Fishhawk Lake--Lake Etiquette Dos and Don'ts We're deep into summer around Fishhawk Lake and knowing the dos and don'ts of water activities to keep everyone happy and safe is a good checklist to have on hand. Do-When you're on the lake in some sort of watercraft it's kosher to wave at someone as ...
Fishhawk Lake-Adding to my Nature's Collection In my blog on Friday, I shared some moments that I've recently been blessed with as wildlife has given me the pleasure of gracing me with its company. Yesterday morning I found something that many don't and it was in the most unlikely of places. I ha...
In the busy-ness of selling and listing real estate at Fishhawk Lake, sometimes those little treasures that come and go in a quick blink of an eye are so very important to pay attention to. In the last couple of days I have gotten to add to my treasure-trove of gifts that I am graced with here at...
Petra has done a marvelous job of spelling out how to look at a home through your pet's eyes. A very well-written checklist as to how to look for the right home for your dog or cat. This can pertain to any neighborhood, from Lakeland, Florida to Fishhawk Lake, Oregon!  Buying A Lakeland Fl Home T...
Bugs....some of my favorite things to photograph. I was showing a 59+AC property on Vesper Lane in Birkenfeld, that was so cool and the buyers and I were walking the acreage, which gave me a couple of moments to shoot the "locals".   He kinda looks like he's smiling!
Fishhawk Lake--Paddleboarding This is a fairly new sport to many of us, but one that is easy to do on Fishhawk Lake and inexpensive. It's really taken off around here. I'm seeing many age groups don their surfboards, a single paddle and hit the mostly placid waters of Fishhawk Lake to take a long...
Fishhawk Lake Estates Early Morning Visit I happened to walk by my window in our "Lake room" which is our main living area facing Fishhawk Lake, about 5:30 in the morning on the first of July, when I saw this lovely lady, a Black-tailed deer, munching the grass in my next door neighbor's yard. Be...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate--Those Buying Signals For those of us who have been in marketing and sales for what might seem like a lifetime, there are certain behaviors that buyers show us that are "buying signals" if you are watching and listening for them. Taking ownership Using possessive words i...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Lakefront Property Custom Craftsman for sale 71788 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016 Now Presented by:Gayle Rich-Boxman   Realtor® with Vernonia Realty   Custom Built Spacious Lakefront Home 71788 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016 OverviewMapsPhotosFeaturesDescript...
Fishhawk Lake A Quiet July 4th   Today, at Fishhawk Lake, it was "the calm before the storm"...a day of momentary relaxation, a low-key overcast day with breakthroughs of sun periodically.   This quiet pair of kayaks rested near the shoreline in my neighbor's yard. A reminder that summer is offic...

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