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Who's the Decision Maker,can be one of those bombshell questions.  Real Estate selling and buying requires us, as Realtor's to deal with the decision makers.  You could be talking to the decision maker upon first contact, or you could be discussing your representation with someone other than the ...
Home Buyer Responsibilities isn't something we talk about much. If you represent home buyers you have counseled these buyers on the basic issues of getting their offers accepted. Being Pre-qualified, having a lender make sure you can get a mortgage and knowing for how much! Having a letter from y...
Worlds Colliding may have been made famous by original radio broadcast Orson Welles "War of the Worlds". Today we have cultures, generational issues, rapid response news reporting and immediate media coverage.  The availability of information, right and wrong, is a few key strokes away.  Many peo...
Sell My House, Wait Maybe Not how much will I get after everything is deducted?  This is a normal reaction by many sellers but it is usually handled at the time of listing. That's why you get a "seller's net sheet", outlining your costs, expenses and net profit when you accept an offer.  I have a...
Buyer Beware is a term that has been used for over a 100 years in real estate transactions.  To bad some things never go out of style. I was called by a client who was forced into a corner to convert a land contract.  Before I share much more, please be advised, I have had the Land Contract buyer...
Nothing Personal, this house stinks, OK, it's not my house either. I have to admit my nose is not the best "smeller" on the planet, but I still pick up odors others miss.  Showing homes has always been one of those love it or hate it relationships. I love the idea of someone selling their home an...
You every have those days when Christmas shopping isn't as much fun as it used to be?  I enjoy the day, for much more than the gifts. I appreciate the reason for the season most of all but that is not what I am writing about. It is especially difficult to find the right gift sometimes.  This year...
Do You Smell Something?  Smoke Can be a terrifying smell when you recognize it's in your home! One of my relatives learned, older home electrical circuits were not designed to handle the load of todays appliances. Homes can look perfect from the surface.  They can have all the cosmetic advantages...
Copyright Infringement, Maybe not so fast! We all have been well schooled on copyright issues and the proper use of photos and music.  Or have we?  The truth is not everything that appears to be copyright infringement is and somethings that look to be harmless are actually infringement. Sound fam...
We don't think about rural homes with septics and wells if you live in an area like I do, Grand Rapids Michigan.  Well Drilling Services are one of the last thoughts on my list.  I have public water system.  Then again if you are in real estate like most of us on Active Rain we cross many highway...

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