gary digraizia sr: 5 WAYS GARYD "MR PROBATE" EARNS FROM OFF MARKET PROBATE HOMES - 08/10/19 07:00 PM
This is the link to listen to my recent Webinar where I explain the 5 ways we as Real Estate Agents earn with Off Market Probate Homes.  This is hands and can be Free to you!   Don't spend your hard-earned money on real estate systems especially probates until proven successful.   I have been earning for 30+ years.
1. As a Partner Agent with GaryD Sr  (Includes Retirement program for Life After Sales)
2. As a Network Agent who just wants to add probate homes to their production.
3. Free Foundational Training available in webinar form.  Just ask for it.
4. NEW!  My complete A to … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: 273 REAL ESTATE AGENTS JOINED eXp REALTY THIS WEEK! FIND OUT WHY! - 01/05/18 05:05 PM
Are you sure you shouldn't check out eXp Realty? We are looking for agents who have closed at least 6 transactions over the last 12 Months and want to increase their production, add a Retirement Program plus have Ownership in the Company with every closing! Don't Miss this Opportunity. I have a 7 Min eXp Realty Biz overview I will send you. Plus we just started our 8-week Probate Off Market Home Training (Free)
Yes!  Teams that are doing $100M per year came over to eXp Realty in 2017.    We just met … (0 comments)

Yes you have read right.  My best selling probate real estate course for agents and brokers which I have mentored over 4000 agents and investors on how to Earn with Off Market Probate Homes is going to be offered for Zero Cost to a select group of agents.   This will be my November promotion and a way to Save $ while learning how to add Probate Homes to your Production going into 2018!
My last full year of Probate … (4 comments)

Greetings!  It's been some time from my last blog but many things have been happening plus I took the the first half of 2017 off with my relocation to the Central Valley (Ca) from the SF Bay Area.    The good news is I was still being paid every month from EXP Realty so was able to take the time off without impacting my families lifestyle.
EXP Realty Agents and Brokers (5000+ now) are being paid every month (automatic deposit on the 21st of the month) for helping the Company grow by introducing Agents and Brokers to the best opportunity Bar None … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: OFF MARKET PROBATE HOMES TO BUY, LIST OR SELL! - 10/24/17 08:32 AM
Link To Register If your in San Francisco Bay Area or if you want to steam in.
The Art of Finding OFF Market Probate Properties In The Bay Area - Gary DiGrazia Sr "Mr Probate R/E" Thursday, October 26, 2017 7:00 PM
  Hilton Garden Inn San Mateo 2000 Bridgepointe Circle, San Mateo, CA (map)
Hosted by Raul & Rosy Luna … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: HOW TO FIND OFF MARKET PROBATE HOMES IN YOUR AREA - 10/19/17 10:28 PM
If you are looking for more business then check out probate homes in the probate process not yet up for sale.  In my Bay Area workplace (7 Counties) we have on average 1800 probate cases per year with real estate.  We have perfected a system that gives us constant opportunities so sell probate homes in the process to our investors (Flip or Hold) and to our retail buyers who are sick of the competition within the MLS system.
The Probate R/E niche has provided a Six Figure income for me and for 30 years it has been then cornerstone of my business … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: GARYD "MR PROBATE REAL ESTATE" SPEAKING JULY 27TH IN SAN MATEO, CA - 07/22/17 12:09 PM
REAL ESTATE AGENTS AND INVESTORS!  LEARN ABOUT OFF MARKET PROBATE HOMES!  Thursday, 7pm, in San Mateo.  Link above has more details and signup information. Don't Miss this One!
Gary DiGrazia, Sr. is a 41 year Bay Area Veteran Real Estate Agent/Investor who has been working Probate Real Estate for the last 28 years around the San Francisco Bay.  He is a former ReMax Hall of Fame Agent out of Castro Valley and currently with EXP Realty.  He represents Flips Investors; Landlord Hold Investors and Retail buyers who he sells probate Homes SFR and 2 to 4 Units which are in Probate but not … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: WOULD YOU SPEND 60 MIN TO ADD SIX FIGURES: NO NOT PROBATE R/E - 07/13/17 03:00 PM
      3 Years ago I Left ReMax, Hall of Fame Status, a Six Figure income, and Top of the R/E Brokerage Mountain Branding!   At the age of 64 when I did this do you think it was easy to do?   Do you think at my age I should have been thinking slowing down rather than starting a new venture within the Real Estate Sales world?   Do you think my wife might have asked "WHY?" when things were pretty good after being in the business for almost 40 years?  Yes that is all  True!
     Who in their … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: SEMI RETIRED IN 2017 AND STILL SIX FIGURES - 05/14/17 08:32 AM
     I have semi retired in 2017 and I must say I'm loving it.  I'm spending more time with my wife, my kids and grand children.  I'm coaching Basketball again and riding the Harley more.    I do still work my Real Estate business but now as a Manager just overseeing what I have delegated to some great real estate agents.   I pay out 50% of my income for this convenience of more time but I want to point out because I took the time to set this up,  worked in a niche few agents do and many are … (1 comments)

gary digraizia sr: 2017 STILL JUST LISTING AND SELLING! DON'T MISS THIS AGENT/BROKER OPP - 04/20/17 10:48 PM
I'm excited to pass on this information, I'm looking for agents who want to have their hard work now in selling and listing real estate finance their retirement in 5 to 10 years!   Do you qualify?  Ask me. 
Agents/Brokers, here is some info on eXp Realty, call me when you have some time to chat about this. Zuckerberg invited 5 people to his dorm and only 2 showed up...both billionaires today
Agents and Brokers are leaving their offices and brokers, brokers are taking their compete teams and shutting down the Money Pit, Time Management, Compliance and Liability for EXP Realty.  You should … (1 comments)

