selling faster: 4 Words a Seller Never Wants to Hear! - 10/19/11 05:00 AM
Sellers want to believe their home will sell.  
Sellers want to think it is a beautiful to others as it is to them.  Sellers want to believe the value they see in their home will be apparent to buyers as well.  Sellers Want to believe.
Real estate agents are the trained professionals that make that belief possible.  When it doesn't happen it is the agents fault in the eyes of many sellers.  This can be true and it can also be the sellers lack of market understanding.  This is something else sellers do not want to hear.
I know I … (8 comments)

selling faster: Pricing Your Home to Sell! - 10/14/11 03:45 AM
There is also a swirl of talk by sellers, buyers and agents over pricing homes to sell.
Here are a few facts the may offer you a glimpse of why price should be part of your selling strategy.
When we talk about selling strategies for homes this creates a mental picture in everyone mind.  The strategy can be singular...price for example or it can have many facets to achieve the goal of selling.
Personally I don't believe price is the only factor to consider unless you are desperate or have a specific time frame the requires your home sold.  Foreclosure dates, … (2 comments)

selling faster: Spring into the Selling Market - 04/03/11 06:01 AM
Spring is known for Spring Market home selling in real estate.  
You may not have considered the time of the year as an issue of when you sell, but you should have.  More buyers are out in the spring than any other time of the year.  The next question is why?  The answer is simple.  In northern climates the highest percentage of buyers have children, so school is a major consideration.  Buyers want to be settled before school starts in the fall.
This is a major reason for the spring market in every area of the county.
The Next consideration … (1 comments)

selling faster: Agents Selling Their Own Home (Part 2) - 02/06/11 12:29 AM
I wrote a post about agents selling their own homes a few weeks back. 
If you missed it here is the link to the post. of us that have done this, learned from the experience.  I have used many selling experiences to help sellers understand the selling process.
In my humble opinion agents have to be pro-active in the selling process and get the seller active in helping sell their own home.  If you do not obtain seller involvement, the only thing that happens, you work twice as hard without the reward of selling the home or a commission.
A few steps are necessary … (2 comments)

selling faster: The Double Whammy! - 01/31/11 07:28 AM
The Economy across the nation and where you Live.
We as real estate agents are constantly reviewing the economic conditions to help our clients buy and sell.
We look at our own towns and cities and not all that much further to see the impact of the other areas.
NPR has produced an interactive map that helps tell the story of Foreclosures, jobs with a broad stroke brush that lets you look at other areas and your area.  Here is the NPR interactive link:
The "Double Whammy" is losing your job and home. 
We can talk about issues but we … (4 comments)

selling faster: Selling Options when your home Doesn't Sell! - 01/23/11 05:17 AM
Musical Realtors may be a new term and it doesn't have to do with a Rock Band!
Your have to make a decision when you prepare your home for sale.  Will you use a full service real estate company and agent or will you try on your own.  After making that decision the anticipation of selling sends your mind into the "what if" scenario. 
What if, we sell fast?  What will we do?
What if, the offer is to low and we counter and the buyer walks?
What if, the buyer asks for concessions or large repairs?
What if, the buyer … (4 comments)

selling faster: Attention Grabbing Real Estate Signs - 01/23/11 03:52 AM
Real Estate Tools can help you sell or not impact the selling process.  A professionally designed real estate sign can be buyer attention grabbing.
Real estate signs can help create the desired reaction if your sign grabs the buyers attention.  Add a few more features to your real estate sign and get a buyer to contact you.
Real Estate signs are just one tool in the selling process.  According to the National Association of Realtors the sign in your front yard can create 18% of your buyer contacts.  This is any for sale sign.  Think of the increased activity if you used … (9 comments)

selling faster: Listing Real Estate - 01/22/11 02:35 AM
Listing Real Estate isn't the same as it was several years ago.  Many sellers think they should see the same result as it was when a real estate agent put a for sale sign in their front yard.
The number of qualified buyers is much lower.  The appraisal values have not stabilized and the rules for home valuation is impacted differently by foreclosures and short sales.  It used to be a low priced home, foreclosure or a between friends for a low sale price was a single sale.  The single sale didn't have much of an impact.
Now we have seen thousands … (0 comments)

selling faster: Wyoming Housing Market Trend Reports - 12/10/10 08:45 AM
Living in the Forest Hills Real Estate Market has given me some advantages as a Real Estate Professional.
I am able to see more homes, have listing and selling information at my fingertips, see the dynamics that impact the real estate market with-in the Forest Hills area.
This data will help buyers and sellers with monthly information specific to the Wyoming Michigan neighborhood areas through a "Free" Market Statistics Trend Analysis.
This will provide key market data for sellers and buyers; of course you should still get the valued insight of a career real estate professional for more detailed information.
The "Free" Wyoming Michigan Real Estate Market Trends data will help … (4 comments)

selling faster: Grandville Real Estate Housing Market Trends - 12/10/10 08:26 AM
Living in the Grandville Real Estate Market has given me some advantages as a Real Estate Professional.
I am able to see more homes, have listing and selling information at my fingertips, see the dynamics that impact the real estate market with-in the Grandville area.
This data will help buyers and sellers with monthly information specific to Grandville neighborhoods with "Free" Market Statistics Trend Analysis reports.
This will provide key market data for sellers and buyers; of course you should still get the valued insight of a career real estate professional for more detailed information.
The "Free" Grandville Real Estate Market Trends data will help you see the activity and patterns of sales, listings … (1 comments)

