rules and how to use them to your advantage so you can build a machine in production.   California is the State with the most Red Tape and two different ways to probate so it's impo...
I am just about ready to release my "SIX FIGURE PROBATE AGENT" book and we are excited about the response we have been receiving.   This book is JUST for real estate agents who want to increase their yearly production but can't break into the REO or TS world (which I don't like). Last month (May)...
YES! If you are purchasing the home (Calif) through the Court Confirmed Sale process (Old School) then you or the buyer will need a 10% deposit based on you offer price, placed upfront with the title company or estates attorney.  You will then wait 6-8 weeks for your sale to be placed on the cour...
I will be doing a FREE Probate Real Estate Basic Webinar which will show you how we do this business on a weekly basis.  From accessing the court file, where to pull the information needed,  Heir addresses and phone numbers, Heirs property evaluation, how I approach the estate, key wording in off...

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