probate home flipping: 5 WAYS GARYD "MR PROBATE" EARNS FROM OFF MARKET PROBATE HOMES - 08/10/19 07:00 PM
This is the link to listen to my recent Webinar where I explain the 5 ways we as Real Estate Agents earn with Off Market Probate Homes.  This is hands and can be Free to you!   Don't spend your hard-earned money on real estate systems especially probates until proven successful.   I have been earning for 30+ years.
1. As a Partner Agent with GaryD Sr  (Includes Retirement program for Life After Sales)
2. As a Network Agent who just wants to add probate homes to their production.
3. Free Foundational Training available in webinar form.  Just ask for it.
4. NEW!  My complete A to … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: ROLLING INTO 2017 WITH $2.50M 2016 PROBATE/TRUST LISTINGS AND PENDINGS - 12/26/16 09:29 AM
Happy Xmas to all and I really hope yours was as Great as ours.  The difference is this.  Have you been working Nov/Dec to set up your Jan 2017.  I have always worked hard during the last two months of the year so I would roll into the new year with biz closing in Jan.   when I use to take off most of the last two months of the year I would start over in Jan and not be closing until late Feb and March so 1/4 of the year gone by.  And I still found time off or a … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: CLOSING A PROBATE HOME SALE IN 15 DAYS OR LESS - 09/30/16 07:12 AM
In California which is one of the strictest States to Buy or Sell a Probate home there are two ways to process.   The Old School Court Confirmation way which we try to stay away from takes on average a month to petition for the sale, another two months to have the court place this sale on the court calendar then once confirmed the buyer has no contingencies.  A very tough place to work as either an agent or an investor.
The other probate process is the  which allows us to buy or sell the probate homes without all the probate court red … (0 comments)

Greetings Active Rain Agents and Investors.  I have my new booklet on the 5 Ways We Earn Commissions form Probate Real Estate available.  Just click on the link above and check it out.   This has been a goldmine for me for almost 30 years and has enabled me to:.....
1. Add Six Figures to my yearly commissions
2. Have 150+ New Probate Home Leads every Month
3. Work off of the MLS Under the Radar of Competition
4. Work only with motivated Sellers
5. Earn minimum 4% to 6% Commission
6. Be an approved TAN (Top Agent Network) Member (Only 10% qualify for)
7. Be a Grand … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: PROBATE REAL ESTATE ONE ON ONE TRAINING 2016 UPDATE - 01/28/16 12:39 AM
We are completing our first month (4 sessions) of my new Probate Real Estate Training for Agents and Investors and it has been a wonderful experience for my students and myself.   We have taken 12 hours of personal mentor-ship, dialed in for the students game plan and market with probate homes all directed personally for them.   One On One with me to jump start their probate real estate business for 2016.  This was the kick off for those with the desire and confidence to invest in themselves for a Six Figure opportunity.
My next Sessions will be fined tuned again, streamlined … (0 comments)

     One of my strategies with probate real estate to increase my yearly production is to sell a probate home I know is coming to the market but with another agent.   This really makes sense since in my dealings with the Personal Rep (PR) I find out they are going to sell BUT they have a family friend agent, or another agent recommended by the estate attorney so I'm not going to be able to double end the deal and will have to wait till it's listed on the MLS (Competition).  This isn't good if I want the best chance … (2 comments)

As mentioned I am finally starting a One On One Personal Mentor-ship 3 Month probate training for agents and investors who want to learn how to Generate Six Figures representing Flippers, Landlord (hold), and Retail Buyers for Probate Homes which need to be sold during the Probate Process (ave 7 months) or after Final Distribution (Probate Complete).
For 28 Years I have been a Top Producer and all due to having the Probate Home niche within my business plan and today in 2015 90% of my income is from buying, selling and listing probate homes. 2015 was another banner probate home year with … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: MY LATEST PROBATE CLOSING...AGENTS NEED TO KNOW THIS - 11/26/15 12:42 AM
     We just closed a probate home Monday which was another fantastic situation where I was able to really help an Administrator who had much more need then just selling her brothers home.  I had some shady real estate agents do some crazy things to try to grab this business but as usual knowing the Probate Procedure prevailed for me and I just closed earning a $24,500 Fee and also a $2600 Loan Referral from a $425K sale.    
     We first came into contact with the Estate by researching the file the week the Estate Attorney opened the … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: $1.6 MILLION DOLLAR PROBATE HOME DOUBLE END SALE! - 10/27/15 03:16 AM
I want to stress how great a niche working Probate Real Estate is.   After 4 months of back an forth communication between the Executor, Estate Attorney and myself we are finally ratifying our Investors Purchase of a Home in Cupertino which has a $2.5 Million Dollar upside.    This requires my investor to tear down and rebuild so he is basically buying a lot and will be into the the new building around $2.2M and will have a $2.5M resale and probably a $200K plus profit!   My fee on this property is $80,000 (5%) and a Double End Sale which … (2 comments)

