realtors: Get Face-to-Face with Your Peers - 03/19/13 01:22 AM
In our online world it’s so easy to forget the value of face-to-face interaction with other Realtors.
Being a Realtor is about being part of a larger group of fellow professionals.  Realtors work together to sell homes and it’s this form of cooperation that makes us unique.  Other professional's don’t have that day-to-day interaction with their peers as we do.  Buyers and sellers may be our clients and customers, but in order to do our job, we must work one on one with other Realtors.
In Real Estate, familiarity breeds success.  It is so much easier to do a deal with … (0 comments)

realtors: Buyers have two major tools when finding a home - 02/06/13 10:09 PM
Buyers have two major tools when finding a home – Realtors and the Internet.  The National Association of Realtors 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers shows that 90% of all home buyers use the Internet in their home search and 87% use a Realtor.
If you are looking to sell, find a Realtor who understands Internet Marketing.  Marketing on the Internet requires the use of pictures – lots of pictures. It also requires some basic steps by both the Realtor and the home owner. 
Before taking pictures a home must be “market ready.” Clean the … (0 comments)

realtors: master the obvious - 10/26/07 01:17 PM
Whether it's from hard work, luck or your Great Aunt Edna - you have gotten a listing.  Congratulations!
Please do some basic things.  Fill out all the fields completely in MLS.  Upload as many pictures as you can of the house.  Do a nice fact sheet on the house.  Return calls from agents and the public. Do feedback on all showings and share that with your clients.  Update your clients weekly on new listings in the area, price changes on competing listings, and on pended listings.  If your listing is not selling after a few weeks, seek price reductions and ask your clients to … (7 comments)

realtors: big a big fish in a small pond - 10/25/07 10:51 AM
Low on cash?
Have very few prospects?
Feeling really low?
Don't let fear paralyze your business.  I'm going to give you a simple, inexpensive marketing plan.  It's going to mean that you actually have to get out and work - so be prepared.
Step 1:  Choose a 100-home farm area.  Make sure the price range is between $125,000-200,000. Find an area with the highest rated schools.  Run a CMA and get familiar with home sales over the past three to four years. 
Step 2: Create a one-page flyer.  You can use the templates for newsletters in Microsoft Word.  On one section you will list sales in the area … (4 comments)

realtors: helpful guidelines for marketing - 10/25/07 04:58 AM
Here is a helpful matrix I give my agents regarding marketing.  This shows the per piece price of marketing materials and how much it actually costs to market based on increasing sizes of market areas. 
Money is tight for new agents (all agents) so using marketing money wisely is very important. I suggest agents buy all their marketing material up front and have a plan to send out a marketing piece every two to three weeks.  They probably want to buy enough materials for ten mailings/distributions. 
This plan allocated .26 cents for direct mail.  We have a direct mail center in house … (2 comments)

realtors: The key to direct mail is to start small and stick with it! - 10/24/07 07:31 AM
If you plan on making direct mail a part of your Real Estate marketing plan  -  start small.
Realtors new to direct mail often take on too large a market area only to find they lack the funds and time to keep up with their program.  The end result is that after a couple mailings the agent does not see results and gives up.  The only guarantee with direct mail is that if you don't do it - it won't work!
If you want to use direct mail a better plan would be to start with a small neighborhood of maybe no more … (13 comments)

realtors: Here are some things not to do that will increase your business - 10/15/07 02:04 AM
One of my last blogs was about name tags and car magnets - all great things to increase your visibility as a Realtor.  However, I omitted some important common sense items:
If you are going to wear a name tag then please don't:
Be rude to people - they definitely won't call you.  If you really must be rude please don't let them know you are a Realtor - our industry has enough image problems.Talk on the phone while being served by a cashier/waiter (it's rude whether you are wearing a name tag or not.  And by the way, these folks buy homes too)Let doors shut … (10 comments)

realtors: So What's a CLUE Report - 10/10/07 03:30 AM
If you are a homeowner you might want to be aware that filing an insurance claim for damage to your home could one day impact your ability to sell your property. 
Insurance claims on homes now may be submitted to a 10-year old database called the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange Property Database (CLUE).  Information on past claims is available for insurers who are looking to write policy on homes. Information on a CLUE Report might give an insurer reason to not issue a policy on a home or to insure it at a higher rate.
Imagine your home suffers water damage from … (5 comments)

realtors: start planning your spring move now - 10/09/07 04:44 AM
 If you watched all your friends and neighbors move this past year and you have vowed that next year will be your time to move - start your preparations now.
Too many homeowners wait until the last minute to get their home market ready and are often overwhelmed with all that needs to be done.  Consequently, they either postpone a move they really want or sell their home for less because it needed some work.
Start your preparations by taking a good long look at your home.  Call your Realtor and have him or her make recommendations on how to enhance the sale … (0 comments)

realtors: Look for a good investment not a deal - 10/08/07 03:49 AM
Everyone wants a deal in real estate or as it's been called - "the price of a lifetime."  Many home lookers won't even make an offer unless it is tens of thousands under the asking price.
My advice to this type of buyer is look at the house and its potential long-term resale.
You never know how good of a deal your home was until you one day sell that home.  If the goal is to make as much appreciation as possible then focus on the house and not the price.
Real estate is essentially supply and demand 101.  The better demand for your home … (4 comments)

realtors: Having your own agent is always a wise idea - 10/07/07 02:44 AM
If you plan on purchasing a home, the first step is to find a reliable buyer's agent who will help guide you through the process.
A buyer's agent is your agent and represents your interests. 
If the property is listed the seller already has an agent who is looking our for his or her interests.  You have the same right to your own representation.
While it is illegal for the seller and listing agent to conceal known defects about the house such as a leaky roof or faulty furnace, it is not required for the listing agent or seller to disclose many other items such as:
Information regarding adjacent parcels of … (3 comments)

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