pets: How You Can Keep Your Dog and Your Home Safe? - 02/20/19 03:48 PM
Dogs can be one of life’s biggest joys. They add endless fun, energy, and excitement to our lives. However, they can also get into trouble around the home. Here is how you can avoid some of the more common pup mishaps in your house.
Dog-Proof the Home
Dogs can be mischievous creatures. If allowed to roam free, they can get into all kinds of shenanigans. To prevent this, restrict access to certain areas of your home. Crate them at night to give them a comforting space and prevent mayhem while you sleep. When your dog is home alone, shut all doors … (33 comments)

pets: 7 Questions Every Dog Owner Needs to Ask When Buying a Home - 10/22/18 09:46 AM
You have a list of everything you want in your new home, but have you considered your dog’s needs? Buying a dog-friendly home not only makes life more pleasant for your pooch, it also adds convenience to everyday pet care duties. These are these questions to ask to ensure your new house has the dog-friendly features you need:
1. Does the HOA restrict pets? Believe it or not, some homeowners associations ban dogs completely. Thankfully, blanket bans are fairly rare. However, it’s not uncommon for HOAs to have restrictions on breed, weight, and number of pets. Even if you think it’s unfair, … (35 comments)

pets: Moving to a New Home? Keep Yourself Out of the Dog House with These Tips - 07/23/18 05:33 PM
Your neighbors may love dogs just as much as you do, but what they won’t love is being kept awake and all hours of night by a bored barker. Keep reading for easy ways to make nice with the neighborhood when you have a canine companion in your caravan.
Set boundaries. One of the most important things you can do as a pet owner is to ensure that your dog stays in your yard. Thankfully, installing a wooden fence is not a cost-prohibitive project. According to Home Advisor, the project has a starting cost of approximately $1,525. Pricing varies and can go … (21 comments)

pets: 5 Things Pet Owners Should Do Before Putting Their House On the Market - 06/06/18 08:21 AM
Pets are man’s best friend, but when it comes to selling a house, these best friends may not mesh well with potential buyers. Some people could have allergies, while others might just be afraid of animals. Best-case scenario? Even if potential buyers love pets, your house might still smell like them. Once your house is on the market, it’s important to stage your home and make it look impeccable. Here are some tips on how to sell your home as a pet-owner.
1. Give your pet a vacation
It’s not ideal having to part ways from your pet, but putting your … (53 comments)

pets: Foto Friday... Zeke's Gray Beard - 02/02/18 07:52 PM
I was inspired by Debbie Laity's Foto Friday Post, I Can't Adult Today 
So my Foto Friday is of my chocolate lab, Zeke. I haven't shared a photo of him lately. So here is a photo of Zeke. Notice how gray his beard and eyebrows are getting.  
Zeke my sweet fur baby
Zeke is 10 years old. When we are at the park, he runs and plays like he is a puppy.  At home, I watch him get up and it seems to take him longer to move. Zeke is the sweetest, lovable and friendly fur baby and always under my desk while I am working.  

pets: Thankful for our Lovable Furbaby, Zeke! - 09/27/17 05:42 PM
Our Chocolate Lab, Zeke, is 10 years old today, September 27th.  He is the best companion, sweet, lovable, and gentle furbaby!  So tonight he had steak and ice cream to celebrate his birthday.  He also had a date with his groomer today and he looks dashing with his new Halloween bandana.
Happy Birthday, Zeke!

pets: Photography Contest, Real Life - Animals - 11/21/16 01:38 PM
If you have been following my blog you knew I would post a photo of my sweet, lovable fur baby, Zeke, our Chocolate Lab, for Dick Greenberg's Photography Contest.
Zeke loves to play ball.  I captured this photo on our back deck when Claude put his hat on Zeke while he had the baseball in his mouth ...  wanting Claude to throw the ball again, and again and again. This photo was taken two years ago using my Android Edge 6 camera phone. 
This photo is an entry to Dick Greenberg's Photography Contest, Real Life - Animals.

pets: Zeke and His New Toys - 01/10/16 02:49 AM
Jane, a good friend of ours, always sends Zeke Christmas toys...usually balls, which he enjoys so much. I believe he has ten or more balls and most are out in the yard or the garage.  Zeke always likes to take a ball with him when he goes outdoors. Needless to say, he forgets to bring the ball(s) back with him.
Below is a photo of Zeke and his two new balls.
The orange ball in Zeke's mouth squeaks....his favorite.

pets: Zeke's Christmas 2014 - 12/27/14 09:49 AM
Zeke's Christmas 2014
Our chocolate lab, Zeke, provides us much joy all year long.  He seems to know something special will happen during Christmas. 
He loves getting his stocking and pulling out his gifts.  His favorite is the rope ball. He also got a rubber ball that stays outside as my husband and I have almost fallen on the they remain in the garage or in the yard.   Zeke also enjoyed the Christmas cookies from Plow and Hearth and a few other things. All in all Zeke had a great Christmas. Of course, we did just watching … (20 comments)

pets: Meet Scout - 02/18/13 08:59 AM
Meet Scout!
Scout is the cutest puppy.  She is part Collie and Lab.... and is so precious.