gary digraizia sr: My New Probate System Will Corner the Probate Real Estate Market - 04/13/17 09:05 PM
So 2017 started off slow for me.  I closed several probate deals originated in Dec 2016 but became sick and out for Jan and Feb.  Nothing major but kept me home and resting for almost 2.5 months.   I have just started working again but as I believe every downturn brings something good.  This time my downtime and lack of new business brought me a new partnership in probate which I believe is going to corner the market for my team with probate real estate.
I'm not divulging this new system but we start implementing it tomorrow (Fri) and will track the … (1 comments)

gary digraizia sr: 7 Pendings (Probates/Trust) Going Into 2017 - 12/29/16 09:34 AM
Happy New Year!  Just want to spread the word what Probate/Trust Real Estate does for my business. We are rolling in 2017 with 7 Probate/Trust Pendings from the work we did in Nov/Dec this year.  If you haven't considered adding probate/trust Off Market Homes to your Real Estate you might do so.   This Niche keeps me in Grand Master Status with my local MLS Board,  TAN (Top Agent Network) Qualified (Top 20% of Agents SF Bay Area) and Multi Six Figure Earnings.  Maybe it's time to look into this for your biz.
GaryD Probate Team Pendings all Closing over the next 30 days. … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: ROLLING INTO 2017 WITH $2.50M 2016 PROBATE/TRUST LISTINGS AND PENDINGS - 12/26/16 09:29 AM
Happy Xmas to all and I really hope yours was as Great as ours.  The difference is this.  Have you been working Nov/Dec to set up your Jan 2017.  I have always worked hard during the last two months of the year so I would roll into the new year with biz closing in Jan.   when I use to take off most of the last two months of the year I would start over in Jan and not be closing until late Feb and March so 1/4 of the year gone by.  And I still found time off or a … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: FOLLOW UP WITH OLD PROBATE LEADS (4-5 MONTHS) FOR MORE DEALS - 12/01/16 01:17 PM
      With my probate real estate system we have 150 new probate and trust cases with real estate come across our desk each month (1800 yr).  This breaks down to about 35 per week (new) and we have a week to work on them before the next 35 are released.  Good follow up skills and being organized is key in maximizing your Probate Real Estate success.  This program alone will amount to about $15M in production over an above anything else I may be doing real estate wise for me in 2016.  Also 90% of this production was Off Market. … (2 comments)

gary digraizia sr: IS YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS FINANCING YOUR FUTURE? - 11/28/16 11:20 AM
     As we close out 2016 I wanted to first offer my gratitude for finding my niche 30 years ago which has made quite a difference to my family and I with a great life style and less hectic work schedule than I experienced my first 13 years of real estate doing the regular things a real estate agent does to be a top producer or even survive in the business.   
    As you know by now my niche is Probate Real Estate but this blog today is to share with all agents and brokers what I found in … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: THE PROOF IS IN THE MATH! GROSS COMMISSIONS OR NET PROFIT? - 09/26/16 03:22 AM
I had a Agent email me after I wrote an article on how great the EXP Realty program was and is the reason I left ReMax and Hall of Fame Agent Status.   This agent mentioned what I failed to understand was he was receiving FREE MONEY to work at his company (Profit Share).   I will agree I know this business model well as many of my friends have worked there but most left because profit share was based on NET PROFIT after all the office expenses where paid.    If you have $10000 profit and $6000 in expenses then … (0 comments)

Being in the Real Estate Business 42 years I was always under the understanding real estate agents earned from either selling or listing properties only at their brokerage.  Unless you owned the brokerage or a piece there was no other income stream.   I owed a brokerage (1979 to 1982) and one of the worst recessions hit and it was a wipe out.  13 agents left the office with 6 months and we were stuck with an office brick n motar and staff expenses and swimming for our lives.   After this was over and I took big hits financially in … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: 16 UNITS AND A HOUSE BECAUSE I WORK PROBATE HOMES - 07/25/16 02:24 AM
     One of my Probate Prospecting tools is to cultivate Attorneys who do Probate and Trusts and develop a relationship with them for referrals.    That is the short version lol.   I do this different from how most agents establish referrals.   This may help those of you looking to add the Probate Home Niche to your real estate agent business.
     We receive 150 new probate cases with real estate each month from the 7 Counties we work around the Bay Area.  We reach out to every Personal Rep (PR) and start developing a relationship based on our knowledge … (3 comments)

gary digraizia sr: LUNCH WITH GARYD "MR PROBATE" LEARN KUNVERSION CRM - 04/09/16 08:18 AM
     We are holding our Agent only Luncheon April 21st in San Leandro from 11am to 1pm so agents can learn how KUNVERSION CRM the #1 Lead Generator going can provide them up to 10 buyer and seller leads per day and at only a cost of under $50 per month with no Upfront costs.   This system can double even triple your listings and sales.     You need to attend live or stream this event.  
(1) KUNVERSION CRM:  10 buyer and seller lead pers day!
How agents can have the Hottest Lead Generator going for less than $50 per … (0 comments)

gary digraizia sr: PROBATE ESTATE ATTORNEYS= ROADBLOCK - 02/07/16 03:09 AM
     This is a topic which can really be a roadblock in your probate real estate business success. For the most part over the last 28 years of my probate real estate business I have come across all kinds of estate attorneys, most a positive experience but many a negative.   For whatever reason these attorneys feel they are there to handle the real estate for the estate not just the probate procedure.   Even at the cost of more money some of these attorneys will want their agent to have the listing.   It is my opinion they are looking after … (0 comments)

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