probate home flipping: THE #1 REASON FOR PROBATE REAL ESTATE SUCCESS - 10/17/15 02:22 AM
     Every once in awhile I like to clear the air on what I do and to make sure agents an investors looking at probate real estate understand this is not about only buying low it's about SERVICE!   Yes, we do 4+ Flips a year on Estate homes but this isn't our focus for every estate home.   If you place buying low and selling high as your primary reason to work probate homes then you most likely will have a short career or none at all.  You can still find flips, you can wholesale and you can even … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: EXPLAINING PROBATE REAL ESTATE AND WHAT I DO - 08/07/15 01:51 AM
Most know my business for the last 25+ years has been Probate Real Estate. I receive questions all the time about what I do and what is the Probate Process over view so I decided to touch on these in a series of blogs.  This is the first Topic
I track (my team) every probate home that establishes a file at the local County Superior Court and check to see if there is real estate.  If so I complete a form we developed called the Probate Tracking Sheet (PTS) which has all pertinent information about the estate.  Decease name, … (2 comments)

probate home flipping: NEW GARYD PARTNER AGENT EARNS $68K ON HER FIRST TWO ESCROWS - 07/21/15 11:14 PM
I'm really excited about one of my new partner agents who is taking the probate real estate niche by storm.     J.M has only been with me for about 3 months but I want to address what this probate niche can do for anyone who will take the time and make the effort to do something different than the traditional way of working as a real estate agent.  Compare to what you are doing today!
J.M contacted me from San Diego, Ca with interest in learning probate.  She was planning to move back to the Bay Area (San Francisco) and dive … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: GARYD "MR PROBATE" REAL ESTATE JUMP START WEBINAR - 04/21/15 04:15 AM
Tonight (4/21) I will hold my monthly JUMP START Webinar for all DF Probate Students.  This Webinar is for brand new agents & investors or veterans who want to refresh the df system.   This is for students who have received all the material (electronically) and want to know what to do next.  This is really helpful and we do this monthly.  It is so much more important to have a steady educational system then just buying a book and going it alone and is the reason I started doing this Webinars.

probate home flipping: Will The Diamond Farming Probate Real Estate System work Nationwide - 04/07/15 03:12 AM
Click on this link for my short youtube video on how the DF Probate Real Estate can work outside of California and how we approach this.  Over 4000 students now have taken the DF system training in just about every State in the Country plus in Canada, the UK and France.  
I'm also looking to network. If you want to have a 15 min phone conversation to see if this system would work for you in your area give me a call.  510-278-2017 GD

probate home flipping: 10% Deposit When buying a Probate?? Nope, not if you know what I know - 08/29/14 09:26 AM
I have had many buyers (VA or FHA) in the past not be able to purchase a Probate Home because the old law (which is still around) requires a 10% deposit with the offer.  Think about it.  VA and FHA buyers make up probably 60% of the market in most areas.  VA buyers are placing 0% down and FHA 3.5%.  They have closing on average at the medium sales price in my area of $8000 to $10000 and barely have enough to cover.  So here is the crazy part.
If they are buying a $300K house which is a starter … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: YES! You Can ADD 2-4 Escrows Per Month...Read On - 08/27/14 07:43 AM
Ok, let's talk about 2014 so far and my production with Probate and Trusts Homes.  
Yes! I'm working but it is sure a great feeling to work where 97% of my conpetition don't.
Plus - most who are trying to work probates, don't have a clue how to close one!
So what happens is avoid this niche (big mistake) within a few months and chalk it up as "To Difficult, To Much Red Tape".  
This is why I have been working Probate Homes for over 25 years AND CRUSHING IT. Even today with more agents and investors jumping on … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: What Is "The Independent Administration of Estates Act" & How you can profit from it. - 01/21/14 03:04 AM
"THE I.A.E.A" How It Changes the World of Probate Real Estate... 
     What the IAEA does in regard to our interest (probate real estate investing and sales) is allow the executor of the estate to sell the property with limited court supervision and approving the sale.  This is so powerful for us Probate Agents!  The executor can file with the court through their attorney a request for authorization to administer the estate under the IAEA.  The Executor receives a document called the Letters of Testamentary (very important for title).  These letters authorize the title company to allow the executor, who is not … (0 comments)

probate home flipping: Early Bird Registration Begins for September Probate Training - 08/16/13 07:02 AM

For More Information On Gary DiGrazia Sr and The Diamond Farming Probate Real Estate System CLICK HERE

probate home flipping: Does Your Real Estate Business Pay You Residually? - 08/14/13 06:00 AM


probate home flipping: UNDERSTANDING PROBATES IN CALIFORNIA - 08/07/13 11:01 AM
In dealing with probate real estate in California over the last 25 years, I often have questions from my DF Probate students on how the California Probate process is different from any other State.
First, California has probably the strictest probate procedure to buy a piece of real estate out of than any other State in the Country. What I teach my out of California students is to first learn the California process my Diamond Farming Probate Investing system is based on, then once you know the procedures, it will be an easy task comparing your State’s probate process to California’s. … (1 comments)

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