This is actually stolen from Fashion Police, Joan Rivers’ show on Friday nights. I thought I’d take it to Fishhawk Lake and see if you can figure out who these galpals are from behind.         Okay, Guess them from behind...       you’ve got 30 seconds!   GO!   Time's up!    Did you get all of ...
  A sunset to remember…               There is a place of western suns and endless waves for surfers and beachcombers alike. Pacific City Oregon. Embrace, Enjoy. Life is GOOD.  
  10240 Lakeview Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016   Newer home with lakefront easement… this seller is really looking for that serious buyer. 1761 sq. ft. 3BR/2BA+....$259,000   This home located at 10240 Lakeview Dr Birkenfeld OR 97016 is lovely with easy access, great for any type of family young or o...
Pirates Cove Restaurant Garibaldi Oregon   One of the coastal places I have often visited is Rockaway Beach Oregon. A few miles away is another little haven, Garibaldi. And just as you enter it, driving south on Highway 101, is a restaurant called Pirates Cove. The hours vary, but if you are will...
Rockaway Beach Oregon Speechless Sunday We are now back from vacation and this was the first destination we enjoyed in our week of rest and relaxation on the Oregon Coast.       This photo is from a sweet little town called Rockaway Beach on Highway 101, which runs the length of the Oregon Coast...
Lakefront Real Estate Oregon: Endless Summers   Endless summers….       Do you recall as a child how endless summers seemed to be? The countdown of days til summer officially began, the plans with friends and family—sleeping in, (or not) and having hours upon hours to play.       One of the summe...
Woke up this morning after a lively night of music being played at the clubhouse in celebration of a Fishhawk Lake member’s recent marriage and saw this boat on the lake, anchored.         Now, with the temperature being 44 degrees, I would hope that their sleeping bag is a really WARM one! (Talk...

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