When we, as Realtors®, begin this relationship with our buyers or sellers, it can feel like a two-hour blockbuster movie that catapults you into another world, filled with unknowns, emotions, turmoil, and ups and downs that you and they are simply not prepared for. These buyers put their trust ...
Nature's Corsage I found this on a walk this morning, all attached. Some lovely could use this for Prom night! (Go green!)
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-What I Learned From My Cat About Real Estate Our cat, Rocky is a talker. He speaks up loudly and often. And God love him, he can be really annoying to the point of us wanting to put him out of our space just so that we can have some peace. It made me realize that if you ...
Fishhawk Cemetery Memorial Day- A Pictorial of Passed Lives       Fishhawk Cemetery is teeming with history from our local small community in Birkenfeld Oregon. There are names that go back generations of families that I currently know. This story of pictures serves as a testament to those who ha...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate- Lakefront Cabin for Sale  SALE PENDING  71778 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016 $295,000 3BR/2BA 1258 sq. ft of Lakefront Cabin Living! This property has gotten a lot of attention and the most views and inquiries of any of my listings this year. I'm very excited for ...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse an Avenue for Activities!   There are many draws for families and friends to head to the Fishhawk Lake clubhouse for both weekenders and full timers here at Fishhawk Lake. Beach and kids (of all ages)   Anytime the sun comes out and the temperatur...
  A Visit to Wolf Haven International On April 20th this year, I got to mark something off my bucket list that's been on there for many years. That day my husband and I travelled to Tenino WA to go to Wolf Haven International, a wolf sanctuary   that's been around for over 30 years. This is a non...
Create Your Moment and Do it Now Lately, business has been flourishing. Along with that comes spending copious amounts of time doing the tasks that one wouldn't put at the top of their list of passions. Instead, those wonderful moments that make your heart sing often get put aside for WORK. Somet...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Cedar Chalet for sale Oregon 71594 Parkview Lane Birkenfeld OR This private lake property located on over 1/3 of an acre is just begging for someone to move in! Whether you update it or love it as is, it's clean and ready to help create Fishhawk Lake memories for someone...
A Belated Birthday Message For Our Lovely Friend! Of course, Sharon Lee, our "behind the scenes" angel,   would never put the spotlight on herself for a birthday that happened to land on Mother's Day. No, Sharon Lee is much happier when she is spreading love and encouragement to others. Whether t...

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