My two sisters, Avis and Linda, adopted this puppy.  Scout and her brother were found on the side of the road and my sisters took the girl puppy and named her Scout. 
On our way to Vero Beach, FL we stopped in Charlotte NC to see my sisters and the newest member of the family, Scout.  Needless to say Zeke, my chocolate lab, thought that Scout was a pesky little girl that followed him around.  Zeke would … (19 comments)

pets: Sunny or cold Zeke enjoys the outdoors - 01/17/13 10:10 AM
On Saturday, January 12, 2013, Zeke is enjoying the sunny, warm day with the temps in the 60s.....

Today, Thursday, January 17, 2013, Zeke is enjoying playing in the snow with the temps in the 20s.....

Sunny or cold Zeke enjoys the outdoors....that is except when it is raining then he goes out only when necessary.

Whatever the weather, I will be glad to assist you in finding your dream home. Give me a call at (304) 520-2133 and lets discuss your real estate needs.


pets: He's Always Near - 01/05/13 09:56 AM

He's always near....I'm talking about my chocolate lab, Zeke. 

Zeke was born September 27, 2007 and we got him in September 2008 and he has been my faithful companion from day one.  While in my office, on the phone or working on the computer you will find Zeke underneath my desk and very close to me.... like laying on my feet.  He is the sweetest dog and makes me smile when I move my feet and realize he is right there.  When I get up...he follows me. He just wants to be right there with me … (11 comments)

pets: How we got our beloved Chocolate Lab! - 04/03/12 01:52 PM

We have had Zeke, our Chocolate Lab, for four years and he is definitely a member of our family.  Growing up we always had animals. Never had to buy them as they just seemed to appear at our house.  Perhaps because of all the eleven kids plus all the neighborhood children seem to stay at our house.  But, to the point, dogs were never allowed in the house.

Anyway, my very first dog was Geo was a Tibetan Terrier, black and white, and was adorable.  We were lucky enough to adopt Geo from the Arlington, VA pound.  Geo … (32 comments)

pets: Wordless Wednesday, Zeke is in the Christmas Spirit too! - 11/30/11 10:19 AM
Zeke, my chocolate lab, is in the Christmas Spirit too!  This photo was taken today.  In the photo below, Zeke looks like he is smiling ....  

In this photo, Zeke is just relaxing..........

If I can assist you in any way with your real estate needs in Lewisburg, WV Greenbrier County or the surrounding areas, please feel free to contact me by phone at (304) 520-2133, email or visit my website.
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pets: An Update on Starla, the Starling and her new home! - 08/07/11 06:49 PM
 An Update on Starla, the Starling and her new home!   If you have been following my blog, you may remember the post on Starla, the starling, had a big fall, and now she has a new home!   The baby starling fell out of her nest located on the Howard's 2-story house.  When Terri and Tracy heard their dog barking they went out to check on him and to their surprise...... their dog was barking at the neighbor's cat who was trying to get the fallen bird.  Their dog, Honey Bear, was barking to protect the starling from … (20 comments)

pets: Speechless Sunday, "Friend or Foe"? - 08/15/10 11:42 AM
Speechless Sunday, "Friend or Foe"?


If I can assist you in any way with your real estate needs, please feel free to contact me by phone at (304) 520-2133, email, or visit my website.   Licensed in West Virginia and Virginia.
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pets: Please vote for Zeke in The Great American Photo Dog Contest - 07/07/10 06:37 PM
        Please vote for Zeke
I just entered my chocolate lab, Zeke, in a dog contest "The Great American Photo Contest."  Please vote for Zeke - every vote counts...and the First Prize is $1,000.00. 
Yeah, that's right and Zeke is barking, jumping up and down, and wagging his tail as he wants to win First Prize. 
So PLEASE vote for him.

To vote go to The Great American Dog Photo Contest

Some photos of Zeke:

Thanks, Rebecca GaujotColdwell Banker Stuart & WattsYour West … (17 comments)

pets: Wordless Wednesday - What Is He Eating? - 02/17/10 08:46 AM
What is Zeke eating...besides the snow he loves eating icecicles. 
Zeke eating an icecicle, as if it was a bone.



pets: Duke's Pets in Lewisburg Offers Canine Training and Much, Much more! - 02/11/10 11:25 AM


Duke's Pets in Lewisburg, WV, is owned by Kelly Horgan.  Kelly Horgan, a business owner from Connecticut moved to Texas to follow her passion and dream ..... canine training.  Everything started to fall into place when she enrolled at the Triple Crown Dog Academy in Austin, Texas.  Kelly's dream finally came to fruition when she received her Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist Certification, moved to Lewisburg.....and opened Duke's Pets on January 2, 2010.   Kelly plans to open a full grooming shop in June.  
Duke's Pets provides free training evaluations to help dog owners … (10 comments)

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