Being motivated by some of my videoblogging buddies on ActiveRain (Debb Janes, Richard Yates, and Michael Thornton just to name three), I decided one evening to capture footage while watching our African Cichlids (freshwater fish from Lake Malawi in Africa, the third largest lake there) in our 11...
I don’t know what it is that draws some of us, but no matter how old or worn out, some boats just seem like really cool old people—they all have a story to tell that I would love to hear.   This pairing was sitting off the highway on my way home from yet another visit to the vet’s office in Asto...
  Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-9839 Beach Dr Birkenfeld Oregon 97016, new listing!     This lakefront home for sale is beautifully situated, facing Fishhawk Lake,        at the mouth of the canal and across from the clubhouse, for easy access over water to get to the beach, or you can walk a few blo...
Rockaway is an itty bitty coastal town on the Pacific Ocean of Oregon and a gathering place for my girlfriends and me of 30+ years. We are called The BraPack, aptly named by one of the husbands, many years ago. We never get much time anymore to just get away, the six of us and take a whole weeke...
My first chuckle of the day!    I was starting my breakfast, and got the frying pan going. As I waited for it to heat up, I opened up my e-mail. There was an offer! Wow, didn’t even know it was coming as I had had no communication from this realtor, other than a perfunctory call from her assistan...
Who doesn’t love Betty White?  And to find out that not only does she have a Golden Retriever (Pontiac), but she is a big advocate for curing canine cancer.   I just discovered this video and want to share it since we are focusing on animals, our pets with the Pet Project contest this month.     ...
One of these sheep was standing in the road as I was going home to Fishhawk Lake. So, I pulled over, shooed it back into the barnyard and then as they were all moving into another part of the pasture area, these three stopped to give me a photo op.    
Here is an excellent quote from Benjamin Franklin: “It takes many good deeds to build a reputation and only one bad one to lose it”.   Every day, as a realtor, we are given the choice to be ethical or underhanded. You could choose to disclose or not disclose a fact that you know about a home you ...
  Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-The Art of Escape-Escaping into Nature      In dealing with the inescapable things in life, like the pain of a dog that you can’t heal, I find that photography is my artistic escape. It allows me the chance to play with nature, with whatever suits me and gives me free ...
I wanted to put this in the Speechless Sunday group, as I just joined, but in reading the rules, I wasn’t supposed to have a “caption”, and frankly, this is just too good to pass up….my husband came up with the caption.                  That’s him with Rocky, our very loquacious cat. (Annoying as...

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