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In the Michigan market HUD has just made a change in who represents them.  This change is going to take some time before the transfer of information to a new website is going to be available.  I just received a buyer call today on a HUD home.  They want to pay cash.....and no way can the new prov...
Clients that have had their homes on the market a long time need a marketing plan change.  Exactly what type of change is based on the market itself.  More homes coming to the market create new competition.  So the new listings must be evaluated to compare to the existing listing.  As homes expir...
We have all had times when we wondered which side of the equation is the lender.  I have lenders that I work with on a regular basis.  I send them clients because I know they are going to work in the best interest of the client.  Sometimes clients already have lenders that they have history with,...
When sellers ask me how I am going to market their home, no problem.  When sellers ask me about their neighborhood, I qualify the question to home sales prices, current listings and expired listings.  They already know about the neighborhood they live there.Sellers can ask about my commission, no...
It seems we pretend to be helpful, we pretend to market, we pretend to care and really it is all about the commission!  Or so many sellers think.  We do not do enough to educate sellers on the efforts it takes to make sure we know the market comparisons of their home versus competitive homes in t...
I have been involved in having Senior's as seller's.  This takes some special care.  Normally I have the whole family involved.  They come to meet the Realtor that will be selling Mom & Dad's home if both parents are still living.  Usually it's Mom's home that I am selling.  Regardless...this typ...
One of the key questions always asked by sellers is do you use brochures?  I happen to use them, other Realtors have a theory to not use them.  I find brochures add interest on the buyers part and make the sellers feel like you are doing the minimum expected.  I add a twist to my usage of brochur...
I was recently informed of a new scam that is being used.  It may be in your area too!  The targets seem to be people selling without Realtors.  The property being sold is usually vacant.  In this case a potential buyer approaches a "FSBO's and pretends to have money.  The funds are from the esta...
Family Safety, we sometimes forget how quickly events can change lives.  Holiday events, family reunions, picnics and vehicle travel are all great fun but we have to be on guard for that child or adult that forgets to exercise caution.  We viewed an accident that could have been avoided.  It was ...
Since you asked!  Most sellers do what they think is going to help them sell.  Some do nothing and expect their home to sell.  Others ask for advice...these are the ones that sell, most of the time.  Why because the advice from your Realtor is based on market surveys of what buyers expect.  They ...

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