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I have been hit!  Twice as the case may be....the first I was in the middle of whatever.  The second was by Kim Peasley-Parker. She has been a reader of some of my crazy rants....zany thoughts and some interesting outlooks....hopefully.  So she wondered how someone could be so twisted and asked m...
Living in a northern climate breeds hardy souls.  We put up with a lot to enjoy the change of the seasons.  Just relocating back after five years is a shock to the system.  I grew up in the Midwest so I knew what to expect.  We lived with hurricanes...lawns that needed mowed twice a week in the s...
We sometimes do not perservere in real estate.  Take a new look at a listings....change marketing strategies, make price adjustments, new photos as the seasons change, help our clients persevere.  We all have had examples ....I just had a living example.  My mother had a severe stroke five years ...
I was home early for once and my wife and I were chatting over the past weeks events.  Christmas shopping done....she did it!  The door bell rings...somebody selling something....again!It seems we are one of the targeted neighborhoods for solicitation...we can see them coming!  This time was a bi...
The market has created something different than in the late 70's early 80's.  That market was interest rates and money issues....lack of money for lending.  This market may be lack of money too, but created by lending options that created a  false sense of security and affordability.  We also kno...
Like many of you I started when only a few forms were necessary to create a listing and sale.  As time has pasted and agents that are no longer with us created havoc in our industry with short cuts, deception and lies the papers to stop the practices have mounted up to a real pile to take a listi...
Living in the Northern climates allows us to experience what few in the South ever get to enjoy.  Sure living in rains hard enough to slow cars to a crawl, the winds rip shingles off the roofs sending them like Frisbees rockets though pool screen, Dallas and Atlanta get black ice......
Have you ever heard out of the mouths of babes?  Children are some of the most brutally honest people on the planet.  Last Christmas my 4 year old grand daughter said while watching the Macy Santa Parade...she sees Santa and gets all excited...then puts her hands on her hips and says....."hey San...
I have never worried about how I stack up....maybe because I don't care about that.  What matters is I don't lose money, "I" create a happy environment for me and my clients like the result.  Now those things I care about.Number of transactions?  That may be nice for bragging rights it is hardly ...

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