selling faster: Lost a Sale? Turn this to your Marketing Advantage! - 11/27/10 09:16 AM
Many times when we see a home Back-On-Market this creates a more difficult sale.
I use these situations as opportunities to increase my showing potential and marketing opportunity.
How?  Use what you learn.  Don't just put the property back up on the MLS with the same verbage or property description. 
Find out if the buyer will share the inspection report.  You won't know unless you ask.  Asking the right way will give you more information to market your seller property for a faster sale.
I recently had a first time buyer run because of an inspection report.  First time buyers can have … (4 comments)

selling faster: Print-It Technology - 11/27/10 06:16 AM
Today you can use Print-It Technology to help make better real estate decisions.
Look at printing a color brochure so you have all the details of a property.  If you are a seller is a online color brochure available to buyers?
Is a map available for buyers?  Mapquest and Google Maps can lead buyers to a seller's doorstep.  Buyer's do not always want a a viewing appointment until they see the property for themselves from the street.
Another key to selling and buying is virtual tours.  You can print a link to share with family and friends if you are a … (0 comments)

selling faster: Musical Realtors...Looking for Magic? - 10/26/10 02:20 AM
I have noticed over the last year that sellers have been looking for something magical to happen.
Sellers have been playing Musical Realtors!  Meaning sellers are skipping from one real estate agent to another hoping to sell.
The reason for the movement or playing Musical Realtors is in the  interviewing process. 
The agent that represents your best interest needs to have more than a nice smile and pleasant personality.  Find out when and what you can expect from the real estate agent, before signing a listing contract.
The National Association of Realtors study on sellers selecting a Realtor is very revealing.  Over 80% of … (14 comments)

selling faster: Seller Tax Credit...time to Act! - 01/17/10 06:01 AM
Most sellers know by now they may qualify for a tax credit as a buyer when they sell without being a first time buyer. 
If you have owned your current residence for eight years, lived in your home five out of the last eight years you too can get a buyers tax credit up to $6500.00.
You have to have your home under contract on or before April 30th and close, have a purchase agreement and close the home you are purchasing within 60 days after the April 30th contract deadline.  The trick is your purchase must be under contract as well, by Arpril 30th .  Many are missing this … (2 comments)

selling faster: Thinking Of Selling? The Right Time is "NOW" for Sellers! $6500.00 Tax Credit - 11/08/09 06:23 AM
The "New" stimulus package could make the difference in helping you decide to sell.

It might not have been right to sell before BUT now it could be "Just The Right Time"!  To put a sold sign in your yard!

The Exiting Homeowner - Buyer Stimulus package may make the difference for you.  If you have owned your home as a primary residence and lived in your home 5 consecutive of the last 8 years you could get up to a $6500.00 Buyers Tax Credit.  This means you can sell your home...get the home you need or want and get … (2 comments)

selling faster: Having Trouble Selling? - 10/25/09 07:17 AM
The Michigan market has many homes on the market longer than it usually takes to sell.
It is no wonder....the unemployment rate is over 15% the number of foreclosures has consistently in the top five for the nation, month after month.  I just heard the new number of foreclosures is 2200 for Kent County Michigan where I am located.  It isn't just bad times it is hard times for many families.  They didn't cause their situation....they just lost their jobs and have no way of making the mortgage payments.
Wondering what to do?  You need to sell but don't see a buyer on the … (20 comments)

selling faster: Advertisement or Come On? - 10/11/09 10:02 AM
We have all seen the ads....Act Now, Act Fast, Limited Offer sometime they are true!

I priced a property extremely competitive because the sellers wanted to sell.  It wasn't a short sale, foreclosure or a distressed property.  We were marketing the property so other listings helped sell my clients property first!
It was part of our listing strategy.  It worked and we sold fast.  The seller was all smiles and some buyers were less than happy when they called.
They had become accustomed to the "Come On" or the proverbial "Bait and Switch".
If the brokerage wants long term growth, … (2 comments)

selling faster: Living in Your Home VS Selling Your Home, There is a Difference! - 07/25/09 03:44 AM
Living in Your Home VS Selling your Home, There is a Difference!
When you are not selling your home you can pretty much live your lifestyle any way you see fit.
When you decide to sell your home living in your home and selling your home take on very different meanings.
Living in your home you can have the junk drawers....I think I have two myself.  I think almost everyone but the most twisted neat freaks have a junk drawer! :-)
You can have your closets packed full so you have to put a visitors coat on your bed or other … (1 comments)

selling faster: Selling tips to help you sell faster. - 06/27/09 02:09 AM
Need some practical tips to get your home sold?
I will be doing a series of short articles to help you get your home sold.  The article will be focused on getting your home in condition to make sure you get top dollar in your neighborhood or location.
Think of plumbing.  Today small plumbing tasks have been make much easier for making simple do it yourself fixes.  Nothing worse than to look under a sink and see a small leak.  It time it will cause flooring to rot, creates mold potential and could reduce the offer on your home.
First decide … (1 comments)

selling faster: Garage Sale Blues or Good News, Showing Homes? - 05/09/09 02:32 AM
Outta my way, Outta my way, I'm trying to show a house....garage sale blues or good news!
Showed some homes to a new client this week right on the opening day of a block sale.  It was a beautiful day, cars were parked up and down the streets, people galore were coming and going and we were inching our way trying to get to our showing appointment.  The nice part they were my listings I was showing!
The Good news is they loved the neighborhood community effort.  The clients loved the house and I was able to pass out a few … (2 comments)

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