Decorating Your Cabin or Lake Home   On one of my oldest running blogposts on  my WordPress site, FishhawkLakeRealtor's Blog, I have an article on cabin décor and how to decorate your cabin or lake home that always seems to be in the top one or two of what people peruse every week on my WordPre...
  Drive—A Motivational Book for 2013   My husband, who runs a private emergency medical service business, Metro West Ambulance is a national speaker and writer and is always looking for new ways to grow, stretch himself and motivate others. One way that he does this is by listening to books on ta...
  What I have learned about holiday shoppers   During the holidays I often get phone calls and walk-ins of buyers looking for property at Fishhawk Lake or  Vernonia property. One thing I realize is that with all of the other stress going on in a holiday season, if someone is taking this on, too…t...
Sold!!! Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-71642 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld Oregon 97016     This lovely lakefront home just sold to a couple who live in Hawaii. It closed yesterday, and here they are surrounded by snow for their first visit to see the home they bought sight unseen! (Their son and other ...
  Fishhawk Lake Cabin Crawl 2012   Fishhawk Lake has two big progressive parties every year, Dock Crawl in the summer and Cabin Crawl in the winter. It’s usually attended by scads of people and this year was no exception! Both are fun, but there is something about cozying up with 50 of your favor...
Beautiful Winter’s Morn on Christmas Fishhawk Lake!   Woke up to a blue-white morning. (My husband is stuck in Vegas, so I'll send this to him to remind him of the beauty of Fishhawk Lake). Nothing like the early golden lights coming from a cabin on the lake on a cold morning. It's beginning to l...
  Christmas Goodies from ActiveRain Friends!       I feel like a blessed friend. I’ve received some surprises in the mail from three ActiveRain friends.       The first: Debb Janes, who sent me handmade and personalized salt-dough ornaments!                                                        ...
Settled down for a long winter’s nap…. with dreams of doggy bones dancing through my head...   it's hard to wait for Christmas!      
  Fishhawk Lake Eagle Sighting!   I was home waiting for a service person from Columbia NW Heating and right after she arrived, we happened to look out the window to see a bald eagle flying low right in front of my home on Fishhawk Lake! He was aiming for some non-descript object in Fishhawk Lake...
  Fishhawk Lake Real Estate Winter Slump? Not for this realtor thanks to ActiveRain!   In most summer resort communities, once the weather turns nasty, or school starts, there is a sudden drop in interest from potential buyers for those vacation or second homes. Not so at Fishhawk Lake!       Thi...

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