An ARM Across America-Reaching My Goal #15 on my goal list for 2011:                                “Get on Active Rain blog”. By becoming an ARM, ActiveRain Member, I ended up reaching across America and had other ARMs (Awesome Rain Members) reach back!     I feel encircled by a truly amazing gr...
From Dicken's wonderful story: As Tiny Tim would say:                  
Winter photo ops come often at Fishhawk Lake. I decided to look through my photo archives for more pictures that I’ve taken since moving here fulltime in 2006. So, here we go!     This was the view from my old home at the first entrance to Fishhawk Lake, on Northshore Drive, where the spillway an...
Do you know the feeling of coming up with a surprise Christmas present that you KNOW will bring a smile of utter joy??   My husband is a tough one to shop for at Christmas. So, there’s always a bit of angst involved in that holiday process. Well, this last weekend, we went to one of our favorite ...
Wise words for winter from my dear friend across the country, Rob Thomas. We may be in different states, but we still see the same issues for vacation properties, especially in not protecting pipes. Also, word to the wise for folks at Fishhawk Lake--turn your water OFF and drain your pipes comple...
Cannon Beach Oregon-A Weekend to Remember-Travels from Fishhawk Lake   Going to the beach in December might sound a bit crazy and yet it can bring about wonderful surprises to those who choose the “off season” to head to the Pacific Ocean for a weekend.   My husband and I were celebrating his bir...
Fishhawk Lake Thoughts Elk Reserve Jewell Oregon   The morning of December 16, 2008, it was 10 degrees outside, one of the coldest that winter. The call I received that morning meant being outside for several hours, but it was going to be worth it. A small group of us who are Fishhawk Lake reside...
Festive Fotos of Fishhawk Lake!   I thought it would be fun and festive to show pictures of winters past at Fishhawk Lake. Here are some from the archives.   This one was taken by the spillway and the Fish Ladder, where the salmon spawn yearly. There was snow on my lens that made it look like a m...
Those of us who know that animals continue to give more than we do, ALWAYS and for free, ALSO know that there are many many animals who don’t get that love BACK and for no reason of their own. Well, here’s your chance to give back to them during this season of giving. Kristine Ginsberg, brings us...

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