Lakefront real estate Oregon       I was out photographing a new listing late in the afternoon and walked down to the dock. Here is the marvel of what I saw perfectly “posed” for me to photograph.       A glistening sun-spackled waterfront with colorful boats all lined up at the ready for s...
  It may seem lonely at first glance, but I believe this was one of this man’s favorite moments today.       Fishhawk Lake can offer solitary moments that bring about balance in your life that quiet the sounds and fury of the work-a-day world. Come explore. Take your moment on the lake.   Fishhaw...
Invest in YOUR OWN.         Having had dream homes in my life of being a long-time single gal—prior to meeting my wonderful husband--(any home I owned felt that way and Fishhawk Lake Real Estate is no exception), and having rented skuzzy icky places, I have realized that being a homeowner brings ...
If you want to go to a sunny getaway place (if only in your mind!), visit Ellie Penaranda in Naples, Florida, and also allow her to share her featured post on the market there, along with some real estate advice! Please comment on her blog~ Posted by:  Ellie Penaranda - Downing-Frye Realty - 239-...
  Take a rest.       There’s nothing so restful as lying in a hammock beside water and letting it sway you back and forth. It may be an intrinsic reminder of one of those pre-birth moments, while in the womb, swaying with the ebb and flow of a mother’s body as she carried you through nine months....
Are you gonna sell this house on the lake or WHAT??? I was photographing a  potential new listing and went down to the lakefront to take more shots. I heard a rustling in the grasses by the water, and turned and by golly, this  little darling was who I found! I believe that she's the New Mom that...
  I spy. I spy a hawk. (Actually, my dogs flushed it out two doors down in the low bushes). I spy what I think is a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk.     What do YOU think? Any hawk aficianados out there? (I pulled the middle photo when I googled photos of immature hawks in the Pacific NW, the other two ar...
What about the good old-fashioned neighbor’s referral?   In real estate, as in any successful business, it’s about building relationships with your clients/customers. Because of the internet and “social networks” created via Facebook, ActiveRain, e-mail, etc., creating relationships can feel a bi...
  A couple of GOOD four-letter words       In all of the latest movies, television shows and verbal banter we experience daily, four letter words have become somewhat commonplace, sad-to-say. Some of them don’t have the impact that they used to. They are so de rigueur anymore that we don’t even b...
  Two Goldens, One Family   Takoda has his favorite toy in his mouth and his favorite girl by his side. It doesn’t get any better, for either of them!!!  

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