real estate agent mentoring: GARY DIGRAZIA SR "MR. PROBATE" NEW YORK MEETUP SEPT 19TH - 08/20/19 11:22 AM
Greetings, if you are a Real Estate Agent or Broker in New York,  I will be speaking at a Lunch N Learn, Thursday, Sept 19th from 12 Noon to 1 pm.   FREE EVENT.   Come and learn how to add Off Market Probate Homes to your Production and also how to Build Agent Wealth for Life After Sales!       
* 11:30 am Lunch Meet N Greet
*12 Noon:  Presentation
* 1pm:  FAQ
This event is only for Real Estate Agents and you must be registered for entry.   The link above gives full details.
* PROBATE … (0 comments)

real estate agent mentoring: 5 WAYS GARYD "MR PROBATE" EARNS FROM OFF MARKET PROBATE HOMES - 08/10/19 07:00 PM
This is the link to listen to my recent Webinar where I explain the 5 ways we as Real Estate Agents earn with Off Market Probate Homes.  This is hands and can be Free to you!   Don't spend your hard-earned money on real estate systems especially probates until proven successful.   I have been earning for 30+ years.
1. As a Partner Agent with GaryD Sr  (Includes Retirement program for Life After Sales)
2. As a Network Agent who just wants to add probate homes to their production.
3. Free Foundational Training available in webinar form.  Just ask for it.
4. NEW!  My complete A to … (0 comments)

real estate agent mentoring: GARYD'S UPDATE ON PROBATES, VAHOP AND CAPITAL GAINS - 07/30/19 10:02 AM
Greetings to our Active Rain Community.  It has been some time since I last posted an article on my Niche so I wanted to update those who follow me and hopefully open the eyes of new lookers.   I'm all about the Real Estate Agent and Growing Wealth with your business NOT just selling for 20/30/30 years, living a good life then retiring on less.   Many of you have joined us and are now reaping the benefits of working Off Market Probate Homes and we are excited to have you with us Nationwide either as an eXp Realty Agent with us or … (0 comments)

Greetings!  First I'm very excited to share my Probate Real Estate Training is now Free to Agents who would like to learn this niche and add Off Market Probate Homes to their current business.
Great question!  The reason is because of my coming over to eXp Realty in 2014 I have built a Monthly Income from helping agents build Family Generational Wealth which can set up their retirement PLUS how to use their real estate business to own company stock (EXPI) in the 11th Largest Real Estate Company in the Nation (eXp Realty).  So today … (0 comments)

real estate agent mentoring: WOULD YOU SPEND 60 MIN TO ADD SIX FIGURES: NO NOT PROBATE R/E - 07/13/17 03:00 PM
      3 Years ago I Left ReMax, Hall of Fame Status, a Six Figure income, and Top of the R/E Brokerage Mountain Branding!   At the age of 64 when I did this do you think it was easy to do?   Do you think at my age I should have been thinking slowing down rather than starting a new venture within the Real Estate Sales world?   Do you think my wife might have asked "WHY?" when things were pretty good after being in the business for almost 40 years?  Yes that is all  True!
     Who in their … (0 comments)

real estate agent mentoring: REAL ESTATE AGENT/BROKER PARTNERS WANTED: USA - 06/03/17 08:44 AM
     Greetings! Well half a year already gone in 2017!  I can't believe how fast time goes these days.  It feels like yesterday I was in my late 30's just starting my probate real estate business and now in a blink I'm late 60's.   I have semi retired and now slowing down some working just 3 days per week on my probate business since I established a partner network of agents who work with me in different Counties around the San Francisco Bay Area.   I have learned to delegate and it's been an adjustment as I am use … (2 comments)

real estate agent mentoring: ARE YOU AN AGENT OR BROKER WHO NEEDS MORE PRODUCTION! - 03/19/17 11:06 AM
I'm looking for Agents and Brokers who want to take their real estate business to over Six Figures, and build a Real Estate Business which can Finance their Retirement when it's all over!   This is not just for over 50+ agents but for any agent/broker who after receiving the facts can make a educated decision about where they are with their current production and brokerage.   You owe it to yourself and family to receive all you can with your RE Business and I have found the Mother Lode with EXP Realty.
I have heard all the Excuses.  Here are some of … (1 comments)

real estate agent mentoring: MY REAL ESTATE AGENT RETIREMENT PLAN SHARED - 01/28/17 02:02 PM
     Well, I'm in my 43rd year of real estate sales and just had my biggest year in 2016.  I have been a long time Six Figure Earner but 2016 was about $100K over my best year to date.  This is Net Earnings not gross sales and my Gross Production hit $20M+.   I'm not going into How as most of you who follow my blogs know I only do Probate and Trust Homes, Off Market with a few double end sales and listing mixed in but again … (3 comments)

real estate agent mentoring: GARYD LOOKING FOR AGT/BROKER PARTNERS USA! - 01/08/17 09:28 AM
REAL ESTATE AGENTS/BROKERS We are looking for Doers who closed a min. of 6 Transactions in 2016 and would like to Learn About the #1 Opportunity in Real Estate Today. *EXP Realty Started 2009, now in 43 States, Canada & Expanding*2400+ Agts/Brokers today growing at over 100 per month*80/20 Splits to $80K Gross Commissions $50 Per month*100% Com Program $315 Mo. *Free KUNVERSION CLIENT CRM ($499 mo Value)*"MAKING IT RAIN" 5 TO 10 Exclusive Buyer Leads Per Month*E&O $40 Per Closing $500 Yr Cap *14 Hours Per Week Live Agt Production Training Available*Mentor-ship Program with Top Producing Agent *Company Transaction Coordinator $250 Per … (3 comments)

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Over 25 years of successful probate real estate experience, a mastered proven system and coaching to share with the real estate community. Today you could learn something that makes you 6 figures of income. Gary D has the information for Probate Real Estate, Agents/Investors, I would take advantage of training like this. It's rare and only few have truly mastered the probate niche. Get what you need right now while Gary is sharing all the information with the community.




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